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*** Snow Flake Academy *** this club is about students who's here at this academy and they will be giving school house points if they're doing something...nice... there will be competitions and some rules.

can i please join

***STARTING DECEMBER 1ST -- You will need to go adopt or trade for a pony at Olsons to continue posting in the forums or to make a club. Anyone who wants to post in our roleplays or clubs, or write to Pam, Anna, Lulu or Jane Crandal will need to have paid their board bill. If your board is not paid, or if you do not have a cabin, your messages will not appear. Thanks, Admin****

mistymyhorse & Dixes Rowdy Misty
2011-12-03 22:17:24
sure just post in the details of your charector.
experience in riding: advanced
hair:curly, blonde
trail riding clothes: anything expensive and designer brand
dressage clothes:anything expensive and designer brand
jumping clothes: anything expensive and designer brand
cross country clothes: anything expensive and designer brand
normal clothes: anything expensive and designer brand

age: 4 years
tack: pinklead and halter with white anow leather blanket
barn's name: Stallion
bedding: flax
saddle: english black leather
skills: 123.40%
medals/trophies: 1 medals and 29 trophies
father: Oterthatyerus
CANDRA: *catch up with Stephanie sorry, i was just putting the list cass list out *takes a breaath* i came here as quick as i could so anyway i want to show you guys something,*walked to rocks covered with bushes* here *clear bushes* is the cave. goes in* on the other side is a meadow with lakes and everything, it's perfect for a picnic. *Cleo walks by*
Cleo: Can we hurry up? my shirt is brand made and it's all dirty in here.
Candra: *rolls her eyes* if you can't take this, how will you be a rider, all you care about is something called richness. Hon, this is the real world for crying out loud.* gallops of*
Cleo: look who's talking, atleast afford yourself... *move her back straight up and looked away*

fluffy23 & Moonlight
2011-12-05 10:01:38
****LAST POST 2011-12-05****

inactive confirmed, wbucks awarded.

This club will leave the clubs page if no one says they want to keep it alive.

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-16 00:04:52
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This is Club Pony Pals, the official Pony Pals game and virtual horse world. Here you can adopt, ride and care for the pony you always wanted. Our site is based on the Scholastic books about three girls by Jeanne Betancourt.