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***Beauty Springs Stable*** Hi I want to make a new stable please Here is how to put your info in: Girl/boy Name: Age: Gender: Hair Color: Everyday clothes: Show clothes: Persality: Stable used to go to (please make one up): Horse(s) Name: Show Name: Age: Gender: Color: Main Tail color: Halter and Tack: Markings: Persality: Here is my info: Name: Mrs.Megan Age: 34 Gender:girl Hair Color: brown Everyday clothes: worn out blue jeans, light blue shirt and well worn cowboy hat Show clothes: same as everyday but nicer Persality: kind Stable used to go to: when kid apple creek stables Name: May Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: light brown Everyday clothes: same as moms with a purple shirt Show clothes: same Persality:nice kind, very shy until you get to know her Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Name: Abbie Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: dark brown Everyday clothes: same as May with a lime green shirt Show clothes:same Persality:nice , kind totally opposite of twin sister May Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Horses Name:Midnight Show Name:A Star at Midnight Age:3 Gender:mare Color:black Main Tail color:black Markings:a white blaze Persality: kind and likes dogs Name:Chesnut Show Name: Chesnut’s chance Age:3 Gender:gelding Color:chestnut Main Tail color:chstnut Markings:none Persality: kind and hates dogs unlike his mate Midnight Name:Penny Show Name:Copper Penny Age:6 Gender:mare Color:shiny penny Main Tail color:dull penny Markings:n/a Persality: kind, oldest horse in the stable Stable horse: Name: Ghost Show Name: Midnight Ghost Age: 4 Gender: stallion Color: a smokish white Main Tail color: same Markings:N/A Persality: Kind but only the most addvancesd riders can ride hin Name: Fall Show Name: Fall leaves Age:2 Gender: mare Color: all different Main Tail color: black Markings:N/A Persality: Kind and silly Rules: 1. be nice 2. Have fun 3. Take good care of your horses Barns: Barn M- mares and foals over 3 years of age Barn S-stallions and geldings over 3 years of age Barn F-Foals under 3 years and nursing/pregnant mares I would like the plaqe to be a stream with a barn and two horses grazing Thanks! pp2

Britnie: *Gets out of the truck and starts unloading the horses.* Hi, i'm Britnie! Where can I put my horses?
mybuety & Pressed
2012-01-18 17:22:42
May-*walking up to Britnie* well it depends what age they are and if they are a mare of a stallion. by the way I'm May

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-01-19 00:18:00
*i snap out of it and ride to Britnie*Hi im Bella*i jump out of the saddle*Nice to meet you!*puts out hand to shake,i held Thunders reins*You can put them in the stallion barn for your stallions,mare barn for mares!also the horses are pretty spooky,i think the stallion barn is haunted...i may sound crazy but i think so,need help?
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-19 00:21:38
Hi britnie! I'm Olivia, *Ajax nickers in the pasture* Oh alright, Ajax come. *Ajax backs and leaps the fence trotting over to Olivia and standing loyally by her side, no halter or anything on* It's OK Britnie. Ajax does this all the time.
arabluv & teapot
2012-01-20 14:05:29
Britnie: I'm Britnie, nice to meet you! Where do gelding go? Are they in the stallion barn too?
mybuety & Pressed
2012-01-20 15:01:10
Sorry! Ignore that first part on my last post, I just realized I already said that!
mybuety & Pressed
2012-01-20 15:04:07
Abbie-*walks p to see wht the comotin is about* Yes they do. If anybody wants to go out I'm planing on taking chestnut out on a trial ride.
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-01-20 21:17:11
Stephanie: "I'll join you Abbie!" I shout from the other side of the yard loudly. I then put on my hat and gaiters before grabbing my whip and tack, I carry the tack to my stable and hang it on the door. I put the bridle on Rose's head and then put my thumb in her mouth so she opens it. I then put a saddle pad on quickly and put the saddle on top of it, i then reached underneath Rose to grab the grith and then did it up tightly.I then lead her outside of the stable and mounted up for the hack.


TGG & Dekka
2012-01-21 10:26:10
Britnie: I'll come on the trail ride! Just let me get Almas settled in, and i'll tack up Pressed *Walks towards the foal barn to put Almas in a stall.*
mybuety & Pressed
2012-01-21 14:32:33
Bella-Hey Abbie!*Thunder nickeres*can i come on the trail ride wth you?Thunder wants to!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-21 17:12:30
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