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Cowgirls N' Angels Roleplay
Our cowgirls/cowboys will always take care of their horses. We practice everyday in the corral before or preparing for shows. Remember, If you fall from doing a trick, Its okay! We will see to attend you from our doctors and get you and your horse some water and whatevers needed. You only get 2 sick calls a month. Shows to us are very important. Its how we make money for new tack, dorms, property, food, water, electricity, etc. and we cant loose that. ;)

Species: Rider
Name: Lucy
Gender: female
Age: 16
Specialty: Tricks standing on the back of horses
Experience: Intermediate in stunts Advanced otherwise
Show Outfit: The Team’s normal show witch is Cowboy clothing, Just with a sewed on pink and gold heart on the back, a cowboy hat, but with her orange and brown boots
Work outfit: Older pair of the same boots she wears in, a purple tee-shirt of sometime type or one with a horse on it, blue jeans or stretch ridding pants, riding gloves or work gloves are sometime a parent of it
Dorm outfit: Stretch pants, purple shirt or one with a horse on it, sneakers or barefoot
Eyes: Bright green wears normal contacts
Facial Hair: N/A
Facial Looks: thin yet full lips, pointy chin, tan
Extras: 3 siblings 2 brothers and a sister, Has live in Nevada most of her life
Species: Horse
Name: Rascal’s Independence aka Rascal
Gender: Gelding
Age: 8
Breed: Arab and Quarter Horse Cross
Coat: Pal. Palaimo with a white coat
Specialty: All round
Experience: Int
Time with rider: 4 years
Time without rider: 4 years
Show Tack: Rodeo Tack, The special saddle to be able to do tricks and bascially the rest is Western, a gold and blue pad.
Stable tack: A blue blanket as needed, a blue halter never left on in the stall
Pasture Tack: A blue blanket as needed, a blue halter never left on in the stall
Eyes: Brown
Body markings/Looks: Standing a 15.2 hands, he had a narrow blaze and 4 white socks
Extras: As good a liberty horse as a stunt horse
Species: Horse
Name: Two Step aka Two
Gender: Stallion
Age: 2
Breed: QH x TB
Coat: Midnight Black
Specialty: Ground Stuff as he is not yet broke to ride
Experience: Beginner
Time with rider: 1 year 6 monthes
Time without rider: 1 year 6 monthes
Show Tack: Rodeo Tack (The special saddle to be able to do tricks and bascially the rest is Western) Stable Tack: A dark green blanket as needed, a dark green halter never left on in the stall
Pasture Tack: A dark green blanket as needed, a dark green halter never left on in the stall
Eyes: normal brown
Body markings/Looks: All leg and narrowness Two stands at 16 plus hands and is still growing. He is pure black
Extras: Not yet trained Lucy got him as a weanling

Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-08 01:55:01
Awesome Forum! And yes they are, Thats where I got the name for Queens Riding Academe was from a movie -- Typo as well, I didnt get it from a game. I got it from a movie -Flicks forehead-. I need to process my messages before sending them .-.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2015-01-09 05:10:07
Thank you
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-11 16:09:02
Thank you
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-11 16:10:14
Cool Forum Ben :3. We can start to roleplay when you guys are ready.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2015-01-14 01:01:15
I'm ready

Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-14 15:18:27
RM: I want to see the movie! Just a heads up I'm not sure what the different tricks are called except for Roman riding so I could use some info on that if you don't mind.
Species: Rider
Name: Hannah Grace
Gender: female
Age: 16
Specialty: Roman riding; all around otherwise.
Experience: Advanced
Show Outfit: Blue fringed cowgirl outfit with a white horses head on the back of the vest. Her full skirt is white with fringe down the side. She has white cowgirl boots with blue trimming on them. Her auburn hair is fixed in different hairstyles for different shows.
Work outfit: assortment of t-shirts and skirts with old black cowgirl boots. She has work gloves as well. She keeps her hair either braided or in a bun.
Dorm outfit: assortment of t-shirts and maxi skirts with tennis shoes. She usually lets her hair down in the dorm.
Eyes: hazel green.
Facial Looks: oval face with light freckles. She has natural beauty to her.
Extras: Her hair is waist length.

Species: horse
Name: Flying Dove
Gender: mare
Age: 4
Breed: Arabian (if thats ok)
Coat: palomino
Specialty: roman riding; intermediate in others since she is young.
Experience: Intermediate
Time with rider: 4
Time without rider: she raised her
Show Tack: White trick saddle with a blue blanket and face mask. She has blue leg wraps with fringe and her mane is is usually braided or loose. Her breast collar is blue as well. Her trick riding bridle is trimmed in blue as well. Her other trick riding accessories are white. Hannah's name is engraved on the edge of the saddle.
Stable tack: Brown western saddle with breast collar trimmed in blue and bridle is trimmed in blue as well. She doesn't use leg wraps on her when trail riding. Her halter is blue with her name on the side of it. She also has a stable sheet.
Pasture Tack: Her blue halter and pasture sheet with leg wraps.
Eyes: black
Body markings/Looks: A stripe down her face and three white socks. She has a roman nose and her coat has a shine to it. She is tall for an Arabian and a well built mare.
Extras: She is very obedient and trained very well. Hannah uses her for liberty shows and open house shows as well.

Species: Horse
Name: Prince of War
Gender: Stud
Age: 6
Breed: Arabian (if allowed)
Coat: Bay
Specialty: all around
Experience: Advanced
Time with rider: 6
Time without rider: raised him as well
Show Tack: Same as other horse but another set.
Stable tack: She uses the same stable tack as her other horse since she would only ride one at a time. His halter is white with his name.
Pasture Tack: white leg wraps and pasture sheet.
Eyes: black
Body markings/Looks: He is tall and lithe with a stride to match the Flying Dove's. He was used to train her and the work well together. He has a reddish tint to his coat and his mane and tail are black. He has a star on his face and black on his legs with a sock on the right rear leg. He is muscular and a sleek coat.
Extras: He is well behaved and only likes to show off to the mares not run after them and disrupt things. He is voice command and she uses him for liberty work as well. He has sired one colt which is being trained by the owner of the mare. Hannah plans on using him with Flying Dove, but not at the moment.

AragornandArwen & Brego
2015-01-14 17:37:25
Lets role play
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-20 01:34:08
Okay, You guys start ahead, Im kinda busy right now.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2015-01-20 20:15:18
Starwalker123 & Star
2015-01-21 01:20:29
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