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Godsclan Warrior Cats Roleplay
Everycat would be the pet of a god, and would have the gods name in front.

Sif-*smiles at Apollo in a stiff, dry way, thanking him silently, then turns to Zeus* Thanks for bringing my pet back but wouldn't this have been easier in the first place if you'd kept Aphrodite in check?

Sifpelt-*shuddering, looks around wildly, flinching back from Zeus-strike*

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-03-28 07:04:16
Apollopelt: What the, where did she go?!?!? She just popped out of mid air!!!!!
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-03-28 13:53:08
RM-You know, the Sif in Norse legends wasn't as irritable. . .I wonder what I did wrong. . .
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-03-29 03:44:51
RM: it's ok. The god can be whatever temper they want.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-03-29 19:51:45
Apollo: alright, let's just calm down. maybe this was a tiny mistake. * flashes a warning glance at Aphrodite.*
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-03-29 19:55:35
Zeus-strike- Sifpelt. Calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. Aphroitetail didn't purposefully embarass you. The cup s either half full or half empty, the choice is yours.*pads away*
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-03-29 19:58:10
Apollopelt: Walks back into territory* Where did she go?
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-04-01 02:50:58

Sifpelt-*sighs angrily, turning to Sif* I want to go back. I need to go back!

Sif-Hey, Sifpelt, it's all right. *runs her hand down SIfpelt's back*

Sifpelt-*glances at Aphrodite, then hisses, baring her teeth* So THIS is the one who gives her minion all those abusive instructions? Hi, goddess of love and small-mindedness, how's your immortal life up there on Olympus?

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-04-01 17:46:24
Aphrodite- *smiles at the cat sweetly * I ought to smack you for being so disrespectful. It was a test, dear. *locks eyes with her pet, then coolly looks back at Sifpelt* Unfortunately for you dear, you failed it.
Aphroitetail- *holds her head high*

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-04-02 18:34:22
Apollopelt: She left me. She dosen't love me.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-04-02 18:42:54
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