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Bayside Creek Riding Academy Roleplay

OK, we have enough riding counselors, thanks everyone for signing up as one! OK, we have many different types of jumps that you can practice with, here they are:
Brush Fence
Ditch (Not used very often)
Drop Fence
parallel oxer
Stone Wall
Skinny Jump
We will be adding more jumps soon.

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-02-25 01:12:36
For Your Character:
Name: Keeana Spencer
Hair:Dark auburn and curly
Skin:Naturally light, but slightly tanned
Personality: RPO
Other: she's a new girl and she is quite shy.

Name:Dream of Night
Color:dark black with a snowflake blanket
Horse or Pony: Horse mare
Markings: none
Breed: appaloosa

Saved By Grace & Lady Wind
2014-02-25 01:12:36
Shelby: Welcome Keeana!
I tack up Shadow and lead him into the ring. I mount and start with a small circle before I bring him to a canter and jump a ditch jump. We soar over it and land softly on the other side. We next circle around and walk around the ring before we come in front of a combination jump. We do well on the first and second jump, but we softly brush the third with Shadow's hoof. We land on the other side and I bring Shadow to a walk to let him catch his breath. We next do a water jump, it splashes my pants, which get soaked. We walk over to the gate where I dismount, give Shadow a pat, and then lead him out.
Just do it when you are ready!

jo223 & Snowflake
2014-02-25 03:28:21
Everyone, if there was a post that looked like it came from me but it was from a different user, that was my sister! Well, I was using her account, but I forgot to log out. I don't even know if you can see it or not, because she has not payed her board bill. If you can see it, please ignore it!
Shelby: Alright everyone! I'm going to go first on the practice to show you how to do it! The jumps will be in the order that I say. Also, just a hint for the competitions, you might want to get into the habit of telling what you are wearing. It helps your score.
I finish grooming Shadow and put on his tack. I lead him to the arena where I mount and start to come to the first jump, the ditch. I am wearing my white riding shirt with the Bayside Creek Crest on the pocket. I am wearing black pants, my brown riding boots and black riding helmet. I bring Shadow to a canter, and he soars over the jump, landing softly on the other side. We walk around the arena once, then turn and start towards the water jump. We do that one perfectly, but my pants get soaked. Lastly, the combination jump. We quickly and perfectly do one and two, but on three Shadow's hoof lightly brushes jump number three of the combination jump. We land and then circle a wide circle and come to the gate. I dismount and lead Shadow out of the ring.
You can go ahead when you are ready! After you have practiced you can sign up for the competition (unless you note that you don't want to be entered, you will be automatically entered in the next competition.) If you have any questions PLEASE ask me! I will happily answer them for you.

lydagdolllover & Captain Kirk
2014-02-25 03:32:39
Anne: *goes to barn and walks up to Jazz's stall. Jazz years me coming and she sticks her head out and let's out a friendly nicker* "Hi girl! I love you" *kisses forehead* "we have to get ready for our jumping lesson now OK? We have a competition coming up, just don't get to competitive like you usually do". *opens stall door and takes her red halter and lead line off her hook and puts it on. I tie her up to her stall and get her grooming supplies I groom her to the last speck of dust then puts her grooming kit away and get her tack. I place her soft red saddle pad on her back first then her newly polished brown English saddle on too and tighten the girth. I do up the stirrups and puts on her bridle and red leg wraps* "OK girl your ready let's go". *puts on helmet and brings Jazz to the jumping arena and mounts then walks her along the wall to get her warmed up*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-02-25 21:14:25
Tauriel tacked up Brego in a black jumping saddle and, brown English style bridle with a blue saddle pad. She mounted and rode over to the arena. She waited till her turn. "We'll make it boy don't worry." she said patting Brego's neck. Brego bobbed his head and Tauriel smiled.
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-02-25 21:23:12
I carefully begin grooming Dazzie so his silky black coat shimmers and his thick tidy tail flows like a curtain. I tacked Dazzie up carefully, making sure his white saddle-pad sat smooth beneath his recently cleaned saddle. I then secured his nose band, tied my hair into a neat plait. I grabbed Dazzie's reins loosely and lead him to the arena. I placed a foot in a stirrup and with a little effort flung myself onto his back. I clucked him on and gave him a nudge, he began to walk of in a relaxed walk. I warmed him up in a walk before asking him for a steady trot. I let him trot around to stretch out his muscles before jumping. I then took up a little more contact and clucked him on. I steered him towards an oxer, as he approached I gave him a kick and he forwarded smoothly into a canter. He flew over the jump and I leant forward into a fold. We did it! I then steered him to the next which we soared over with ease. Then we finished with the water jump. Dazzie looked un-easily at it, but he wanted to please me so jumped, I nearly lost my balance! But we got over, and a mini splash of water flew behind. I trotted Dazzie around a little longer to cool off, and then walked around, and then slipped off the saddle. I rolled up my stirrups and loosened his girth before leading him away.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-02-25 21:23:33
Anne: *I trot around the arena for a while then canter. I decide to go over the brush fence and when we were close enough to it I went into two point jumping position and Jazz leaped over it, gracefully landing on the other side without losing stride*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-02-26 16:30:54
Tauriel spoke up. "I'll go!!" She waited till everyone was out of the arena and then rode Brego to the start. She patted his neck and whispered in his ear. She squeezed her knees against Brego's sides. They headed for the brush fence then the drop fence. Brego cleared both perfectly. They came to the combination's and Brego clipped the last pole, but it stayed. Tauriel whispered something as they headed for the water jump. Brego cleared it and didn't break stride in the water. Tauriel directed him to the skinny jump and Brego clipped that pole too. Lastly they headed to the stone wall which (correct me if I'm wrong) are very high. Brego picked up speed and hit the right spot clearing the wall with inches to spare. Tauriel pulled Brego up and patted his neck. Brego shook his mane and as they rode through the gate to the outside Tauriel spoke softly to him. "Mae carnen mellon nin." (Well done my friend.)
AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-02-28 18:37:49
I wandered back to Dazzie, who was munching on his hay, but looking a little anxious. He probably was wondering what was going on. I untied his haynet and put it back in his table with his 2 others, checked his water was full and his bed was clean, before leading him back in. I threw his blue stable rug over him, did up the straps and kisses his forehead. I let myself out of the stable and gathered up my brushes and put them back in my brush bag. I glanced around, wanting someone to come by.
SkyRiderz & Pepper
2014-03-01 20:33:23
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