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Meredith manor roleplay competition club
this is where you will be taught to train horses, teach lessons, and become excellent at eventing and also you will be able to train a foal and when it is old enough, you can show him!

ok roncy and rae, we need at least one-two more players on here before we can start roleplay, so please, PLEASE invite your pals!!!!

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-06 01:16:59
oh, rrpals just said that she is going to join soon so that means we will be able to RP soon!!!!
jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-06 13:24:56
Can I join??

Name: Ashley Johnson.
Nickname: Ash.
Age: 11.
Hair and eyes: Dirty Blonde hair and brown eyes.
Barn clothes: Jeans with a casual shirt.
Riding/show clothes: Black breeches and a pair of black boots along with a black helmet and a Tan shirt.
How many horse/s: 1
Experience: Intermediate rider, 6 yrs experience
Which kind of student are you wanting to be, a riding instructor student or a trainer student: Rider instructor student

Show name: Flash
Barn name/nickname: Lightning
Age: 25
Breed: Paint
Coat color: Bay with white
Mane and tail color: Black
Markings: none
Barn tack: Black halter and saddle and a blue blanket
Show tack: Black halter and saddle and a blue blanket
Experience: Experienced horse, show horse for 10 yrs

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-07 01:03:02
yay sugars!!!!!!
thanks for joining!!!!!
we can start RPing, you can arrive first.

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-07 03:01:21
Ashley: * Are you Katherine? I'm Ashley. I am going to be a trainer student. When do I start classes?*

RM: I want to change my age from 11 to 19 please.

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-07 15:33:57
Katherine: *to ashley* yes i am Katherine Meredith, owner of Meredith Manor equine college!
i am so glad you have chosen Meredith for your career!
you will start classes with the other trainer students day tomorrow, you can put your horse in stall #5, there is a empty spot in the tack room for a tack trunk, your saddle and bridle and full blankets for your horse.
oh, you can call me Katie, Katherine, or Miss Meredith, miss katie, miss katherine,..... the list of names goes on, but please make your self feel comfortable and call me anything you like.

your dorm number will be given to you, and your key to it too, but you will need to go into the big dorm "house" as we call it here and Lizzie or Elizabeth will sign you in and get you settled.

anyone can arrive first, it does not matter, just go ahead and start RPing!!!!!

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-07 16:02:16
Ashley: *to Katherine* Thank you! * I lead Lightning to his stall to get him settled. Once I get him situated, I go into the dorm "house" and find Elizabeth.

*To Elizabeth* Hi, Katherine told me to come find you and you will give me the key to my room. By the way, I'm Ashley.

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-07 22:09:52
Ashley: *to Kathleen* Hi, I'm a trainer student, I just got here and wanted to see if I could meet anyone! I'm Ashley."

RM: Who plays the role of Elizabeth?

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-08 01:10:12
sorry, I play the role of Lizzie or Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: *to Ashley and Kathleen* yes, Ashley your room number is #3 here is your key:) *to Kathleen* here is your key K K, your room number is #4 so you and Ashley will be right next to each other:)

after you get you and your horse settled in, please go back outside to meet up with Katherine and Mark for info and instruction as what will be happening in your time while you are at Meredith.

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-08 18:29:35
Ashley: *to Kathleen* Nice to meet you Kathleen. I love that name! Yes, I have my own horse. His name is Lightning. I put him in his stall before I came here. After I get settled in my dorm, do you want to get a snack? It was quite a ways to get here.
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-08 21:39:06
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