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July 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

July 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-07-02 01:41:23
Bu MemphisStevens

Once upon a time there was a girl named Faith who had horse named Wendy. She was just a horse to Faith, and Faith had another horse, Princess. To Faith, Princess meant everything. One day Faith's parent's told her that they gave Princess away. Faith cried for day did not ride Wendy, and Wendy was sad because no one would ride her. Finale, faith rode Wendy and they went to an apple orchid and faith realized she did not love Princess because Princess was just an accessory. Wendy was the one who always tried to make Faith happy. Wendy was the one who actually cared. Wendy may not have been the latest "fashion," but she was Faith's best friend, even when Faith wasn't a good friend. And so, Faith and Wendy happily rode off into the sunset, soon to have a ton of adventures with grand smiles on their faces.

MemphisStevens & Daisy
2015-07-02 01:45:11
By Melzzz

It is perhaps, the saddest day of my life. Andrew has been calling me Melon again. My parents are mad at me for flunking my spelling test. My shoes are still soaked in dew. I lumber off the bus, and head straight for the paddock, to my horse.

Across the field she flies, hooves skimming along the grass, tail streaming behind her. Sturdy and strong, she gallops toward me, thrusting her head out, nickering, asking for the carrot that must be in my jacket pocket. " No, Snowy," I tell her," No carrot today." She looks at me sadly, then nuzzles me. I turn around and start walking back to the barn. I finger the small apple in my pocket. Should I give it to her? I wonder, She wants it so bad! I decide.

Snowy sulks quietly, not grazing, not running. She doesn’t even notice that there is still a handful of oats in her bucket. When she senses me approaching, she comes toward me, and catches sight of the apple. With a burst of speed, she flies again, and I hold up the apple to her. She takes a bite, then takes the whole thing. I laugh. She whinnies, as if to say, You strange humans. What are you laughing at? I unlock the gate, and bring her into the barn. Off comes the blanket, on goes bridle, saddle blanket, saddle.

“ Mom!” I shout,” I’m going riding!” Then I hoist myself on to Snowy’s back, and ride into the woods. I quickly ask for a gallop, yearning to feel the wind rush along my face. Off she goes. I am free of my troubles, my worries. We come to a clearing, where the trail splits. Snowy automatically heads onto the harder one. Soon, we come to a fallen log. “ Jump for me,” I whisper to Snowy,” Just this one time.” I back her up, then ask for a canter. We clear the log, then another, and finally, the log we call The Giant. Snowy canters toward it, and jumps without my signal. I fly out of the saddle. I soar through the air. Thump. I land on a soft patch of moss. My jeans are stained and my body aches, but it was worth it. I can finally fly. Snowy comes over and noses me, wanting me to get up, and I do. I climb back on, turn her around, and gallop all the way back to the barn.

Melzzz & Verity
2015-07-02 21:08:16
The Horse With a Mind Part 1
By Flame2010

Ever wondered what a pony or a horse is thinking? Meet Beauty, her eyes see right into our way of life, as humans, her eyes shine with intelligence and wonder at the ways of the daily human life. Her story starts here.

Once in the night, Mist Knight a big black stallion watched his wife Mist Magic a beautiful black mare give birth to their first-born foal. His mistress Penny and stable hand John watched nervously as Mist Magic was struggling to give birth to the foal. “Will the birth take much longer?” thought Penny. Sensing her doubt, the stallion Mist Knight nuzzled her shoulder with his roman black nose, for he was a great source of comfort Penny saying “its not long now you shall wait no more” he thought to himself. Soon the new foal was born and John helped Mist Magic stand up so the young newborn filly could get a much needed drink of milk.

“What should we call her?” asked Mist Magic to her husband. “Hmmm…. why not call her Beauty as she has white socks and a small white star,” replied Mist Knight deep in thought.
Penny thinking what to call the young foal said “john we should name this foal Beauty or Prince if it’s a girl it’ll be named Beauty or a boy Prince” as she pondered through names that rhymed with Mist as the stallion Mist Knight was a black Friesian with a long mane and tail but the mare’s Mist magic’s mane and tail was a silky and glossy straight mane and tail.
But the filly was a beautiful black Friesian with a nice and kind curious manner she took in the stable’s smells and sights with her first and second standing hour the stable hand was amazed and so was penny.

