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Lark Rise Role Play & Pat Parelli Club _Parts There are two parts of this club, you can be in one, or both! _How to address Just put ~PP~ At the front of the message for Pat Parelli. ~LRRP~ for Lark Rise Role Play!

Can I join? I'll do both parts! I know who Pat Parelli is. Here's LRRP info.

Name: Angel
Nickname: Angie
Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Skin: Tan
Hair: Brownish-Blondish shag
Eyes: Brown

Name: Copper Heart
Barn Name: Copper
Age: 5
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut
Mane+Tail: Chestnut

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-11 18:26:40
Yay! Then we can start dicussing Parelli. Just ask if you don't know Rusty, I'll send you an w-mail about him. :D :P
parellifreak101 & Thalia
2011-07-12 02:17:29
You both may join,
Rusty: Your in the Role Play part, Pat Parelli is where we dicuss Pat Parelli.
CopperGirl2000: Thanks for being in both!

arabluv & teapot
2011-07-12 10:25:38
i just want to be a horse if that's ok.
mybuety & Pressed
2011-07-12 16:46:52
Sugarcokkie998: Thank you for joining (Although I had already counted you)! And thanks for puting your info so it was less confuseing!
mybuety: I'm sorry, but it's just people and horses, it's a riding academy (based on the summer camp I might go to!) so you need to be a human too, I'm really sorry. D:

arabluv & teapot
2011-07-13 13:00:39
Does sugarcookie988 count?
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-13 13:01:20
Sure! I won't be here for a while, 1 1/2 weeks, rusty? Can you be in charge for me? Just point them to the dorm.
arabluv & teapot
2011-07-14 10:52:31
i just wanna join the parrelli when i get more info...
mybuety & Pressed
2011-07-14 17:58:10
I'll give you some. Pat Parelli is a Natural Horse Man Ship Horse Trainer. He uses the horse languge to comunicate with the horse, and he traines people and horses.
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-18 02:11:55
i'd like to know his cues and whatnot. i think natural horsemanship is very interesting!
mybuety & Pressed
2011-07-18 15:45:07
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