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Misty Meadows Role play club
a abandoned barn but got fixed from Bellas dad, Richard, a construction worker

Hope: ''Lean backwards very slightly in each stride, keep the heels down and your back straight. Sit tall in the saddle, imagine yourself being weighted down and you will feel much more balanced and capable.'' *I groom Sassy quickly in the cross ties, then I tack her up in her endurance english saddle and red saddle pad. I put on her brown bridle and put on red boots, then I get my helmet and meet everyone else*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-05-30 23:54:22
Bella: "You kind of got it right. Bareback is when your riding with NO saddle. And you were talking about sitting in a saddle a little different but you will get it. Now lets do some jumps. Ava, will you do the 3ft jump for us?"
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-31 00:11:42
Hope: *I pet Sassy's neck and watch*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-06-01 22:17:44
Bella: *My horse snorts and uses her tail to get a few horse flies off*.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-01 22:17:44
(My favorite memory of riding bareback was I was riding in my roundpen and I laid back on my horse's back and he kicked quite viciously at a fly and made me roll off, thus spooking him and causing him to do some impressive leg yeilds at a trot and back up about 10 feet. XD)

Sienna: I love bareback! *I sit on Fly bareback easily, the mare's back is slightly bony, but no to the extent where she's considered thin, but she's not fat either*

AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2014-06-02 01:09:17
Scarlet: *I canter over the 3 foot jump bareback, on accident, not hearing Bella's instructions*
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-06-02 02:01:45
Ava: After breakfast I head down to the stable to get Sona ready. I groom her, tack her up, and head to the arena. After snapping my helmet on, warming Sona up, and mounting, I listen to Hope and then nod to Bella when she tells me to jump. "Do you want me to do it bareback or with a saddle?" I ask.
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-06-02 23:43:47
Bella: "Scarlet put on your ears. It was Ava's turn. Not yours, Go back in the row of the students with there horses. And, you could have hurt yourselves. You didn't warm your horse up. You got lucky this time.
Now, Ava. Please warm up your horse and then do the jump".

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-02 23:48:05
Scarlet: Hold it. I have warmed her up, and I did not sign up for lessons yet. I'm getting them next week.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-06-03 18:19:09
Hope: *Sassy stamps her hoof impatiently*
ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-06-04 04:52:18
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