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** Starnight's herd **

I meant Starnight's Herd with a rearing unicorn/pegauas.Not Starlight for I know there is already a herd with that name.
user no longer exists & ---
2011-07-26 00:11:34
can i join ?

name: Phantom
age: 10
gender: Stallion
horn: Pure Silver
wings: Grey
breed: ???
rank: Lead Stallion

Name: Blackie
Age: 9
Gender: Mare
Horn: Pure Silver
Breed: ???
Rank: Lead Mare

sorry didn't understand how to fill out breed ?

purplo9 & Midnight
2011-07-26 11:44:38
can i join?
name-Magic in the Moonlit medow(Magic)
wings-startblack and fade to a magnisifent silver
Rank- midicen horse?

poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-07-27 21:31:37
Can I join?

Name: Copper Heart
Nickname: Copper
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5
Breed: Quarter Horse
Coat: Chesnut
Mane+Tail: Chesnut
Markings: Blaze
Wings: N/A
Horn: Golden
Wing Type: N/A
Rank: Scout?

Name: Lucy in the Sky
Nick Name: Lucy
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Breed: Quarter Horse
Coat: Palomino
Mane+Tail: Cream with golden highlights
Markings: An almost invisable star
Wings: Golden
Horn: N/A
Wing Type: Downy and feathery
Rank: N/A

CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-27 21:55:29
ok thanks

purplo9 & Midnight
2011-07-28 09:55:42
Sorry if you have a different view purplo9. But I think that your horses would be Arabians. I kind of have them on my mind.
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-29 12:13:22
Yay roleplay!
CopperGirl2000 & Copper Heart
2011-07-30 18:09:32
Hi Bridget! Can I please join?

Name: Icing
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
Breed: Abrian

That's all the info I have so far. I will add this plauge to my cabin.

Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-07-30 23:15:43
Magic- It's going to be OK Starlight, Ive seen a ton of births, and it will be just fine, OK?

Pretty- I froget im Magic's info Other so here it is

Other-is in foal and will come later on

poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-07-31 16:57:09
Icing- *Follows Lone Star*
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-08-01 14:59:09
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