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****The Saddle Club**** For all Saddle Club crazy people!

Okay!Do I get 1st place or what?
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-03 20:15:19
I walk into Rainbow's paddock and say Lets go do cross country girl!I halter her up and snap on her lead rope.I lead her out and groom her until her coat is gleaming and sparkling.I go to the mounting block and mount up.I snap on my helmet.When the signal to start goes,I tap my heels againets Rainbow's sides and she goes into a walk then trot then canter and finally gallops smoothly and fast.Rainbow gallops up the first little hill and gallops down.She gallops up the next hill and tosses her mane and head high up saying Hahaha!I am the queen!She gallops down and she gallops up the last hill and down.I pat her and say good girl!Next we see a small log.Rainbow's hooves gallop across the field like lighting and thunder.It feels like the world is spinning so fast.Rainbow approaches the log and jumps over it like theres nothing too it!I pat her and she gallops off.Rainbow sees a stream and is very thirsty but she knows she can't stop.She gallops across the stream in a flash and water splashes up.I see 2 more hills and say 2 more hills girl!Rainbow seems to nod and works up a fast gallop and gallops up and down the hills.About 3 minutes later she is done with the hills.Rainbow keeps on going.She sees a huge fallen tree and seems to say Oh come on!I need something harder!She gallops up to it,shifts her body and flys over it.I pat her and say 1 more thing to go.Rainbow sees a small little log and seems to say Sure.She gallops over the log and crosses the finish line!I slow her to a trot and a walk and halt her.I pat her and kiss her.Good girl!I say.I dismount and walk over to Julie.Hi!Do you want me to judge the next show so you can compete??
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-03 20:25:59
Julie: Hi, Stevie! Yeah, sure, I would love to compete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!! A lot!!!!!!! You did really well on the cross country course!

imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-04 04:36:15
Thanks!Tell me when the next show is then I will judge:)
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-04 16:04:40
Hey JC.I am just judging the next show.Please,don't pay me for the ribbons.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-05 02:02:41
Thanks Carly.You did wonderful too!!I hope I win too.I smile.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-05 16:52:06
Wow! That's a really hard decision! Here's the winners:
1. Carly9 (Carly)
2. iluvtuey8 (Stevie)

imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-06 00:18:46
Ribbons awarded (thanks for putting the usernames!)


Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-06 03:29:19
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2012-01-06 04:54:04
Your welcome JC!
imastar1999 & Bambi
2012-01-06 23:37:26
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