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*** Prayer Club ***

Thank you for your prayers! You must have prayed hard, because their mom won the case!!! Praise The Lord!
I'm kind of grounded so I won't reply until Friday. :)

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-01-08 04:44:58
awesome rainstar!
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2014-01-08 20:31:57
Rainstar, that's great!
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-01-09 04:08:05
Lol I hope your not talking about me getting grounded... Haha just kidding.
I'm back but I might not be able to get on Thursday. But I will be on Friday!! :)

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-01-09 18:10:43
IM BACK!!!! SORRY I HAVENT BEEN ON CPP IN FOREVER!!! Nat2 I am way humbler and modest then you: I am totally breathtakingly gorgeous and the most awesome and perfect person in the whole wide world. :)
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-01-09 21:00:09
Lol wow your humble Horses. Welcome back ! I missed you. :) also I can do better than both of you. I am what God made me: drop dead gorgeous, brilliantly smart, talented in music, and love God. :D
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-01-10 04:03:52
Rainstar! How could you! LOL
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-01-11 22:09:04
I pray for yor
Starwalker123 & Star
2014-01-12 01:34:07
My uncle is in an ambulance going to a hospital, with either pneumonia, or a heart attack!

DragonShadowCave & Artemis
2014-01-12 01:50:00
I'll pray
Starwalker123 & Star
2014-01-12 18:08:36
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