“It’s a wonder how can a filly born be able to stand at this hour?’ Penny thought to herself but the small foal was tired of because of standing she decided to go to bed the proud parent’s chattered quietly as the foal went to a deep healing sleep.
“We must see how she can learn we are the first parents so silver and misty must be a bit envious of our child we must show her to the herd tomorrow” said Mist knight.
The proud parents Mist Magic and Mist Knight showed the new filly in the paddock as mist knight grazed and magic taught beauty the way to deal with older horses was to be polite.
Soon silver can and misty came for a while to stretch their legs and Misty being a curious mare came forward to ask “hello my friend your youngster is a beauty” “she certainly is and a fast learner” came the reply from magic as her young daughter cantered around the paddock and come to her mother for a good drink of milk.
Silver was named silver because of his coat colouring his was a wonderful dapple grey with ripples his show name was Silver ripples, “we had our child to his name is Pride other known to Pride prince his show name of course.”
His voice hardened with envy and with a nasty whinny he tried to dominate Beauty “STOP IT YOU BIG BULLY!” said Mist knight “this is my child why you fool do you know what the stable hand will take you if get caught?” silver stopped to think for a moment “taken to a race track?” came the foolish reply “No you will be taken to the mistress she will only sell a fool like you to another stud farm or to the knacker’s if your that foolish to frighten my child or our child for that matter” said Mist knight sternly.

Magic raised her head her mane glistening in the breeze and spoken tone was firm in this strange matter “Silver please if you can’t say anything nice then Don’t say anything at all” Beauty flinched at the stallion in her path she knew one was her father humble and modest but the other was envious and a terrible coward taking risks.
Taking a risk she closed her eyes in her mind a special power taking place and time her head crackled and fizzed like a soft drink bubbling and steaming her normal breathing became deeper and less afraid of the challenge. “Stop this bickering and leave my family be even we have been quite nice, to you it doesn’t mean you have to be sour so go play with someone your own size in other words please leave silver” she said rearing up dainty with a powerful whinny.
“That’s right you leave use Silver for this john will see!” said Mist Knight in a snort with disappointment for the other stallion’s behaviour. Misty looked at her husband in a disapproved way “Silver I personally want to tell you please leave just because of the child’s sake I should stay and chat to the parents who I really respect.” Silver’s head dropped when he heard his wife talk to him in a firm manner he hadn’t been talked this way since his mother first told him to stay quiet. “Fine I’ll go but if that what you want me to do…” his voice trailed off into a whisper feeling bad of what he caused so much trouble to Mist Knight’s and Mist Magic’s young daughter he held his head in shame.
Silver’s POV His head went down his ears droopy walking down his voice less harsh saying to Misty his beloved wife “sorry I’m so sorry what husband and friend am I? I’ve let my pride into my head boosting about our young son what father will I turn to be?” His question circled into his thoughts as he walked off “what was I thinking just because I am good at shows means that I need to be polite to maintain my reputation” he said to himself.
As he walked to a sweet patch of clover he reflected on his foal-hood the warmth of his mother, peaceful summer nights of rest with his family. Playing with the other colts and fillies finally to his training his memories of introducing the saddle and bridle the bit. His trainer in his youth hood drinking and a father and firm gentle manner not always giving in always with rough beard with a habit not resting himself for his mental health and being tired at work. Penny saw what was happening with the horses grazing, near her veranda and walked to the pasture fence Silver seemed sad to be in the dumps. Penny’s first instinct was to take an apple and feed it to one of the horses “here silver come on this is for you” she crooned gently. His head came up and his muzzle crunch the juicy apple the sent and the sweet flavour he savoured the sweetness of the apple’s juice with his tongue. Now Silver was less guilty to his actions and his wife knew this as he gave her a small glance saying to her I’m sorry. Beauty was a well-mannered foal with her learning skills increasing she enjoyed her mother’s patience of her eagerness. His thought wandered to his own colt hood learning to obey humans. But his trainer not is listening to his human body. Silver’s freedom of his blood moving through him as he was in his beautiful wide open pasture the wind calling him an ancient urge to run free, and be one with the wind having the sun shining on his body and his powerful speed breathing deeply… Now he’s different a horse with a loud mouth his attention of his ears brought a car’s motor coming closer ‘it sounds strange its not like the SUV and the trailer, it’s got to be a four wheel drive I know its not one of the stud farm’s trailer’s and cars.’ He thought to himself thinking in the shady chestnut tree.

