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*** December 2011 Story Contest 10 and Under *** Scroll to the end of the thread to vote


by Libby horse lover

In the small village of Deddington, a girl called Molly was deep in her sleep. As the night drew in, she awoke. Suddenly, a neighing noise took over the quiet night, and soon, Molly crept out of her warm cosy bed. Molly had blonde hair and brown eyes. Reluctantly, she put her hands over her velvet curtains, pulling them apart. She hoped it would be a white Christmas, and her dream came true! A blanket of white snow completely covered the earth, so you couldn't see the ground.
'' One of my dreams have come true, but there is still one remaining. And that is to own a beautiful Andalusian. W-W-W- Whats that!? Is that an Andalusian?!" Molly gasped. The andalusian horse pulled up her head and neighed.
'' Molly? Get into bed! It's 12 'O' Clock at night!'' Molly's mum shouted, half asleep. Because of the noise, the white horse galloped off.


Molly stayed up all night, because of what happened the night before. As she yawned, she reached for a sweet on her desk. She plopped it into her mouth, and she trudged downstairs. Tiredly, she reached for the door handle, and went outside. Because she was still in her slippers, she couldn't walk very fast. Another noise arose from the distance, and echoed in her ears. It was the andalusian! This time, it didn't run away. The horse trotted over to her, reared and placed her wet muzzle into her small hands. Molly's Mum walked out of the door, gasped at the sight, and told her she could keep the horse.


Molly eventually came up with a name for the mare. She called her Snowy. They lived together for a long period of time, and cared for each other alot.

By Libby horse lover
Aged 9

Libby horse lover & Epona
2011-12-22 21:41:22
Title: Snowfreeze, Icebite: Snowflake Ponies
by JustLuckyCharms

Winter came early to the legendary city of Algrappah that year. The children who rode their loyal ponies everywhere no longer did. But there was that one girl---Manichanne, the villagers called her---who did. She galloped her small pony, Chardonname, through the woods, over streams, leaping into creeks. Shivering with frostbite, home they would return, Chardonname with terrible mud fever, Manichanne rosy-cheeked and puffy, not even concerned for the care of her horse.
One day, as Manichanne and Chardonname went for a slow canter into Manichanne's favorite clearing, they heard tight, animal screams of fear. Manichanne tightened her grip on Chardonname's reins.
And then she saw it.
Right inside Manichanne's favorite clearing, horses lay writhing on the ground. They must have been freezing to death. Even if Manichanne didn\t take very good care of little Chardonname, she knew she had to rescue these horses. Their life depended solely on her now. She took a lead rope and breakaway nylon halter from her saddlebag to catch one of the horses.
"Stop right there!" yelled a voice behind her. Low and rumbling, like a summer thunderstorm, though Mannichanne briefly before she felt the lead rope slip through her fingers.
Everything went black.

What happens to Mannichanne? Why are the horses there? Who is the strange man? You'll have to see in the next story contest I will be entering...but only if you vote for me. LOL...

JustLuckyCharms & Lucky Charm
2011-12-24 16:04:24
The Dartmoor pony
by Libby horse lover

Chapter one

One night, an exited girl called Holly was asleep in her spacious bed. As midnight came closer, she woke up. To keep her occupied, she traced her little finger over the light on her curtain. It seemed as though it was magic! She was 8 years old, and believed in alot of weird things. It was her secret that she stayed awake on Christmas eve! Her hair and eyes were brown, and she wore dressage like clothes. Her nightdress was pink, and it had silver sequins on it.

Chapter two

Luckily, soon it was Christmas day! Holly jumped out of bed, put her bright pink nightgown on, and woke her parents up. Her Dad had brown hair and wore all sorts of smart outfits. And he had blue eyes. Holly's Mum had blonde hair and had blue eyes, and wore the same sort of stuff as her husband. Holly waited a short period of time to open her presents, but when she got downstairs, there was nothing under the green frosted tree!

Chapter three

Soon, Holly realised there was a note under the tree. She bent down and clutched it in her hand.
It read:
'' Merry christmas sweetheart! Look in our field to find your christmas present.
Love Mum and Dad.''
Holly ran over to the field to find a little Dartmoor pony grazing in the distance. '' She is perfect!'' Exclaimed Holly, hugging her Mum and Dad. She had little button eyes, a big black busht tail, and a brown body. Holly named her Dancer. She also got a set of brushes and some tack. Afterwards, her dad bought two thoroughbred horses so that they could ride together. They were both males and there names were Rusty and Rocky.


Libby horse lover & Epona
2011-12-29 18:37:47
My pony's adventures 2 The sleepover part 1
by kyileanna

This story tells about 4 girls, kyileanna, Julie, Annie and Ericka's sleepover at a old barn in the woods. Linsy also has a great adventure looking for a new friend. Read My pony's adventures 1 to find out about Linsy!

I was so exited! My best friends and I were going to a barn in the woods! We all got in the car. Linsy and all of the other ponys got in the trailer. The car was quiet until I said I found it! Everyone was like found what? when I said it. I mean I found the barn! I said. The barn was red with a lot of dust. Just then, a young woman named Lily Lemer came out of noware with a cute pony named Moonlight. She said welcome and lead us in the barn,then into a house. That was where our parents were staying. After the parents have settled in,Lily lead us into the barn again. We climbed up a short stair case,leading to a window.From the window I could see the ponys and horses.

(Linsy's point of view) Where was I? I greeted 1 of the horses.They werent friendly to me!!I hid in a corner,wishing they dont come back. But they did. I knew how to jump,so I jumped over the fence that was too high for me. The next thing I knew,I was..was...
Read next month's part to find out and please vote for me!! Kyileanna

kyileanna & Cookie
2011-12-31 17:02:50

Jane Crandal & JB
2011-12-31 18:21:39
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