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Judges Stables
A place with so many competitions! I want it to be an open free place, a show ground, with one judge named Ginger. She does any kind of show, and gives out ribbons (I was hoping we could do ribbons for the cabin walls)! Anyone can join, and they can do one show, and leave, or stay and do them all! They can have different people and horses, really!

Ginger: Nods my approval, and gestures for someone to go*
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-28 00:16:48
Lucy: I ride around the ring in a perfected seated walk. Then I move into a trot raising and falling with the shoulder on the wall. Then we canter in unison. I drop to a trot and reverse toting 3 laps then cantering again. Then we walk into line to wait
Starwalker123 & Star
2014-05-28 00:19:57
First place: Royal Equine
second place: jjpals
thirdplace: starwalker.

Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-28 03:27:04
*I unmounts Pepsi and lead her out of the arena and I loosen her girth and run the stirrups up and wait for the next class:)

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-28 21:16:52
The next class is Hunter jumper. Time is concerned but mostly, you focus on your looks over the jump and the course.

The course:
over the white cross rail, then to your brown vertical. Then over a oxer, then a outside line of two Swedish oxers. Then a turn left to a vertical, to a one stride vertical outside line, then to the final oxer, which is HUGE.

Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-28 21:30:45
Hunter jumper isnt timed..?
RoyalEquine & Roman
2014-05-29 00:27:23
Lucy: I lead Star to the barn. I clip him in the ties. I untack him. Then I lead out Rocky tacking him up in his hunter tack.
I ride into the ring moving Rocking into a canter at the first jump. We soar over the white cross rail. One two and up and up I two point over the brown vertical. Then over the oxar the we fly to the outside line soring over the Swedish oxars in style. Then we twist left over the verticel. The we take then one stide to the last outside line and over then my daring little mount takes a huge stride up and over the final jump.

Starwalker123 & Star
2014-05-29 00:27:23
Good job Lucy!
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-29 22:25:44
Name: Carmen Poll (fake name)
Class: Competition (on one horse English only and the other western and English)
Horse: Delight (an advanced flat horse in training for jumping)Sundance (an intermediate horse all around)
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Show jumping
Hunter jumper

Western pleasure
Barrel Racing

My form for the Hunter comp will follow. Thanks!♥

Hunters_Bluff_Farm & Hyacinth
2014-05-30 23:46:47
Carmen: I take Sundance out of his stall and lead him to crossties. I curry him, use the dandy brush, pick his hooves and then the I tack him in are newly washed pad and shining saddle. I slip his bridle on and sit down and meticulously braid his mane and tail. I lead him to a small warm up ring and we walk then trot. I slowly urge him into a canter and we go around the ring once. I know my turn is next. I go directly outside the area and wait my turn.

"Next up, Carmen Poll (fake, ADMIN) and Sundance till Dawn"

With that I give Sundance a squeeze and he takes a stride of walk before I give him more leg to get him to trot. I start to post and I let him eye the jumps as we make our way to the approach. With one kiss he bursts into a steady canter and his ears flick back, listening for cues. We head toward jump number one, a white cross rail. I know he can take it. I tick the strides off in my head, shorten my reins and begin to rise into my two-point. Sundance bounds over the cross-rail not needing further cues. I sit back as we go over and straighten out in our landing. Sundance canters forward and I gently apply a bit more leg as we approach a bit taller jump. He takes to it easily and starts to build more speed. I pull lightly back, but he doesn't listen to me and only has attention for the jump ahead. I squeeze the reins-a half halt-and get his attention. I have five strides to slow him. I lightly pull back again an he regains a steady canter instead of his faster one. At one stride away, I stretch my arms forward and put my weigh in my feet. We leap cleanly over the vertical and I turn him to Swedish oxers. I think about my strategy for these confusing jumps. I allow a notch more speed, but keep him steady not rushing. Sundance puts his ears back and I press my legs against him. "I'm here, boy." whisper softly. One, two, three! I set my self into a firm two-point and Sundance lifts his legs high underneath me. We jump well and my neat gelding lands. He whips his mane like he is having fun. I say, "Easy now," and he softens his gait to my tone. I see the next two jumps and gather him with added leg and tighten the reins. I barely pulse the left rein before he turns at my command. We bounce easily over the vertical and Sundance and I quickly and neatly gather ourselves for the next jump. He leaps over clean and I begin to notice my slight fatigue. My back aches and I want to slouch, but instead on my last jump, I sit even taller than before. My chin sits straighter and I start to ponder the next jump. It is one of the tallest we've jumped and I just have to believe in Sundance. We approach in no time and I rise in my two-point. I lightly tap him with my whip and it encourages him to jump higher-I hope. We fly into the air and then I hear a heart-breaking sound. A hollow nock. We hit a rail. I canter him on and only until we're outside the ring do I look back and know we didn't nock a single rail. It doesn't matter for hunter jumper classes, but it makes for good practice in jumping ones. I know my posture was good throughout and my heels were down, my two-points solid, but I can respect that I have some tough competition.

Hunters_Bluff_Farm & Hyacinth
2014-05-30 23:54:22
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