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Bellas Championship Riding Academy Role Play Club

Bella: *Gets done and then tacks on Brie and sets off on trail #42. Brie is at a slow trot coming in to steal the show. When ever Bella Rides Brie, It feels she's walking on air*.
Brie: Bella is on my back in the most beautiful Diamond in-crested saddle. The motion that I'm trotting at is really the most graceful gait I have ever did. I'm so glad I'm half Pasifeno. The wind slowly goes by and leaves get in my mane. I lead everyone to trail #42. Bella is fitting snug in my brand new saddle.
Bella's sister (Michelle): *Looks at me and Brie*. "Wow, now you guys look like Mother Nature"! *Both of us crack up and lead the others to a Apple Orchard with a small Meadow*.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-10 00:56:11
Sienna: *I tack up Golden and head onto the trail #42 with Bella*

Golden: *Being the show offy mare I am, when I see Brie going into her Paso Fino gait, I collect my trot and start doing flying lead changes at the trot, making it appear that I am skipping*

Sienna: *I feel Golden doing flying changes and roll my eyes* Show off.

AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2014-05-10 19:48:13
Can I join?
RoyalEquine & Roman
2014-05-13 02:00:01
Yes u can
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-16 18:48:55
Rosie: "come on Bella" I have Skipper to walk!!
rrpals & Black Widow
2014-06-19 18:06:14
Bella: "Well come on! To the lake everyone!"

Brie: I see her being a showoff and I trot gracefully on the trail. Then, I hear a rattle...
Bella: Snake!
Brie: I cut the other horses off from the trail and rear up at the snake. I use my weight and kill the snake before it kills us.
Bella: "Oh my did you guys see that?! It was
just like the movies!
*I pat Bries neck as I anhail deeply as my heart litterally beats out of my chest.*
Brie: Who's the better showoff now? I snort and lead them safely to the lake.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-19 21:53:01
Katie: I tack up Pepsi and head down to the lake where everybody else is and just as I slow Pepsi down from a trot I hear Bella yelling "snake!!!!"
And I see Brie rearing up and going crazy! Then I look where the snake is and I realize that it was just a twig that started shaking because the horses were trotting and I try yo muffle my laughs:)

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-06-21 19:13:35
Rosie: I look over to where Katie is and we both start bursting in fathoms of laughfter!
In a giggling voice I say to Bella "sorry but I can't help it! I guess YOUR imagination can run away with you:)

rrpals & Black Widow
2014-06-22 02:37:57
Bella: "Katie, I kicked the dead snake off the trail so other people wouldn't mistake it as a live one. And, its fine Rosie. Everyone knows Brie is a showoff. And, I watch movies. Including my favorite! Flicka!"
Brie: *I watched Bella kick the snake off the trail and feel her mount on me. I lead them to the lake and get a drink and graze near the other horses*. "Its a good thing I'm lead horse, huh?"
*I snort and graze quietly while the humans eat their lunch and talk in the shade of the Pines*.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-23 01:16:17
Katie: I walk Pepsi to the lake and unmounts, then I pull out my lunch and start crunching on a pastrami and provolone sandwich!
then I say:"i am sorry guys:( I need to head back to the barn 'cause I have a ton of things I need to do:)

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-07-08 01:33:50
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