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August 2019 Story and Poem Contest

August 2019 Story and Poem Contest

Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB

Jane Crandal & JB
2019-07-29 02:54:29
A Boy once moved to a new town a bit bigger like a city but the folk were still country in so many ways. He was very city despite being in a small town since he was born so fitting in was tough, so his mother bought him a small winged unicorn statue. The night he got it he couldn't resist and wished it a good night. The next morning his Mother put daisies on his end table because he loved them as much as she did. Before going down to eat and leave for school he asked the statue, " Have you ever been new before you met me? yeah I am new here so your not alone in that way."
He then put a daisy in front of the winged unicorn statue and left for the day.
Still another bad day at school so he came home to find his winged unicorn holding the daisy in its mouth which was now open enough to hold the flower with out dropping it.
"Wait," he said," you moved?! I am sure you were just standing with your head and wings up with your mouth closed. Are you alive?"
And as surely as your born it answered with a neigh.
The boy jumped back and squatted close to the ground as he looked up to what he assumed was a statue in shock.
"Were you cursed into a statue?" he asked, "or do you just stay quiet to avoid mean and greedy people?"
The winged unicorn stomped her left front hoof twice.
"Good idea to avoid them. You could have been dissected in a lab or worse forced to perform on tv or at a circus. I hear they are so mean they even take the babies from the parents at the circus" He smiled, "I wouldn't want to tell anyone about you, because it isn't safe. If you want a friend, I would like to have you for a friend."
Then winged unicorn neighed again with a nod.
Just then foot steps sounded on the stairs and the boy shushed the winged unicorn.
He waited for his mom to go to her room and he said, " Thanks for the friendship but tomorrow I have no school so we should find you a name. Good Night."
and the little winged unicorn nodded and as he got into bed for the night the winged unicorn snuggled against his cheek on his pillow.
The next morning the boy pulled out all his favorite books to pick a name for his new friend. but most of the horse books were like: "The Black Stallion", or "Black Beauty" and his winged unicorn wasn't black. he was like an opal white coat. and cream yellow mane and tail.
"You look more like a golden treasure trove than just any old horse with a white coat and white mane and tail'" he said
"oh wow how about Golden Treasure?"
and the winged unicorn jumped for joy and neighed.
" Well Treasure is a good nick name for ya, Just call me George." the boy said with a smile.
but he didn't know someone was on the stairs listening in....his older sister Lily.

She jumped in and scared them both. And she fell back almost out of George's room when she saw little Treasure bucking around and flight under the pillow...
"Wait what is your statue doing moving around? What did you do to it?" Lily gasped in a whisper
"Nothing she was already alive when I got her she just doesn't trust people much. You have to keep it a secret." He begged
As pale as a ghost and scared out of her wits Lily just nodded.

Not even a week later 3 kids from Lily's school came over and when they came rushing George after his mom left to get dinner he realized she had told them.
"Where is your magic toy horse?" asked Tony.
"yeah we want to see!" squeeled Jessica and Alexa.
"Leave her alone you will scare her." George said as he gave stink eye to his sister.
But Tony didn't listen and he pushed past him. Terrified Treasure froze. as all 5 of them came into Georges room Lily and George grabbed the girls but Tony was able to wiggle past them to the end table by the bed.
"ok out out out" George said.
"Hey, be nice don't just barge in." Lily said, " be nice enough to wait for an answer or at least invitation."
"What ever." Tony said as he walked around the room and noticed Treasure. "What is this something you painted... Lily you said it was a small living horse."
"No I said unicorn but living or not you can't just barge in.." Lilly countered.
Grabbing Treasure, Tony looked her all around and wasn't handling her very gently.
"Put her down" George demanded.
"oh "her" huh. How do you know it is a girl? Huh? did it tell ya?" Tony asked in a mean tone. " Well lets see how she holds up and he threw her.
Lily jumped and grabbed her midair and just then the front door closed as their mom came home
George yelled " That is enough out, Tony you leave my room now."
His mother came in after he spoke so loudly and told all 3 of them she would drive them home. When they left with Lily and George's mom George glared at Lily.

"ok ok I will keep her safe and never again share our secret friend Treasure with anyone again."

