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September 2020 Story and Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score. Jane Crandal & JB

September 2020 Story and Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score. Jane Crandal & JB
Jane Crandal & JB
2020-08-30 02:28:44
How to gentle a horse

It was Amy’s first day of riding. She was so happy! She wake up at 6 A.M that morning and have a shower. But she never had shower in the morning. And she was ready in 7 A.M she even made her own breakfast and ate it all. Her mom and dad were impressed. Her mother said to her dad
“ We can tell her we go riding every day!”
Amy said.
“Mom I can’t wake more!”
“Ok Hon. We need to go 1hour so maybe we can go there right in time. let’s go!”
Amy ran out and rode in a car. And she held a box of carrots and apples.
1 hours later they were at Mahia Stable. Amy went to the pasture. There was just one horse. When Amy went and pet her the teacher came.
“Don’t touch that horse! She is wild!”
Lucy burst into tears. She was just seven years old. the teacher said
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to. Come on I will show you more horses!”
“Call me Carla”
Come on! Then there was a man's shout! It was Amy’s dad.
“What is wrong with this horse!”
Carla said “Gomez!”
Then the horse ran to Amy. Amy was scared. But the horse stopped right before Amy.
“Good girl!” Amy said with a scared voice
The horse was gentled
“Good job!” Carla said.

And they become best friend forever

Sliver unicorn & Spartan
2020-09-02 01:56:34
June was holding her phone, again.
'"Okay, now tell be about this horse here."
I cringed. I had never seen anybody at sunriver ever film a vlog entry in the barn, and REALLY...well obvious about it.
"He's a cob."
"how do you know?"
"Well, for one his build. Head of a maid, bottom of a cook." June bust out laughing. So loud, a horse spooked. People stared. I felt color rising in my cheeks.
"WHHAAAAAT?" June said.
"That's the saying." I squeaked. I saw the barn owner walking toward us.
"Girls," she said, none to nicely," Please be quieter, you're spooking the horses."
I wanted to glare at June, but that's hard when she's 3 years older than me.
"Alright guys!" June said, finishing her vlog entry, " That's how you tell a cob! JF OUT!"
The barn manager glared at ME!I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Kaya Stone & My Pony
2020-09-05 04:00:35
Late summer
by msjane

Azzie waits
The heat
Shimmers from the ground.
Dragonflies flit past.
Flies buzz and a hoof stomps to chase them away.
Cool weather will come
In the meantime -
Are there apple cores?

msjane & AE
2020-09-06 01:09:27
There is More to a Horse than Meets the Eye

There is more to a horse than meets the eye,
They are more than just a 4-legged girl or guy.
They are fast and strong,
As if they are there then they are gone.

They are loving and sweet,
And they most certainly love to eat!
They will give you hugs and let you love on them all day,
And if you give them treats, they may just play!

Even if they are short or tall,
Big or small,
Horses will always be more than meets the eye,
And they will always be what makes me leave them feeling like I am flying high!

MurphyPoo & Ruby
2020-09-08 15:11:44
The Bond

There is nothing more special than a bond between a girl and her horse.
If she is down the horse will be her source!

They will stick together through the thick and thin.
Even if she has her head in a bin!

Non- horse people might say, there is no such thing as a bond between a horse and it's girl.
I mean what! They must be in a twirl!

No matter how big or small,
short or tall,

the girl and her horse will always be there for one another!

Bruhitz_Ava & Peanut
2020-09-09 18:28:57
Horses are there, and always will be,
I know because I have one with me.
I'll jump high, puissance wall,
I'll sit bucks, I will not fall.
No matter how each one of us rides, were all learning, Horsey vibes!

