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--Warrior Rabbits Legacy Roleplay--
About a Rabbit named Bella always wanted to be a warrior, She seen Warrior Cats. And she wanted to be like them, Just a rabbit. She and her future clan lives in a HUGE BIG burrow in a forest. They all have their own network of tunnels (Each leading to their own home)--

Bella: "Hi what's your name"?
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-23 22:33:42
RM: Can I have burrow 2 for Killian and burrow 3 for Dackota?

Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-23 22:37:49
Bella: "Of course. Everyone can pick a den. Please get situated and go to the cafeiterea to get some cucumber salad or carrot soup. We also have a snack bar. It has lettice rapped carrots, cucumber rolls, and other stuff.
RM: Admin I haven't gotten any of these w-mails in my w-mail.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-15 16:34:35
Killian: Thanks Bella.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-06-16 18:48:55
Thanks I got this one.
RM: Yes chance. And, I didn't know you owned a rabbit! If you like them, join rabbits rule interest club : )
Everyone can pick there own burrow and decorate it as you want. If you want gems in the dirt, then have gems in the dirt! That's what mine looks like. And yes u can be my mate. 8D

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-16 18:48:55
Rexillian: Thank you so much! How can we ever repay you?
CoolHorseRider7891 & Warrior of the West
2014-06-16 18:48:55
RM: Thanks!
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-06-17 03:02:50
Bella: "I don't accept repays, all you need to do is get comfortable.*I smile and hop over to the snack bar, put a penny in, and enjoy some cucumber rolls.*
RM: I wont be here on the 17h for about 3 days

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-18 02:40:00
RM: Omg that was close! I had to comment! And I'm back!
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-30 23:18:09
Killian: *Follows Bella and gets some apple slices* Thanks for the burrow.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-07-01 01:30:26
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