The End

Warpy & Johnny Blaze
2019-07-29 12:51:52
My Dad
By: Wind drummer

In my hands, is a picture. It’s faded and old and it was printed in the olden times, where you couldn’t take photos with color, so it’s black and white. It shows a man with neat hair and shining eyes, holding a tiny baby. The baby was me. That man was my dad.

The truth was, I never really got to know my dad very well. I know this seems crazy now, but when I was younger, I never really saw him much. You see, he always left very early in the morning- when I was still asleep, and came back really late- when I was asleep. He worked every day of the week, just so he could bring money home to us. No just anyone, would do that.

He was also, a bank robber. My mom didn’t know. Me and him, were the only ones who knew. I always tried to stay away from him. It scared me stiff, to be living in the same house as someone who goes to jail. I never really understood though, how much he really loved me. That was, until one day.

1 Year Earlier

I laughed with joy as me and my horse- Siri- rocketed down the beach. We kicked up sand, and the wind lashed my face. I slowly let go of the clump of mane I had been holding onto, and I flung my arms out to the side. I grinned as we rode together. I squeezed my eyes shut and lay onto her back, and let her fully choose where we would be going.

Suddenly, a loud ringing noise startled me. I slipped off Siri’s back in shock and landed on the ground, getting a mouthful of sand. I coughed, and whistled for Siri to come back.

“G..good girl!” I whispered to her, as I slipped my hand into my pocket and brought out my phone. I pressed “answer” and held it up to my ear.

“H..hello?” I said, wondering who this was.

“Raven, darling! I have it. Can you meet me at the lighthouse, in 10?”

I frowned. It was my dad. Ugh. Out of all people, it HAD to be him.

“NO!” I yelled. I didn’t want to steal, or even help someone get away with stealing. I had a good mind to dob my dad in.

“Please Raven. I’ll pay you back….” He answered.

“NO! GO TO JAIL, FOR ALL I CARE!” I yelled. Anger poured out.

“Raven, honey….” He didn’t know what to say.

“Dad, don’t ever call me again!” I said, then I hung up

6 Months Later

I was out, riding Siri again- my only friend- when I saw it. It was like a ghost, but real. And then I saw the face of someone I remembered. My dad.

His blond hair, was faded and gray in some parts, but his eyes were still the same, bright, calm blue. He wore a lime green hoodie, and dark black pants, with old, worn, mud covered shoes. He smiled at me, as I raced past. That one second I saw him, seemed like hours inside my head, as I watched. My dad.

Then, we galloped past away, and he was gone. I forgot about it, after a while. Until a phone call came.

“Hello?” I said, as I stumbled off Siri’s back and onto the ground.

“Raven?” The voice said. My mom. I sighed with thankfulness.

“Yeah? What is it, mom?” My voice shook. She would only ring me, if something was wrong.

“Oh honey. Dad died a few days ago. I couldn’t reach you, to tell you sooner. On Raven. I’m so sorry!” She said.

“No. No. No….. It can’t be!” I said. My heart felt like it was broken into a million pieces.

“Darling. It’s true. He, was riding a motorbike. He swerved off the road and wasn’t looking where he was going…. and fell into the creek. There was nothing we could do. We need to keep hoping that….”

Nothing could keep me from crying. I muttered a “goodbye” and hung up.

I just didn’t understand it. I saw him before! I did. But… if he wasn’t alive when I saw him, then…. how?

I couldn’t just let him go. Even though he had called me often, I hadn’t seen him, for over three months. Even though he wasn’t perfect, he loved me. I just couldn’t let him go!

But after awhile, I knew that somehow, he had come to me and said “goodbye”. Just telling me he loved me. And that gave me the hope I needed to move on.

I love you dad and I’ll never forget you.

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-08-04 22:46:15
Once there was a pony.

The end.

KP Ponies & Mossy
2019-08-06 19:34:39
On a hill standing in the silver rays of the moonlight a black horse stood gazing at a small herd below. Undetected she watched with deep brown spirited eyes which had seen so much in the past few months. 5 months ago She had been captured from her old herd and forced to be a bucking bronco under harsh treatment and little food she had managed to survived under the circumstances and ran away a 3 months later. Now tired and hungry she watched as the wind whipped her mane in her face and on her dirt encrusted skin which was pulled tight around a frame of horse that looked ghostly in appearance. But still her strong, wild and free spirit lingered on in the starving and tired body of this midnight black horse that stood standing tiredly in the moonlight.
As she gazed at the horses below she summoned the last of her strength and slowly made her way stumbling down the hill to the herd she wanted to join she needed safety many scars showed that. She hung her head and submissively walked into the herd hoping to be accepted unknowingly she walked to the lead mare who did not want anybody in her space. When the lead mare saw this she was furious. lowering her head and pinning back her ears she began to flick her tail back in anger as she began to lunge at the thing black horse. Please! The black horse said and began to turn back but could not find the strength and collapsed in a heap.
part 1

