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***Beauty Springs Stable*** Hi I want to make a new stable please Here is how to put your info in: Girl/boy Name: Age: Gender: Hair Color: Everyday clothes: Show clothes: Persality: Stable used to go to (please make one up): Horse(s) Name: Show Name: Age: Gender: Color: Main Tail color: Halter and Tack: Markings: Persality: Here is my info: Name: Mrs.Megan Age: 34 Gender:girl Hair Color: brown Everyday clothes: worn out blue jeans, light blue shirt and well worn cowboy hat Show clothes: same as everyday but nicer Persality: kind Stable used to go to: when kid apple creek stables Name: May Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: light brown Everyday clothes: same as moms with a purple shirt Show clothes: same Persality:nice kind, very shy until you get to know her Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Name: Abbie Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: dark brown Everyday clothes: same as May with a lime green shirt Show clothes:same Persality:nice , kind totally opposite of twin sister May Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Horses Name:Midnight Show Name:A Star at Midnight Age:3 Gender:mare Color:black Main Tail color:black Markings:a white blaze Persality: kind and likes dogs Name:Chesnut Show Name: Chesnut’s chance Age:3 Gender:gelding Color:chestnut Main Tail color:chstnut Markings:none Persality: kind and hates dogs unlike his mate Midnight Name:Penny Show Name:Copper Penny Age:6 Gender:mare Color:shiny penny Main Tail color:dull penny Markings:n/a Persality: kind, oldest horse in the stable Stable horse: Name: Ghost Show Name: Midnight Ghost Age: 4 Gender: stallion Color: a smokish white Main Tail color: same Markings:N/A Persality: Kind but only the most addvancesd riders can ride hin Name: Fall Show Name: Fall leaves Age:2 Gender: mare Color: all different Main Tail color: black Markings:N/A Persality: Kind and silly Rules: 1. be nice 2. Have fun 3. Take good care of your horses Barns: Barn M- mares and foals over 3 years of age Barn S-stallions and geldings over 3 years of age Barn F-Foals under 3 years and nursing/pregnant mares I would like the plaqe to be a stream with a barn and two horses grazing Thanks! pp2

Britnie: *Hangs Almas halter on her stall. Throws Almas some hay.* I'll be back girl! *Walks back to the trailer where Pressed is tied. Grabs her english tack from the trailer tack room and tacks Pressed up.* Ok i'm ready! *Mounts Pressed and starts walking him around.*
mybuety & Pressed
2012-01-21 22:13:06
Abbie-Okay Bella!
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-01-24 01:10:33
jane will you please clear the thred??
Okay lets say everyone's here, we've gon on the trail ride, and now we just spent half of the night getting to know our cabbin mates and now it's dawn

Abbie-*slips quighetly out of bed as to not dusturbe her candra and gently shakes May awake*


Abbie-*wispers* time to get up may we still have to do our dawn chores even though there is alot of other people pluss we have to do Beckey's chores for her.

***An Hour Later***

Mrs.Maggie-*She wakes up 30 minutes ater her doughters at 7:00. then she gets dressed, pulls on her boots and heads down stairs to wake up the girls**she heads to cabin A first and gently shakes eatch girl awake* Girls wake up *when the girls wake up she sends them to a cabin to wake up the others* Clara and Bella you go to Cabin C and wake up every body but Beckey, Karla and Oliva you go to Cabin D I'll wake up Cabin B.

R.M.-Okay here is the riding test the girls need to take to see what group they are in. If they need a school horse please contact me. the test is: I will 'watch' you groom your horse and saddle up. Then you will go to the outdoor arena and go around 3 time walking, 2 times troting, 1 time cantering or if you don't feel comfy cantring 2 more troting laps then you will go over 2 small jumps , cool down your horse and your done.
the groups are
the order you go in will be:

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-02-17 22:15:57
Please define clearing the thread

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-18 05:22:40
I can't tipe very well cuse I'm on my mom's iPad

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-02-20 00:03:34
So, what's the reason for defining each skill group? Do you choose or do we?
mybuety & Pressed
2012-02-20 01:17:56
I do it just so that you can do what you do on a horse in real life. If you haven't ever ridden a horse I don't want to put you in the advanced group!!!!!! And yes if you want to you can choose

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-02-20 19:31:56
Bella:Cool thanks!lets go!*canters Thunder on the trail*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-02-20 20:07:22
Name: Mara (not my real name)
Age: 11
Gender: Girl
Hair Color: Red-Head, usually up in Pony Tail, when not in Pony Tail down to waist, bangs in front on the side (like Debby Ryan's in Radio Rebel)
Everyday clothes: Turquoise T-shirt that says my horse's name in cursive letters, cute jeans, red riding boots
Show clothes: Khaki pants, black log sleeve shirt and white undershirt, hair in braid, black boots, black velvet show helmet
Persality: Sweet, funny, loves horses, loves riding, rides Western when on the trail and English when in shows
Stable used to go to: Minni's Horse Hut :P


Name: Tally (I made her up)
Show Name: Beautiful Day
Age: 8
Gender: Mare
Color: Red Chestnut
Main Tail color: Red Chestnut
Halter and Tack: Halter's a gray rope, Western saddle's brown, English saddle's black, bridle's brown, saddle pad's white
Markings: star on forehead, 4 white socks, 4 tan hooves
Persality: Playful, cute, funny, sweet, obey's her owner
Can I please join?

Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-02-23 20:04:44
Ok, that makes sense! I guess i'd be intermediate, although the riding test is basically how I work my horse everytime I ride.
mybuety & Pressed
2012-02-29 04:47:31
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