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*** gymnastics club ****

Ok bannana i totaly understand.Eaw,I am not an expert on my backhandspring so I can not think of eney more tips but you could ask 11kayla11,sorry I do not have any more tips.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-28 14:47:22
Kaykay thankies ;)
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-01-04 20:30:17
11kayla11- I'm wondering if you have any tips for backhandsprings?
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-01-04 20:30:49
hi everyone! i was wondering if i could join this club! i used to be really into cheerleading so I have a few things in gymnastics like back bends and roundoffs etc. i'll also have my split really soon! :)
horsegal545 & Muffin
2012-01-08 03:46:11
Of corse you can join horsegal1545!
I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry i missed my chat.I just fiogot.Mabey we can do it tommarow at 4:00....

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2012-01-10 00:39:49
Rustygal, I can give you some pointers. When your trying to learn how to do a one handed cartwheel try to switch off hands by trying to do a normal cartwheel like. You go and do the some position as you do with a regular cartwheel but instead you do it with one hand, then you bring your other hand down when your getting back up from your cartwheel. And sometimes I tuck my hand on hip and do that. Sorry if its confusing, my pointers are better if it were in person. I've taught my friends how to do all sorts of gymnatics stunts. Sorry If I sound like i'm bragging I'm not.
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-01-10 18:27:18
hey an i join? (plus HEY RUSTY!!!!)lol i wanna start gymnastics(more cheer-leading but what eva)i can do a perfect cartwheel!!!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-10 19:54:50
sure eaw, i am not that good at giving tips and stuff but i think i can think of a few. keep your legs straight. it can be hard but it helps. also instead of like scrunching your arms up close to your head sort of spread out a little and arch your back. I don't know if this will help you or not but that's what I've got. :)
11kayla11 & jenny
2012-01-11 18:04:10
i need tips on that same thing too :D
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-12 00:24:32
Kaykay thanks! Like I said I know how to do it but I want to be able to do it in like a second like some people
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-01-12 03:00:32
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