autumn morning & Liberty
2019-08-11 13:12:36
The House Next Door
By Puppy Lover

Victoria had wanted a horse ever since she could remember. Her next door neighbors had one called Moonshine, and every day she went over to feed it, pet it, and groom it. But when Victoria turned ten, the neighbors decided to move. Every day after, she drifted over there, leaned against the fence, and dreamed of the paint that the pen had once held.

One night, a few months after, she heard her mother talking on the phone. She listened closely.
"...but Tori loved that horse and now she seems lost without it." Pause.

" No, I can't bring a horse here, there wouldn't be enough space and we would need to buy the place next door, and that would be to much money." Pause.

"Let me know if you have any more ideas, Rosa."
Her mother sighed, and hung up. Victoria crept back to bed.

One week later, her mother looked out the window. "Oh, look, somebody bought the house next door. I wonder if they have children."
"Boys." Victoria's older brother corrected. "Boys that like basketball."

Victoria said nothing.
A truck pulled up on their driveway. Her mother said, "Oh, I wonder who that could be."
She went over to the door and opened it. She looked out and looked stunned. Victoria's brother went over and gawked out the opened front door. Victoria went over and peeked out the door. Aunt Rosa was parading up leading a thoroughbred up the gravel driveway. Aunt Rosa stopped in front of the door. and explained how she bought the house next door by hijacking their bank account, and selling their house to someone who would move in after the next three days. She had put in a basketball hoop for Matt and Paul, their dad, to play basketball with, and everything.

Victoria's mom was quiet. Then she smiled at Victoria, and said, "I guess we better start packing."

Puppy Lover & Chessie
2019-08-19 19:11:50
Oh Horses hooves go pitter patter.
Clip clop down the road.
How I wish I could have one.
I'd play all day with a horse and gaze at the sun.


PonyLily & Goldy
2019-08-21 15:06:04
By: Wind Drummer

“You are nothing”, they whispered,
Haunting tones behind my back.
Far away from being my sisters (or brothers),
And, that was a true fact.

But I wouldn’t let them tear me down,
Their taunts became just whispers, that I didn’t hear.
Then I knew that I would never again frown,
‘Cause I knew hope was near.

A horse’s nicker echoed next to me,
I didn’t feel the need to shut it out.
Because then I began to see,
And chase away the doubt.

“Stay in the dark!”, they told me,
Wanting me to stay unheard.
Buzzing in my ears like bees,
They tried to convince me that I was a nerd.

I used to be no stranger to the dark,
Was hidden away, where no one would find.
But then at last their scars left no mark,
And I was finally alive.

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-08-22 10:00:34
How to fly on the ground-by Arnora

I gazed out the window at the countryside passing by. Fields and roads. Finally we were here. Capstone riding and eventing.I
put my helmet on and checked to see that my boots were zipped up.In the barn Summer and Ava were waiting."Lets go get Bosco,"Ava said.We walked to his stall and put his halter
on.then i took him into the barn and crosstie him,groomed him and tacked him .We mounted up in the arena and began. After that we took care of the ponys and the tack.
***A month later***
I had Bosco in the crossties and suddenly i remembered we jumped today."Promise me we can do this"I whispered to him.
we warmed up in the arena and jumped, it felt like flying. "In a month we'll go go a horse show. You can come and compete at basic jumping," Summer said. We told her we would go.
***At the show***
i was a pit of nerves as i groomed Bosco.I tied him up and went for a walk.Suddenly the wind seemed to to whisper to me ,"Fly!"
I walked back to Bosco,and said to him "We'll be ok we'll just fly o the ground."I saddled up because it was my class coming up.
and the announcer called for number 17 that was me and waked trotted and cantered then as jumped and i jumped the course i knew that this was what it meant to fly on the ground.

arnora & Brandy
2019-08-24 17:36:13
once upon a time
saffiestars & paint
2019-08-26 17:41:34
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