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**** Ally's Competition Center **** This is a club where we have many competitions including Jumping, Dressage, Barrel Racing, & Racing.

Lucy: She lets out a horse
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-09-24 18:47:02
Ali: I finish cleaning Maddie's stall and go to begin letting out horses. I see Anna and walk over to her, smiling. "Hi, I'm Ali. Are you the new girl?"
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-09-25 00:46:49
Lucy: She walked over to the two girls, "I'm Lucy."
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-09-26 02:10:57
Lucy: "Two Days." She says
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-09-27 17:00:36
RM: Sure! Welcome to the roleplay gabriele7! :)

Ali: I smile and point at Lucy. "Same as her. How long have you been riding?"

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-10-02 01:43:09
Lucy: "I've been riding forever." she said
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-10-03 01:08:50
Ali: "That's great. I've been riding for five years now. Have you met Miss Lisa?"
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-10-04 00:03:35
RM: Welcome benjiakki! Jump right on into the Roleplay!

Ali: "She's one of the owners here. She's in her office over there." I point across the hall to a small room with the door half open. "She can sign you in and tell you everything you need to know."

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-11-05 22:00:56
Lucy: "Yes she can." The girl said
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-11-06 04:21:54
RM: Welcome to the club Victory12 and Winnie Willis! Me, Maddiebaby, and Starwalker123 own this club. Victory12, all you have to do is fill out a form explaining your character and horse and/or characters and horses. Then you can dive head first into the roleplay! :) Let me know if you have any more questions.
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2016-01-05 01:56:15
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