Pae Nae & Wilbur
2020-09-11 10:24:53
A Friend in Need
A small form flies in the night from a house in a small neighborhood, white and frantic. A unicorn with wings, so small but she knows her friends need her to find help. She flies out to find a friend of another time. Another place. When she sees the waterfall she lands on a rock by the toads and nickers for a roaring Dragon. A storm forms above her and a roar returns. "oh thank goodness you didn't leave." she neighed. "We need your help. A sickness has come millions of miles and is spreading like mad. My new human friends might loose their best friend"
" I am not a nursemaid unicorn." he growls.
"but we both can make any situation better for the fragile human lives that have this world now" she was getting agitated but she knows he might need more motivation. "The child studies your kind...wants to find the rest", she left the sentence unfinished hoping he will hope beyond hope that he isn't alone any more...
"down the street from the my home, is a shop where their parents shop. I know if you nest there you will be bought and given to their friend.... its up to you." she had him, she knew so she flew home waiting for the children to hear of a small porcelain dragon found at the shop for their sick friend Corbin.

First Sight-
Corbin wakes for his birthday and gets dressed. covered by masks and gloves a spay in his pocket and fear in his heart, he descends the stairs.The house was already decorated and his family waits at the breakfast bar eating cereal. "There you are sleepy head," his mother starts" Everyone is coming for Lunch so I need you to clean up your rooms... EVERYONE...Honey don't forget to pick..."
"Pick up the cake, yes love. On it!!" his father mimics their favorite cop show with a salute as he departs for work.

A smile lightens his heart for a second until he remembered last nights homework was only half finished. At least, with homeschooling nothing is due till the class normally would start. He eats fast and goes back to his room, at a desk that felt like he was chained to it lately.

Hours later he hears all the commotion for the arrival of the cake and the gift table getting set up. Mom was like general at war. Each family will come to the front room and gift collection at the door so the last family can move to the kitchen as the ones at the door can be moved in in the front room for the minute Dad has to prepare them for the event. Corbin sat at the top of the stairs waved to friends as they passed. Keeping the 6 foot clearance area secure like a good soldier. His sisters still double checking the seating out back so all the tables had the mandatory clearance and no one could get sick. Corbin worried: Are they wishing they never came? If I clear my throat, sneeze, or cough will they run or just flinch?

Finally the birthday song begins and his sisters start passing out the sandwiches and chips. Mom and Dad putting out cups and drinks as they swarm the tables to attend all their guests. The gift opening will start once he blows out the candles so he walks out slowly and once he sat down, Fawn his oldest sister places a sandwich and his favorite Sun chips in front of him. Mom places his cup full of 7-up down and everyone cheers and begins eating. A few nearby friends wave and ask "how bored have you been?" with a smile.
the song begins again as the cake is brought out by his father. Mom pulls Corbin's seat out for him to stand so everyone can see him better. and in her hand was a small wrapped box. I wonder if Ruby picked it out or Mom. Dad is hardly around any more trying to work 2 jobs to have this party, and Corbin really loved seeing a full yard and so many friends that stayed behind in Elementary school while he went on to Middle School were here. Jack had bought the larges gift at the gift table that he pointed to Corbin, while Corbin looked around waiting to make a wish.
Once the song ended his dad put the cake in front of him and said" Make a wish!" and Corbin blew with only one wish in his heart "may dragons live with us, and be at peace again." The roar of the cheers got another tug of a smile to his lips and he opened the box his mother handed him. She left to get Jacks gift from the top center of the gift table and if he remembered how close Jacks mother, Jasmine, was with his mom, he could probably win a million bucks if he bet on them collaborating. He opened the small box to see a blue dragon in the traditional Dragon position of an attack. "oh wow mom the Thunder Dragon, soo great", Corbin yelled as he jumped up and hugged her.
"Ruby said you had most of the others but your favorite makes thunder and lightning, so I thought of the darkest blue I would ever see and he was there in the shop down the street."

