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The United States Hero Club
if someone has a hero...such as a firefighter, police man, or school teacher they can tell other people about it and have fun sharing their stories!


LOL Anna you should see my room.......:)

:) :) :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-09-09 22:39:13
I have two Spirit drawings on my dresser, 3 Breyer horses on my book shelf, 2 Schliech horses on my desk (Along with a stuffed horse on the window sill above it) and about 50 stuffed horses in my closet. :)
AnnaROUaT2 & Snow White
2013-09-10 23:05:34
I have horse posters all over my walls, a stack of horse books, (Heartland, Thoroughbred, Chestnut Hill, and The Saddle Club,) a bunch of horse magazines on my dresser, horse models and one schliech on my dresser, a breyer barn to the left, and breyer horses everywhere!!! :) lol :)
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-09-11 23:18:48
I saw the plaque for this club on the club page, and thought it was a really great type of club to have. So . . .

I am EagleGirl; Nat2 is my daughter. My father was a professional firefighter and EMT. He was the engineer, which means he drove the fire truck. He taught us to live by the motto: Safety First. I figure that was because he had to pick up the pieces after a lot of people who didn't consider safety before they did things. :-)

He was always first to reach out to help other people, and our family knew we could always count on him. He was a fabulous cook (he had been a baker's assistant in the navy), and at the fire station the other guys always wanted him to do ALL the cooking. So he did. He always had something going: pralines, doughnuts, cookies - he said none of those things ever had time to cool before they were gone. :-)

When I was in college I used to take my friends over to the fire station to visit him. Even as a college student I loved it when he turned on the engine lights and siren for me!

He taught me to think before I act, and of course, Safety First. He taught me to plan ahead, and to always have a Plan B. He taught me how to think defensively when I drive, and the importance of making sure I follow all the traffic laws. He taught me how to be responsible. He was always learning something new. He taught himself to play the guitar, though he had to get a tenor (4-string) guitar because his fingers were just too thick for a 6-string. He taught himself to draw, to silk-screen, to oil paint. He loved to work with wood, and made wonderful Christmas presents for his friends and family every year. I still have a music clock he made just for me. He built furniture for our house, props for my classes at school (I used to teach music), things we wanted or needed. I also still have a stand he made for me to put books/papers on when I was typing.

He took us camping and fishing (my sister actually went hunting with him once, but I just couldn't do that - I loved fishing with him though) and boating, and when I had a horse he took me out to ride whenever he could. He would listen when we needed to talk, and he always had good advice. He always taught us that we didn't have to take his advice, but we would be doing ourselves a service if we would listen.

He had to retire way too early because of his heart, but he continued to be an inspiration for the next 21 years. He bought a camera, subscribed to some photography magazines, and taught himself photography. Even though he ended up on oxygen and couldn't do the things he used to, he still continued to learn. When all he could do was sit in his chair, he watched educational shows on television, and told us things he learned. He was always interested in what we were doing, and he wouldn't complain, even when he was feeling really awful.

He taught me so much - big things and little things - and I am so grateful for the example he set and the teaching he gave.

EagleGirl & Deerslayer
2013-10-05 21:01:45
this club is in active please give me 20 wbucks
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-11-02 02:55:44
That's wonderful, Eagle Girl! My dad was a firefighter, but he had to retire because he got asthma from the tire fires, and he was an EMT also! He taught me so much, and my mom says that my sisters and my brother and I are real lucky!
DragonShadowCave & Artemis
2013-11-03 02:51:22
This club is not inactive, last message posted 2013-11-02.


Jane Crandal & JB
2013-11-03 03:02:11
well it was inactive before dragon posted something\
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-11-03 23:46:38
Hi! I haven't been on cpp in FOREVER! I hope you all remember me!
apple06 & Keeper
2013-11-03 23:50:14
EagleGirl, wow that is amazing! I am so touched by what you said about your father. I think everyone can say that their father is their hero. I can tell why he was and is an inspiration to you, and to many other people. Keep sharing his story, it's amazing! :)

Hi Apple! I remember you :) :) :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-11-04 22:30:52
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