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I <3 (heart) my horse

Cool jennie! What would you want her to look like?

cowgirl9400 & Aj
2011-07-22 01:06:34
I wish she would be a palomino.I love Palominos.
jennie2 & Layla
2011-07-22 02:34:38
i have a welsh nammed dan and a quarterhorse named pepper

ponygirlH2o & Pepper
2011-07-23 18:35:39
Oh cool I have a palomino horse named oliver! Aww Im so sorry about your cat jennie. :(

cowgirl9400 & Aj
2011-07-23 21:31:24
Awwww!thats so sad Sugar.I would be really upset if my cat died
jennie2 & Layla
2011-07-23 22:01:25
Cowgirl,Sugars cat died.not mine.And your're lucky
jennie2 & Layla
2011-07-24 01:21:23
Oh sorry my bad! You two both have white horses so I got mixed up. Oops!

cowgirl9400 & Aj
2011-07-24 22:31:02
oh that's ok cowgirl.I have a funny story.(Well sort of funny)

One day my dog was laying on our couch and one of our cats jumped and the arm.(Of the couch not our dog).And then our dog Started growling at him.So our cat tries to go around him and he falls on our dog.Then he stated Barking.And Our cat Was 'hitting' him!
Sorry if this is not about horses.I thought this was funny

jennie2 & Layla
2011-07-25 19:46:21
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-07-26 01:19:49
:)I know!They hate each other!You should see my other cat Rose.She Has Claws!Sunny (in the story)doesn't.I'll post more storys later.
jennie2 & Layla
2011-07-26 02:05:07
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