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Meredith manor roleplay competition club
this is where you will be taught to train horses, teach lessons, and become excellent at eventing and also you will be able to train a foal and when it is old enough, you can show him!

Katherine: Heather, you and Lizzie can lunge Go Gal and Samson.
for students wanting to help with barn chores, you may go with Mark to the barn and clean stalls, feed the horses, and wash out water buckets.
and yes it is ok to bring a cat, dog, bird, or small rodent like a bunny, hamster, or guinea pig.

Lizzie: *when she hears Katherine talking with Heather about lunging she walks over to them and introduces herself to Heather* "hi Heather! my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzie, you can come with me and I can show you where Go Gal and Samson are. who would you like to lunge?"
*I walk with Heather to the barn and arrive in front of Go Gal's and Samson's stalls.*

Mark: "ok! for those wanting to help with barn chores, please come with me!!!"
*I walk to the barn with the students wanting to help with barn chores, I call out the numbers of stalls that need cleaning, then set out several water and feed buckets that need cleaning.
"the stalls that need to be cleaned:
#4, #2, #25, #18, #23, and #30. here are some buckets that need to be cleaned right here." *I say as I point to a group of dirty buckets on the ground near where I am standing.*

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-27 01:39:16
Lucy: I start to muck stall 4
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-02-27 02:39:04
Heather: "Hey Lizzie! Can I lung Go Gal? What is he like?" * Pats Go Gal.*
Emma Puppypaw & Snowbird
2015-02-27 02:52:06
Lizzie: " Go Gal is a mare, she is a chestnut sweetie:) just make sure you never be mean to her as she came from a home where everyone treated her horribly:)"
*I slip on Samson's halter and groom him down in his stall, then I tack him up in a saddle and bridle and lead him out of his stall to the indoor arena. I look behind me and see Heather following with the beautiful mare.*

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-27 16:10:28
Lucy: I work
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-02-28 02:08:45
Mark: I take a rake and barrow and clean out stall #2.

Katherine: when everyone leaves to do what they like, I clean up the dishes, wipe the table, and sweep the floor. then I check e-mails and texts and then hurry to the dorm house to make sure all the students have warm blankets and that everyone has gotten their dorm key.

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-02-28 14:47:35
Heather: "Come Gal. Good girl!"*Pats the mare gently* "Lizzie, which arena do I lunge her in?" *Looks at Lizzie ahead of her*
Emma Puppypaw & Snowbird
2015-02-28 14:47:35
Lucy: I clean my second stall
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-02-28 15:10:23
Ashley: Apples to apples is good!
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-02-28 16:01:58
Ashley: Actually....I changed my mind. Truth or dare
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-03-01 00:15:28
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