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***Swimmers Club*** for people who swim on swim teams and would like to, we talk about swim meets, give tips on certen strokes and just talk about swimming! this is not a roal play

Yay Hanna I know that. I am counted as 11 on my swim team, I swim on a Y team, and it is your age as of December 1st! My b-day
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-08-31 22:45:46
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-09-19 02:37:55
Hi! Ha ha.
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-10-07 18:43:18
Hi! I'll join!

Name: Constellation
Age: 12
Swim team: Pinellas Youth Piranhas
Best stroke: Backstroke
Favorite stroke: Butterfly (it's a love/hate relationship :)
Need to work on: Dropping my 50 free time

Constellation & Sky Raider
2012-10-20 20:46:43
I had a meet today:)
Constellation & Sky Raider
2012-10-20 20:54:52
Cool! I had one yesterday, witch was the same as today in your post
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-10-21 16:08:33
Hi! I'm at a swim meet! Fun! I have 6 events!
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-10-27 19:52:24
Hi! It's pizza freak. Can I join? I don't have a good background of swimming...but I at least like it and know how to.
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-11-12 01:50:57
Best stroke: backstroke
worst stroke: freestyle
swim team: STOP swim team
Name: (real) Grace
Age: 12
Need to work on: butterfly
ok, so I am actually younger than all the kids in my group, but in most of the sets we do I am faster than them! But in match sprints, (50s freestyle against eachother, timed,) Everyone gets under 35 seconds. My best ever time is 36. It is so frustrating, How can I make my freestyle better so I can get a better time? I think my real problem is breathing. I slow down too much. When i used a snorkel, i got a 34! :/ how do i speed up my breathing without choking on water?

sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-11-13 22:22:30
CharlotteandtheStarlet & Angel
2013-01-15 19:16:35
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