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crazy about captain America interest club
this club will be where everyone who loves captain America can talk about the movie and what you love about it!!!

Lol I have no idea who the guy is but he is the one who has been playing Spiderman if that answers your questions. And I will soon post one ;)
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-04-15 02:38:40
No, they are changing the spiderman actor. I don't know who it is, but not Toby.
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-04-15 03:13:18
Oh sorry, his name is Daniel Brühl

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-04-15 18:44:44
Really, jj? That's funny! :)

I didn't like the latest spider-man...I think they should bring back the old spider-man.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-04-21 21:29:30
Here is the first chapter to The Beast my Captain America book. Tell me what you guys think ;) (Sorry for any misspelled words, I haven't edited it for a while)
Chapter One Beauty
“Cap, do you have a visual?” A grunt voice asked.
“I copy, but it looks like The Beast has a friend…” he sighed.
“Well Tony, I don’t really know the guy. It is probably just another renter...”
“What does the person look like?” Tony asked over the monitors.
“Uh, she has red hair, she umm… shes tall, or maybe she just wearing high heels-, here. I’ll send you a picture, and you will tell me who it is.” Cap smiled as he laid under a minivan parked outside an apartment in L.A.
“That seems far,” Tony told.
Cap snapped a picture of a lady in her late twenties carrying shopping bags into the apartment building.
“Can you two stop chattering, you two are just boring to listen to.” Remarked Hawk-Eye.
“Well, I also want to keep my line clear in case of last minute dinner dates,” Tony teased as he sat in their jet in the sky.
“Hey guys…” Cap eyes widened, “I think I found him!” Cap whispered as a black shiny Audi parked next to the mini van.
Two men got out of the car, and a black van pulled up front meeting them halfway to the apartment.
The two men carried guns, in their hands. The van door opened up, they hopped in, and drove off.
“What was that about?” Cap questioned himself.
“Wow, found her…”
“What is it, Tony?” Cap asked.
“I found out who that girl was, she has lost of history, but more than half of it is blocked?” Tony questioned as he scrolled down the pages.
“Try it in S.H.I.E.L.D’s books-,”
“I did, and it’s still blocked,” Tony interrupted Cap, “but what isn’t blocked is her name is Raquel Sage Coulson, she is twenty six years old. Eyes green, hair red. Da da da da da, oh!” Tony raised an eyebrow, “was married once when she was twenty, devoiced after having a baby girl a year later. But it never says who she got married to…”
“That sounds fascinating but we still have a job to do, and from up here it is clear.” Hawk-Eye told.
“He is right Tony, worry about girls later… it is work time. I’m going in.” Cap rolled out from underneath the car, and walked slowly to the apartment door.
“Right behind you Cap,” Hawk-Eye ran off the roof of the building to through a arrow into the wall, and grabbing on to it. Taking out his shield Cap jumped up into the air by the wall where his feet found a arrow to rest on, then again, then again till they got to the fifth floor. He opened the hall window, and climbed through the window into a still dark hallway. Behind him Hawk-Eye climbed in, and fixed his shads.
“Tony, where are you?” Captain America whispered, into his watch.
“I am waiting for you two at man’s door…” sighed Tony.
Captain America, and Hawk-Eye slowly walked down the hallway to Tony who waiting by an apartment door. Tony took his lazier pen, and made a whole through the door. He unlocked it, and they went in. The room was dark, with no light but the moon shining in from an opened window. There was on queen sized bed by the wall next to the window, and a small little kitchen by the door. There was one couch and a flat screen tv. Hawk-Eye raised his bow, Iron-Man lifted his hand, and Captain America put his shield before them. They slowly walked forward. The body in the bed shifted, making the covers pull down over the person’s shoulder.
“On three…” Captain America whispered, “one, two, THREE!” He yelled on three. The body went to jerk up but when it tried, Cap pulled out a syringe and poked it in the shoulder of the person. He released the chip in the nerve of the shoulder, pressing the nerve down. The body flopped back onto the bed, with snores.
“Okay he is out until the Doctors at shield take the chip out…” Cap told as he put away the syringe.
