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**MAKE A PAL CLUB** We tell things about ourselves and make new pals.

may i join?
kazul9009 & Scar
2011-07-20 20:50:02
Can I join?
poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-07-21 02:10:47
I think you just did! Welcome!
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-07-21 02:14:29
Sure! Everyone can!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-07-21 14:45:02
Thanks Bridget!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-07-22 02:25:21
nuuuuuu a famous singer is okay but an author...now THAT'S awesome >:3
kazul9009 & Scar
2011-07-25 20:16:15
hey I am 10 almost 11 (august 25) I love dogs and horses!I am moving to arkansas There are many horses there.I am homesschooled. i want to play the guitar
Miah Grace Johnson & Fire Cracker
2011-07-26 14:48:38
Hey! im poor Pretty Boy!(2 things,1 i am not a boy, and 2 call me Pretty)and i am 9 years old.My birthday is Oct.12.
I love CPP,warrior cat books, Harry Potter,Misty of the cague,The Saddle Club, my famly farm's very large pony Favor,and drawing horses!I colect Breyer horses, and Schelich horses. my favroite color is purple(PPPUUURRRPPPLLLEEE!!!), my favroite horse breed is Frisians, Thourbreds,Welsh cobs, and Arabians, and my favroite horse color is black, pinto,dark bay,and blue roan.I have two dogs and i cat(all are boys)and i have a lazy eye, witch means whin i look someware, my right eye wanders off, when i realy am looking there.what else... i think thats it!

poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-07-27 21:51:57
hi my name is fluffy23(not my real name) i am 10 and i'm in most of the clubs:) i have 102 pals. i love to play the violin,guitar,flute and the recorders:)i also like bike riding,horseback riding,love animals,super friendly,love swimming and going to be able to lease a pony soon:) i'm a girl and i would love to join this club
fluffy23 & Moonlight
2011-07-28 09:42:39
I love to read and write songs and stories!
Miah Grace Johnson & Fire Cracker
2011-07-31 23:49:03
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