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Cat & Kitten Owners Club
discuss our cats and the perils of cat ownership

Yea horses i got a grumpy grey tabby tom called Smokey, he's not very friendly and you can only really pet him when he's high on catnip but he was badly abused and he was reutrned to petsmart like 4 times and marked down to half of what the other cats were. Plus the little annoying baby girl, Lilysters:P
I'm glad you found out she's just in heat maxximus! Lily since she's still to young hasn't gone into heat yet... she will soon though, ugg.:P

9966332 & Indy
2013-05-30 22:20:54
RM -- note that a spayed (netered) female cat will likely never develop breast cancer and will stop going into heat, both big pluses for pets. Get your female cats fixed!!! There are a lot of low-cost clinics that will do it for not much $$$.
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-05-30 22:34:38
we should spay our dog.......
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-05-31 21:12:32
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-06-01 22:29:58
Lily is going to the vet the second she hits three pounds! shhh... don't tell her though... xD Both cats and dogs will benefit greatly from being spayed and neutered;)
Max: :'( My wonderful darling kitten Sandy ran away six weeks ago and i still miss her more than i can imagine, even with Lily for comfort:(

9966332 & Indy
2013-06-02 19:26:11
i agree that you should spay or neuter your dogs and cats. :)

sorry for your losses :(

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-06-07 17:25:22
Super LOL
ponyfan99 & Spitfire
2013-06-08 04:19:45
why the NOOOOOOOOOS maximus?
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-06-08 20:28:14
anyway! on the happier and nuttier side, i have discovered that lily has an obsession with watching the toilet flush O_O seriously she'll follow me into the bathroom and then when i flush she'll climb on top of it a watch it swirl around(plus her head goes around and around with itxD) one of these days i just KNOW she's going to fall in! oh joy...xD
9966332 & Indy
2013-06-09 20:22:34
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-06-09 20:28:00
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