“So, what does it do?” Hawk-Eye asked.
“It releases a chip call, “La magia de dormir” that's Spanish for “Sleeping Magic” it was found in one of Spain’s ancient temples, barred under one true golden stone. In the temple all the stones were golden but not gold, but one… and hidden under that one was “Sleeping Magic”,” Iron told.
A dead silence took over.
“What, I do my history…” Iron-Man smiled.
“Weird name…” Hawk-Eye smirked.
“Yes it is, uh, who wants to carry the beast?” Cap changed the subject.
“I’ll turn on a light,” told Iron-Man.
“And I’ll-, I’ll um… I’ll go check to see if he has any guns- or stuff…” Hawk-Eye back up.
“Fine, I will…” Cap gave in. Iron-Man turned on the kitchen light, and Hawk-Eye opened up a closet door, next the bed. He walked in, and hanging all around were dresses, and blouses. On the floor high heels, and flip flop. Hanging on the door were a hot pink fluffy bathrobe.
“Uh, guys…” Hawk-Eye stuttered.
“What?” Iron-Man walked in the closet, “holy toledo- pink!” Iron-Man’s eye widened.
“Cap, don’t pick up that-!” Hawk-Eye walked out of the closet and stopped.
Captain America, had a body ripped in a blanket over his shoulder, “Wow, this man is light! He is like a paper-pin!” Cap teased.
“Cap, put the body down… we got the wrong room.” Hawk-Eye warned.
“Wrong room?” Cap questioned, then Iron-Man walked out of the closet with a hot pink fluffy bathrobe in his hands, “wrong room,” Captain America repeated, as he set the body in the blanket down on the bed. He slowly pulled the blanket down off the person’s face. A soft tan face with red curly hair up in a little ponytail in the back, showed.
“Wrong room…” sighed Cap, “we need to take her back to shield only the doctor’s there can take the chip out…”
“Fine then, lets go… but I can carry the girl-,” Iron-Man stepped up.
“You have a girlfriend! But I will because I don’t,” smirked Hawk-Eye.
“I guess I’ll do it again,” sigh Cap. He took the blanket off, and slipped the hot pink fluffy bathrobe on her. Then put on her bunny slippers, on her feet, “Can’t get cold,” he told as he put her over his shoulder.
“Let’s go.” Iron-Man lead the way.
They took their jet back to S.H.I.E.L.D, still carrying the girl over his shoulder. They walked down the white hallways into the lab.
“Hello Agent Coulson,” Cap shook hands with with the Agent.
“Hello Captain-, uh who is this?” Agent Coulson questioned.
“Oh! Umm… just a friend, and we really got to go bye!” Iron man answered, as he rushed them to keep moving.
“Why did we tell him?” Cap asked.
“Because of Nick finds out we shot a girl instead of The Beast he will kill us!” Hawk-Eye explained, “really, if he knows we’re here without him, we will be dead!”
“Lets just get in and get out,” told Iron Man.
“Doc, this girl has the new chip in her and we need it taken out…” Explained Tony.
“Fine, let me talk to Nick…” he told picking up his watch.
“No-no-no-no-no!” They all told.
“Hello, Nick… Captain, Iron-Man, and hawk-Eye are back but they want me to take out the chip right now… yup, umm, okay thank you Nick.” The doctor hung up, “Nick will be down soon, until then put the girl on that counter.
“NO!” They all sighed, Cap walked over to a clear counter top, and placed the girl there.
“You are late,” Nick told walking in the lab, “where is The Beast?” Nick asked.
“Well, Nick we go the wrong room, and got this girl instead…” Hawk-Eye told. Nick walked over to the counter, his eye widened as he examined her.
“Hasn't changed,” Nick mumbled.
The girl was wearing the pink bathrobe, with slippers plaid shorts, and a tucked in white tank top.
“No, you guys got the right room… her name is Raquel Coulson, AKA The Beast.” Nick crossed his arms.
“The Beast?!” Captain walked over to Nick. He nodded.
“More like Beauty then the beast,” Tony pulled a joke between fake coughs.

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-04-27 15:26:08
okay guys I'm sorry Natasha falls in love with Bruce (really he was my second guess after Hawk-Eye) but they did not follow the comics! :(
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-05-02 02:10:19
I know right!!! It makes me mad that they would do that. Marvel is going down a notch in my book...did any of you guys see the new Avengers movie?
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-05-04 21:36:32
My brother has, I haven't seen it yet
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2015-05-05 17:16:51
thezoekid & Star Gaze
2015-05-05 18:41:34
My friend did! She loved it!
bubbagwen859 & Gwen
2015-05-06 00:01:59
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