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storms ahead
both humans can talk and horses it is about this girl and her family girls name is Savery and she has to leave her family behind and run with her bother because they were captured by men so she got out of there house with her older brother but they saw him and got him she ran and ran then she came to a art of the forest and it was call Gaze heart she found a horse in that woods she went to get on it but boy a little older then her came out of a door made into a tree his name was Keler. Keler helps Savery get to the God he is the only one who can free her family and that is were our story will start

Brianna: *I smile slyly.* "Keler there is a war going on. Of course you already know of this, but I have found that the bad side is stronger than the good. I pride myself on being a woman of wise decision, and I believe that you should join side that is winning. I am becoming an enchantress and I want you to join the bad side with me, brother."

Admin: easy on the war and fighting, we are a non violent site.

CowgirlsRuleForever & Sugar
2013-11-13 20:44:15
RM: Okay Admin :)

Legolas: *Forgive my manners! I am Legolas. And this is my sister Sarah.*

Sarah: I smile shyly.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-11-14 01:06:20
RM: Brianna is a GOD if a GOD she have to be good. But if she was a Wisered then she could turn bad K I Want to keep God's name Holy if okay. But I guess if you aren't a God it will be okay
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-11-14 01:20:23
CJ: Guys! I walk over to Everyone with Luke Dragging Him with Me.
writerandrider & Dream Cloud
2013-11-14 18:58:33
Savery:* Oh I know- Oh I mean... Cool name..." Blushes dark red
Savery runs over to her bedding and starts picking up.

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-11-14 19:00:12
RM: Okay she is a wizard sorry :(

Brianna: *waits for him to reply.*

CowgirlsRuleForever & Sugar
2013-11-14 21:07:38
Legolas: I smile and go over to Savery and start picking up bedding too. *Please, let me help.*
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-11-14 23:33:22
Keler:* Why? Why would you do this!?*
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-11-14 23:46:08
Savery:* Ok...*
Keler:* Good Bye!* I walk back where Savery is.
Savery:*Oh there you are Keler. Thes are my friends they want to help us find the GOD. isn't that nice!:)*
Keler:* Yes very...* I walk next to Legolas.
Keler:* Hello Legolas nice to meet you.* I walk over to Sarah
Keler:* Hello Sarah so nice meeting you.* I kiss her hand.
Keler walks over to Rebekah:* Hello Rebekah so nice to meet you.*
Keler walks over to John:* Hello John nice meeting you...*
Keler walks to CJ:* Hello CJ nice meeting you.* I hub CJ's neck
Keler walks to Luke:* Hello Luke... Oh Luke why would you stell?* Keler asked him

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-11-15 22:19:14
Savery:* How how did you know all of there names? I had to ask... Well for some of them.*
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-11-16 02:00:26
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