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*** Awesome writing club **** the club members write stories and there will be contests for the best story(they will only write a chapter)and the winner gits to pick something they want that I will send them and I will also send them a suprise gift.

hi can i join?? i love writing stories! xxx
lydiahorse & Honey
2012-04-15 14:02:34
Can i join? the name of my story is "The Tale of Two Princess" hope ypu like it!:)

Setting: Sassafras Isles

Princes Alexa- An unruly princess that would rather be galloping across a field with her horse, Blackberry than learning how to rule a kingdom.

Ezmarelda (Ezi) - Princess Alexia’s best friend

Jasmine (Jasiy) - A new girl in town, Jasiy soon finds friends in Alexa and Ezi, much to the dislike of her mother.

Queen Mary and King Alex-The kind rulers of the Sassafras Isles, also Princess Alexa and Prince Samuel’s parents

Blackberry-Alexa’s wild horse

Mayberry-Ezi’s greyhound

Coco- Jasiy’s little brown tabby cat

Linsy and Ally- The mean girls, they are always teasing Jasiy

Prince Samuel- Alexa’s twin brother that is quite the opposite of her

Princess Jena- Though an old ghost she is quite friendly.

Blueberry-Princess Alexa’s blue dragon

Aurther- A very old ghost he sometimes gets quite confused
Chapter 1
Meeting Jasiy
“Come on” shouted Alexa as she finished running across the field and looked back to see that her best friend, Ezmarelda was still in the middle of the field with her trusty greyhound, Mayberry at her side. “Here Mayberry” she called and the greyhound immediately streaked towards her.
Ezi arrived a few minutes later gasping for breath “How do you run so fast” she panted. “You’re a princess too!!” she said, catching her breath. “I just do” Alexa said hitching up her skirt. “Race you back! I’ll go easy on you she said seeing her friend’s horrified expression. “Okay, okay, but then we get to go see the new girl” Ezmarelda agreed. “Okay we can” Alexa said.

  

The girls walked up to the new girl’s house debating about who should knock on the door. After a while Ezi finally gave up. Alexa’s ‘Princess powers’ as she liked to call them were just to strong. She knocked on the door and Jasmine answered almost immediately. “Yes?” she asked in shy, timid voice. “Hi!” Alexa said “I’m Princess Alexa and this is my best friend Ezmarelda. Well don’t just stand there and look like you’ve seen a ghost!! You haven’t have you? Come out! Do something!”
“Oh, um sorry” Jasiy said doing an awkward curtsy “I’m very honed to meet you Princess, and you too Ezmarelda. Um, my name is Jasmine but you can call me Jasiy for short.” “Hi Jasiy” said Alexa and Ezi at the same time. “Do you want to come and play?” asked Princess Alexa. “Okay” Jasmine said just as a little brown tabby cat trotted out the door.
“Aw” said Ezi “Who’s that?” “Oh that’s just my cat, Coco.” Mayberry comes up to sniff Coco, but Ezmarelda stops him, thinking Coco might run away. “It’s okay Ezi, Coco loves dogs, we used to have a dog, but we had to give him away before we moved, Mom said we couldn’t have two animals.” Jasiy explained.
“That’s really sad” Alexa said “Anyway we were coming to see if you wanted to come and meet my hose, Blackberry. She lives just over that hill. She’s quite wild when you’re trying to get her saddle on, but she’s as calm as Mayberry here once you manage to get it on!!”
“Okay I guess?” Jasiy says as more of a question than anything else. “I’ve always liked hoses but I’ve never ridden one.” “All the more reason to go see Blackberry!” Ezi exclaims.
“Okay.” “Come on! Let’s go! I’ll race you to the top of the hill!” exclaims Alexa. “Okay!” Jasiy says more excited that she has been in days. She takes off at full speed. When she reaches the top of the hill she looks down to see a giant dip that not only houses a horse but also a huge, blue dragon!! When Alexa and Ezi arrive she asks whose dragon it is. “It’s mine!” Alexa explains with excitement in her voice.
“Wow. I knew that you were special but I never suspected that you had a dragon!” “Well now you know!” Alexa says “Yep, now I know. Wow! Can he fly?” “Well I don’t know. I haven’t taken him up in the air but I have ridden him around the valley. But I think I might take him up in the air today. Do you want to help? His name is Blueberry. I’ll go saddle him and Blackberry while Ezi tells you how to act around him.”
As Ezmarelda tells Jasmine how to act around Blueberry, Alexa saddles him and Blackberry up. She hears tidbits if the conversation “So you never want to… and never-ever…. but he loves it when…” This went on and on until Alexa finished saddling up the animals and ran back up the hill to tell them that they could come down.
Ezmarelda helped Alexa and Jasmine on to Blueberry. She took Blackberry for a gallop around the field while Alexa explained to Jasiy how to be Blueberry’s Navigator.
She felt a little jealous of Jasiy because she had always expected to be Blueberry’s Navigator and now a new girl was coming in and taking her hopefulness away.
Once they were ready and Alexa was convinced Jasmine knew the rules they galumphed around the field once and then told Ezmarelda that they were going to go up.
Jasiy told Blueberry to go up and he did!!

Dragon’s eyes
I heard my Navigator tell me to go up; I haven’t done this before but I know from my memories that I am supposed to go up. I take a running start, spread my wings, flap them and I feel my feet lift of the ground! I keep flapping my wings until I am high above the earth. I start to get tired and My Navigator tells be to go back down so I don’t flap anymore, I just hold my wings like a parachute and let us fall gently

Ezi’s eyes
I watch from Blackberry’s back as my friends take off, gliding gracefully higher. I see them circle and then slowly come back down. It was amazing!

Alexa’s eyes
I feel the wind in my face as we lift of the ground. I look down at the ground as it grows smaller and smaller. It feels like to soon when Jasmine tells him to go back down

Jasmine’s eyes
I know this is all up to me now. I have control over Blueberry. I tell him to go up or down or where to go. After a while I felt Blueberry’s wings get tire so I let him go down. The experience was extraordinary!! I know I will feel it many more times.
“Wow!” I say as we land. “That was amazing!” “I know!” Ezi exclaims, “It was so cool to see you flying, up in the sky!” “I know! It felt amazing too! Why did you have us come down so soon?” Alexa asks me. “Well, I don’t know, I just felt Blueberry getting tired, and he couldn’t hold us up much longer, so I told him to come down. I don’t know why I just did. It was like... like, well I don’t know!” “Let’s go to the palace for a snack. I’m hungry” Alexa says, sounding very hungry. “First let’s take care of Blueberry. We don’t want to leave him standing here, hot and hungry!” I exclaim.
Once Blueberry is once again happily romping in his valley we leave to get a snack.

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-04-18 23:21:51
Hi there Waterkid!
I posted an answer on **Ally's Competition Centre**!!

pumpkin pip & Gemini
2012-05-27 15:39:52
I forgot to tell you guys I hade left clubponypals so anyone who asked may join,chincotgue iwill get you your pres,and I will start another contest.

I told you as andrea123 i hade more than one account and this is one of them.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2012-06-16 01:09:36
Hi! c: Can I please join? xD
Avanoia & Nym
2012-06-19 02:29:00
Inactive club.20 bucks please
missthreeoaksfarm & Rebel
2012-07-24 23:07:08
Inactive confirmed. :( I will miss this club.

Wbucks awarded

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-07-25 03:20:46
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