Will Silver find out what the car and his fate has in store and can beauty stop trouble brewing?
Find out in Horse With a Mind Part 2

user no longer exists & ---
2015-07-06 04:36:19
Title: New Song
By: Horsesforever12

My body shivered in the engulfing cold
My heart ached with stories untold

Clouds described my depressing doom
The meadow enclosed me like a haunted room

Tears like fire burned my cheeks
The wind rushed at me, merciless, bleak

Then I froze, my feet glued, my eyes attuned
There, before me, the creature loomed

Irises like ebony lit up by flame
Dancing, studying, calling my name

Raven muscles clothed in shivering cape
Head tossing, arching, declaring my fate

Hooves striking, pawing, slashing the air
Mane flowing and rippling with silky flair

This steed bred from the darkest night
This horse shimmering like a beacon of light

Suddenly the sky wasn't so dismal
Suddenly life wasn't so miserable

And just like that the creature was gone
But I had a new life, new love, new song.

Just a short poem to brighten your day! :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-07-06 18:28:41
By Metro

Horses and ponies all diffrent and unique.
Some are bay, white or chestnut.

Oh there patterns there patterns are all so beatuiful and diffent and unique.

Walk, trot, gallop your way down the trail with oppsicles of life. Trres, rocks and barrels are in the way. I jump ovver them as i fly.

Thanks for leading the way.

Hope you liked the poem. :) Have a great year.

Metro & Alexa
2015-07-08 14:37:17
By Melzzz

I am the king of the hay
I have dry skin every day
When horses are hungry they come straight to me
For I am the King of the hay.

I am the king of the tree
Hot ponies come right to me
During summer noons hot, they rest in my shade
For I am he king of the tree.

I am the king of the bucket of food
I am all empty when Pony is rude
The groom usually fills me up every morning
For I am the king of the bucket of food.

I am the king of the farm
It it mine-and the barn
The horses and grooms all do just as I say
For I am the king of the farm.

Melzzz & Verity
2015-07-11 01:20:24
By arianna

On my sisters birthday I went on horses it was the best. I rode on a horse named butter cup, Hannah , and many other horses it was awesome. My brother was about 4 when he went and rode.That was one of my favorite event.We at a lot of cake, got to feed the animals. A little bit ago I got to go horse back riding on a trail my horse wanted to be first and let me tell you it got it's way. It's name was Belle she is so pretty. Everyone else did too. All the horse's loved me the all let me pet them but everyone else besides my sisters and dad weren't able to pet them because the would run away from them it was so funny. My horse would go to me when I was trying to take a picture and it would try to get in it was so funny. I love horses and ponys. thanks for your time.

hope you have as much fun as me if you go riding!!!!!!

arianna & Black Beauty
2015-07-11 01:20:24
By Flame2010

A bond for two or more
Is like an Ancient clue
horses swift on their hooves when
You are near they are fearless and brave
Cantering into the fray the proud snorting of a rejoiced strength. You have friendship with in you as well as the horse you get back up when both of you fall down. Patience pays and you get on your feet when the time is right both horse and girl leap into action never doubting on your faithful companion racing the wind a feeling of full happiness.
A feeling that both horse and rider are one that God
Created that can never be broken for an invisible but strong unbreakable bond ties both horse and rider together sharing the feelings of happiness and content long may the unbreakable bond ride between horse and rider as long as it lives.

user no longer exists & ---
2015-07-11 01:20:24
My Horse
By howrse2902

My Horse is mine,
More precious than time,

My horse is the best,
Better than the rest,

My horse is so free,
As wild as the sea,

My Horse is brave,
Not a creature he won't save,

I love my Horse.

Dun, Piebald, Skewbald, and lots, lots more,
All over my bedroom floor.

Palomino, Buckskin, Chestnut and grey,
Ponies rule all the way!

howrse2902 & Pancake
2015-07-11 08:21:07
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