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***The Anything Club ****** This is a club where you can discuss anything(as long as its appropiate)such as animals, riding, famouse people, singers, school, books etc

I am watching dark horse!I will let yals know if it's good:)
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-12 04:40:50
The Dark Horse was boring:(
On man,but that Fresain was just beautiful!

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-12 18:22:22
Oh ok bannana now i understand but i thought you said you did not want to see it?
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2012-01-13 18:50:40
hey, does anyone own a greyhound or austrailian cattle dog on here???
9966332 & Indy
2012-01-13 19:31:58
bannana & mindy
2012-01-13 21:08:38
99 nope I own neither:(I want an Aussie:)..what breeds of dogs do you guys have?!(If you have any)If not what kind of pets do yall have here are mine:
Max:Sieberian Husky(purebred)
Scout:German Shepard,Saint Benard
Tip~C:Appaloosa(part Quarter horse)
Lazer:grey cat
Sidney:grey cat
Spritey:black cat(little sister's)
MilkShake:grey&white cat
I also lease a Haflinger!His name is Buddy:)

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-14 04:57:48
Whoohoo!I found my Clapton Davis sunglasses!Now I just gotta order them:)I think their guys though?They have pink on them,so I will wear them!lol
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-14 22:42:57
I <3 Taylor Swift. I also love the song Ours
Sonny25 & Peasy
2012-01-15 01:01:36
Olivia,it;s okay I have seen a lot of bad movies.LIke the Kids Are All Right.ever seen it?Well if you haven't don't watch it.It's so bad you have to 18 to rent it:/I saw it,only cause JH is in it!
I'm not Taylor's biggest fan.Although I loove her new song Safe & Sound(Hunger Games soundtrack)

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-15 02:57:05
Anyone like Eminem?And not the candies!lol
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2012-01-15 02:58:26
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