Friends for life-
After the Party Corbin brought the dragon and the cave that Jack and Jasmine bought for it to his room. Mom just kept the gifts and their boxes down stairs in the closet till Corbin could rearrange his room. Cleaning it since the lock down almost seems in possible. To much stuff or not enough room, he still can't decide.
As he set up the cave again beside his bed, a flash of the attacking dragon came to mind. So small but some how it seemed to be huge on a mountain some where maybe during the dark ages and a light blue dragon flying above him the scowl now a smile like Corbin was before he got sick this year. Corbin shook his head from the dream or what he thought was just fanciful thinking, a time before man ruled.. could it have been real, would Dragons ever be able to flourish here on earth ever again?
"yes, yes we can." came an answer loud as his father was when he said "Make a wish!" earlier today.
Corbin looked around and saw no one just the dragon.. small porcelain statue setting on its back on his bed. Picking it up Corbin asked, "how? How can man stop destroying each other and our world?"
"stop being humans." Dragon answered. almost like a chuckle. Corbin drops him to his bed and jumps up shaking like a leaf.
"oh, oh no way," he whispered," your really alive?"
"Alive and well for today." the dragon wistfully said.
"why are your here? did you know my sister and Mom would buy you?"
"yes, I am here to help you? your sick aren't you?" the dragon asked actually concerned for the boy. Is this boy the answer? the one way to make humans back off and let the other lives come home. To let him go home again? the dragon thought.
Corbin was thrilled but cautious, " Well, yes but the doctors don't know what to do. They named it but have no vaccine, medicine or treatment as of yet. I mean you have been around for ages but do you really understand mankind and what we need? what is needed to fight a sickness we know nothing about?"
Dragon Laughs "Man never knows or remembers much of what already has come and gone in this world. Every illness you have faced came from another. And like the other illness it can be handled, cured or treated. If magic can't cure it then I know it can give you strength so you may fight it."

"oh, wow so what do we have to do?" Corbin asked. "we no child not we... I will have to get to it. All you need to do is trust me. I know is this dark hurtful world its hard to believe that I care. But Please believe me I do." Dragon said.
So Corbin went to sleep with hope hanging desperately to the dragons next move and maybe in curing him can cure all of the world.

Seeing the World-
The next morning Corbin figured not to tell the whole world so as to protect his new friend but he wanted Ruby to know that she may have helped the world by finding him a real dragon. So he pulled her aside after her schooling was done and after he turned in his assignments.
"Sissy you wont believe this but I think you saved my life. You picked out a real dragon in the store for my birthday and he said he can find out how to help me."
"oh come on your teasin" she snapped
"No Sissy really lets go to the movies it might be better to show you there so no one sees him cause I don't think Mom and Dad would like a real dragon around. You know how they are."
"yeah they don't believe a word we say. ok but if this is a joke I will sock you." she said.
They asked their parents if they could go to the theater and watch the reruns of How to train your Dragon Movies running all this month.
Once they had the money for tickets and snacks they headed down to the movie theater and Corbin pulled dragon from his pocket and he introduced Ruby to Dragon.
"Hi Dragon," Ruby said but dragon stood stock still.
"Its ok Dragon we will give you a minute to decide but you should know we are going to the movies to watch How to Train Your Dragon".
"I don't need any training thank you"
both kids giggled and Ruby turned pink at the excitement a real live dragon brought to her heart.
"no, its a fake story that Humans made moving pictures about." Corbin explained.

The whole month went by quick as Ruby and Corbin sneak away weekly to watch all the "How to train you Dragon" films and short stories. As Dragon watched with Corbin he felt that the humans who wrote the film was like Corbin. This whole month as Dragon sensed and strengthened his new found friends immunity, he realized he was going to miss him and his sister. They talked for hours over these little fictional stories but with every little answer he grew fonder of the whole family. Finally the day Corbin tests at the doctors came and they found he did have it and is now getting over it. Dragon saved him.. As they walk down to the little shop Dragon remembered flying to the shop and setting on the shelf with the glass and porcelain statues and figurines. George and his sister joined Corbin and Ruby in the back with all the models and science projects where George and Corbin talked of the rocket they wanted to build and launch together.. Dragon new his life and next adventure with them will be the best.

Warpy & Johnny Blaze
2020-09-13 21:39:16
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