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Horse Breeds Club

This club is not inactive, last message posted 2015-04-26.


Jane Crandal & JB
2015-05-03 03:44:45
Can i join?
Pam Crandall & Cameo
2015-05-16 02:21:40
Horsesaddles? Why do you say ALL of these clubs are inactive? I dont think all of them are! I think I want to be a horse breeder when i grow up! what is your favorite kind of horse? Mine is probably Freisan or gypsy vanner! Breeding horses would be really cool bus then you could know that if your horse was a winner, then you could say, Hey! I bred that horse at my farm! How special! You guys don't think i am weird am i? :) I want to join this club, and i also think that someone should make a Christian Club! but i dont buy wbucks so i cant! :(
PS. I want to join!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Crandall & Cameo
2015-05-16 02:21:40
I like alot of horse breeds and I'm the only one in my 4-H club that can name the most Pony Breeds
New Forest Pony
Hackney Pony =)
I love Nokota's the most, they are so sweet and I've ridden some before. The one's name was Icee (Black Ice) and he was a solid black Nokota. He was definitely a Ranch Type cause he was so big and muscular!
Nokota's live wild in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is also the home for the Nokota Conservancy ^-^

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-05-16 23:06:59
Sorry I haven't been on in a while!

Pam, I adore Gypsy Vanners and Friesians! They're gorgeous creatures. And there is a Bible Study Club if you want to join it.

Hosessaddles just wants 20 w-bucks.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-05-16 23:06:59
Oh! Why? You get 20 w-bucks if you say that a club is inactive? Weird! :) Yeah! I should join that! :) I was on here yesterday! All of you guys should join the CCP Ideas club! :) It is cool! I have put SO many ideas on there! :)

Pam Crandall & Cameo
2015-05-17 00:53:23
I would, except I have virtually no new ideas.

There's some complicated thing about reporting inactive clubs. If the club is inactive, you get 20 w-bucks. If it's active and you say it isn't, you get 20 w-bucks subtracted from your account. Or something.

***THAT IS CORRECT. admin****

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-05-17 03:50:50
Ohh. Okay! :) I am not going to say that any clubs are inactive! :) Otherwise i will probably get lots of money subtracted from my account! :P

Pam Crandall & Cameo
2015-05-20 02:05:06
Nope! You didnt disturb me!
Pam Crandall & Cameo
2015-06-14 02:36:26
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-07-31 23:07:31
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