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***Lark Rise Academy***

Full Name: Aaliyah Marie S (fake)
Nick name: Ally, Marie
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Length: mid-back
Texture: thick, straight
Eyes: light green
Personality: Brave usually takes the lead, friendly
Greek Parent: Aphrodite
Power: Can read minds, change memories and feelings
School: Light blue shirt, skinny jeans, silver sandals
Dorm: Grey yoga pants, white tank top
Barn Chores: Purple/pink/black flannel, old jeans, purple tank top
Riding: Red short-sleeve shirt, hoodie if cool, jeans, black cowboy boots
Show Jumping: Black jacket, white oxford, white jodhpurs, black jumping boots, diamond rose broach
Cross Country: Brown vest, Black shirt, tan jodhpurs, Black boots
Dressage: Red Jacket, white oxford, white jodhpurs, black jumping boots, diamond rose broach
Western: Black shirt with light blue embroidery, Black pants, black boots with light blue stitching, black hat with light blue belt
Crush/boyfriend/girlfriend: none yet

Registered Name: The Last Warrior
Barn Name: Balios
Age: 10
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Quarab/APh mix
Color: Silver Dapple Black Splash white
Mane+Tail: Light brown with white, Pure white tail
Markings: Bald face, White legs, White hindquarters, and a spot on neck
Show Type: Western
Med. Condition (If any):
Dam: Forever Young
Sire: The Only Survivor
Trail: Brown western saddle, Brown Bridle, Blue saddle blanket, Blue polo wraps, blue bell boots
Training: Same
Show: Black western saddle with blue snake skin on the seat and back corner, Black bridle with blue diamonds on the brow band with light blue and black snake skin, Light blue blanket
Trailer: Lime green set
Pasture/Stall: Leather halter with silver plate that says, "Forever in the war"
Stall Things: Lime green horse ball, salt lick
Grooming Kit (Color of kit): Lime Green
Tack Things: Lime green saddle cover
Feed: 1 cup Oats, 2 cup Flax, 1/2 cup Sweet
Hay Type and amount: 1 pound Timothy, 1 pound Grass, 6 pound Alfalfa
Stall Companian: Orange Tabby cat named Nyke
Owner: Aaliyah

Registered Name: Aithon's Red Starr
Barn Name: Aithon
Age: 6
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Holstiener/Lippizan
Color: Red Chestnut
Mane+Tail: Red Chestnut
Markings: 2 Even socks on front legs, 2 even stockings on Back legs
Show Type: English/Dressage/Cross Country
Med. Condition (If any):
Dam: Silver Pegasus
Sire: Phobos's Last Chariot
Trail: Black English saddle/bridle, yellow saddle pad, yellow polo wraps, yellow bell boots
Training: Same
Dressage: Black dressage saddle, Black dressage Bridle, Black Blanket, Black polo, Plaited mane/Tail
Jumping: Black english saddle, Black Bridle, White saddle Pad, White polo
Cross Country: Black all-around saddle, Black bridle, Dark brown Blanket, Dark brown Boots, Brown Bell Boots
Trailer: Yellow set
Pasture/Stall: Black leather Bridle with gold plate that says, "Forever On Fire"
Stall Things: Yellow horse ball, Salt lick
Grooming Kit (Color of kit): Yellow
Tack Things: Yellow saddle cover
Feed: 1 cup Oats, 2 cup Flax, 1/2 cup Sweet
Hay Type and amount: 1 pound Timothy, 1 pound Grass, 6 pound Alfalfa
Stall Companian: White floppy eard rabbit named Athena
Owner: Aaliyah

FandangoStarr & Balios
2012-08-22 21:12:16
Aithon only does english sorry didnt want to read all the other posts XP)
FandangoStarr & Balios
2012-08-22 21:15:45
(LOL, is Starr supposed to be spelled with 2 r's? I think it's kinda cool)
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-23 22:23:03
yeah :) i like it spelled like that it looks cool :) )
FandangoStarr & Balios
2012-08-26 22:30:11
i think its the old english spelling of it or something)
FandangoStarr & Balios
2012-08-26 22:32:06
(So, can you role play getting your horses ready to go and then coming here?)
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-27 22:33:25
You guys should join my friends club Babbling Spring Stables
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-27 22:33:25
Oog, so much!
Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-29 22:07:43
Full Name: (Pretend name Admin:) Maliane Kablinskia
Nick name: Mali (Pronounced Malee)
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Goldish blond brown red (My real hair color)
Length: To waist (Almost there in real life!!)
Texture: Smooth and fine
Eyes: Green, but are blue when sick and light green with dark band around them when angry (True in real life also)
Personality: Determined, sometimes stubborn, likes being boss, quick temper, talkative and controlling sometimes
Greek Parent: Mother: Athena Father: Poesiden
Power: Uhhh.....???
Clothes: For fancy occasions, long white toga sort of thing with a blue band underneath. For normal: Overalls with light blue fitted shirt or a long blue fitted dress with silver chain designs on it
School: Fitted jeans and orange tank top
Dorm: ??
Barn Chores: Jeans with green tank top
Riding: Jodphurs or jeans with a blue tank top
Pajama's; Blue loose shirt with loose checkered pants
Show Jumping: (Is this still clothes?) Clean jodphurs with white shirt and red show jacket and black velvet helmet and long black boots
Cross Country: Clean jodphurs with green shirt and green protection vest, green helmet and black long boots
Dressage: White clean jodphurs and long polished black boots, black hat and black jacket
Western: White jeans with red and silver and pink embroidery, white shirt with pink and red embroider, white hat with silver red and pink embroidery on it and white boots


Registered Name: Arranias Silinia
Barn Name: Nia or Arrani
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Breed: ????
Color: Brown, white and black
Mane+Tail: White
Eyes: One green, one blue
Markings: Three black stockings, one white stocking
Show Type: Western, Cross Country, Show jumping, Dressage
Needs: Feed, water
Med. Condition (If any): Has a large scar on back
Dam: Milinia Espus
Sire: Hajiles Borano
Trail: Black saddle with yellow saddle pad and black halter, and yellow leg wraps
Training: Green halter, green saddle pad, same saddle
Show: Dressage tack, Show jumping tack, CC tack, Western tack
Trailer: Blue halter, blue traveling blanket, blue leg wraps
Pasture/Stall: Nothing
Stall Things: 2 buckets, salt lick, ball to play with
Grooming Kit (Color of kit): Green, with hoof pick, curry comb, bristly brush and soft brush
Tack Things: ???
Feed: Pellets, oats
Hay Type and amount: 2 flecks of normal hay, 1/2 a fleck of timothy hay (I think it's called that)
Stall Companian: ???
Owner: Mali

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-29 22:07:43
Mali: Hi! *Walks over to Ally*
Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-30 21:26:55
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