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Big Cat Diary Roleplay
Theres so many lions, leopards, and cheetahs -- this role club will teach bout the animals life and be creative!

Hi JC,

I would like to make a role-play club. Its called
Big Cat Diary. Theres so many lions, leopards, and cheethas that I will take care of later after club is made. The plauque will have a lion and her cub. Well I want to make this role club cuz it will teach bout the animals life and be creative! Thx!

Big Cat Dairy, based on the TV show. The plaque, YES I GOT THE WORD! HAHA! srry the plaque will have a lioness, cub, and male lion on it. Theres not of cheethas, lions, and leopards that I will take care of that later. it will go like this.

name: Shadow
eyes: brown
waight: 196lb's
gender: female
companyons: a leopard with broken jaw(don't live with each other inless in heat)
highth: 4,5
Cubs: salfy ( not pronounced as spelt)
lives in: Leopard gordge ( all leopards live there

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-02-20 20:30:34
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 575871P755
Jane Crandal & JB
2014-02-20 20:30:34
Thx and that's a real leopard. Im going to name some lions and cheethas and other leopards. Bibi(lion). Kiki(cheetah). Amber(cheetah). Simba(lion). Tawny And Mayland with 13cubs live together and are sisters). Marsh Pride. Ridge Pride. Mara River pride.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-02-22 20:04:40
( and more )
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-02-22 20:04:40
I can be Amber
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-02-25 01:12:36
of corce Amber is a mother cheetah with 3 cubs and is suggsecful with hunts.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-05 18:57:01
Ok. Her cubs will be named Envy, Jealousy, and Fearless. I can also be Bebe
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-03-07 04:29:26
You can only be one cat every one needs at least one character enless your doing the cubs acts.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-09 00:45:24
Shadow stalks the African Plains and takes down a antelope and drags it up a tree. -She starts eating while hyenas are waiting patiently at the bottom. FUN FACT! Did you know that hyenas have the strongest jaws in Africa and is marked as a Feline.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-03-10 22:36:31
May I join
Ashleigh67 & Snow light
2014-04-18 00:27:08
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