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***Falcons Herd*** The story would be that we belonged to a Indian Tribe, the Sawacha's. We liked it there, but then another indian tribe, the Kwotos, attacked our tribe and took us! But, in the confusion of the attack some of us escaped the bad Kwotos and ran far, far away! Now we are trying to find our way back to the Sawacha's.

Toby, I put on my info that Ajax wasn't going to have any foals until she is 3 1/2, so, next time ;)

Ajax: thanks. A Cougar just tried to eat the foals, it was a big one too, we have to keep our eyes peeled. *She sees the evil indians8 Run! I'll distract them! Run! *Gallops over to the right, prances and tosses her mane, looking gorgeus* Over here! Look at the pretty horsey.

arabluv & teapot
2011-11-17 15:38:03
Name: lucky clover (lucky for short)
Gender: mare
Age: 6
Breed: mustang
Color: black and white paint
Mane&Tail: long and wavy tail touches the ground
Markings: paint
Personality: fun and sweet but when its needed can be aggressive and protect her family

midnightdancer & belle
2011-11-18 00:49:16
I named mine!
plus can I change Fire Rose's colour to pinto?
But here's my role play:
I walk around the other mares guiding Pudsey through the crowd. I then notice the red sun and turn away. Another eclipse that no one else actually noticed but me, even Pudsey was ignoring it.

TGG & Dekka
2011-11-19 07:46:30
My foal:
Show name: Midnight
Barn name: Mid
age: 4 months old
skills: 45.9%
Mother: MoonLight
coat: black
Gender: filly
breed: arabian
height:11.0 hands
bedding: flax
lead rope: red

fluffy23 & Moonlight
2011-11-19 10:42:17
Ajax: *Walks to StarDust, her coat still has a little trace of the battle, her face still has a cut* Hi. I'm The Greek Warrior, but you can call me Ajax.
Survivor: *Trots up to Falcon* Sir, is there anything I can do to prepare for when I'm a stallion and more into being back-up lead stallion. *Swells with pride and happiness at his title* Like finding food, scouting, finding horses?
Ajax: *Becomes selfconsus * I'm the herd fighter, and a cougar just came, I made if leave. *Motions to the jagged scar across her right eye* I got that from him.

arabluv & teapot
2011-11-21 13:55:14
RM: Shouldn't Survivor be in the foal race? He's only 1 year old.

Ajax: *Tosses her head in excitment, her legs tense and untense*

Survivor: *Gallops around the track, bucking*

arabluv & teapot
2011-11-23 13:54:01
Name: Dakota
Gender: Filly
Age: 2
Breed: Mustang
Color: Cremello
Mane&Tail: Dark Brown
Legs: Dark Brown stockings (like dun horses have)
Markings: Single star
Personality: Kind,loyal,gentle and sometimes a bit cheeky around herd but aggressive around cougars,mountain lions,bears ect

Wild Filly & Apache Sauce
2011-11-23 16:39:27
Name:Smokey Gender:Colt Age:6 months Breed:Throughbred Color:Grey Mane+Tail:Black Markings:None Personality:Smart,quick thinking,and is shy.
Bella1234567890 & Bella
2011-11-24 16:29:39
Sunny foal is named Hope of the sky or hope
Starwalker123 & Star
2011-11-26 21:56:11
I canter up to the other mares leaving Pudsey with all the other foals and start talking to all of them.
"There is a pretty little river down the mountain and if we ask the lead stallion he should let us and our foals to go down there! Do you guys want to come?"

TGG & Dekka
2011-11-27 19:55:35
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