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*** Awesome writing club **** the club members write stories and there will be contests for the best story(they will only write a chapter)and the winner gits to pick something they want that I will send them and I will also send them a suprise gift.

Oopsy! Sorry for the two posts... I hit something on here, and thought I lost the first one, so I re-typed it as best as I could... sorry!
chelsea2 & Irish
2012-02-10 22:13:24
Can I join? Here's my first chapter:

Chapter 1:The Mustang

It was a cool spring morning in Salt Lake City, Utah. I leaned on the paddock fence, in my miss-mathed pajamas, a green cartoon frog tank top,
With fuzzy pink Tinkerbell baggy woolen pants. My brown and white Paint horse, Beezus, (named after my favorite book character) grazed in the partial sunlight. Then, I looked away, and, on the road was a white horse, all tacked up, with no rider walked along the yellow lines. I blinked twice, and the horse was gone. I shook my head in wonderment.
At nine thirteen, my mom called me in for breakfast. I went to the house, changed, showered, brushed my teeth, and went down stairs.
"Mom, have you ever seen a white horse walking by on the street?"I asked. "Why, no sweetie, I haven't. Are you talking about drugs?"she replied.
"No, no, nothing like that,"I argued."I saw a white horse walking on the street. It was all tacked up but had no rider." "Well,"she said,"maybe tomorrow we can go out together and ask people about it. Then we can find out if you were seeing things or not. Now pass me that flour." I sighed and passed her the paper bag of flour. Will we ever find out about that horse? I thought.

Hope you liked it!

Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-02-12 00:28:21
Hi..... ummm I really have no idea what I'd like my gift to be.... Thanks for picking me though! Could you just surprise me with a gift??? and ummm you said you wanted to know if someone wanted to be president (I think) well I'd love to be president!
chincoteague13 & Watch Me
2012-02-16 19:01:54
I would of but I own my own club allready so I can't :(
Candy1 & Nitika
2012-02-18 00:39:01
Thats a GREAT story horseluver! I really like it! Oh and can I join?

MAC1023 & King
2012-02-29 04:51:02
Thanks Mac!!!
Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-03-17 03:24:56
That's so cool!
chelsea2 & Irish
2012-03-17 03:34:06
Thanks everybody! I drew some of the characters on paper!
Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-03-17 16:07:08
Chinco- you should be an author! Best story ever! You should make that into a book :D
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-04-12 02:01:25
Eaw did you mean me? Lol if you did thank you very much. I love to write, almost as much as I love to ride! My English teacher actually wanted me to expand that story (it started as a school project) and create a book!
chincoteague13 & Watch Me
2012-04-13 23:31:47
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