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Gold Dust's Herd

Spirit:*I see that Gold Dust is running after me and pick up my pace a little*
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-02 00:11:42
Silver Ocean - *She tries to catch up, but doesn't want Gold Dust slowing down. For he might loose his chance to catch Spirit* "I'll catch up father! Just keep going!"
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-02 13:26:28
Spirit:*I swerve to the left to throw Gold Dust off*
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-02 21:23:43
Flame: I bolt after Gold Dust as she runs of with the rest of the herd they are right behind us!! But luckly they didn't see us they were hunting a rabbit:) YES
SKOGEN & Jamaica
2015-09-03 01:04:23
Ocean - *All the horses running around in all directions make the little filly lost. Where is her Sire?* "Father! Father where are you!?"
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-03 12:59:24
Spirit:*i hear Gold Dust shout the warning. I hate humans. They took my mother and father with me. But I won't let them get me. I run after Gold Dust as quickly as I can, but I see that Ocean looks lost. I gallop back to her and lead her to our hiding place* Fhew, that was close!
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-04 01:33:47
Thanks Breyer for using my part:)
SKOGEN & Jamaica
2015-09-04 01:33:47
Ocean - *She looks at Spirit* "Thank you Spirit." *Then she runs after her sire and hugs him*
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-05 01:51:51
Spirit: your welcome. *I go and hide behind one of the adult horses*
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-07 00:40:41
Can I join? I will make a filly. Here she is and please don't steel her name because I made it up for the book I am writing,

Full Name: Moon Whisker
Main Name: Moon
Gender: Filly
Breed: Arabian
Color: White with silver flecks
Mane and Tail Color: White
Markings: None
Hoof Color: Dark grey
Defects or Blemishes: A thin scar running along the left side of her face from were she was whipped
Distinguishing Things: Long whiskers that are unusual for horses
Personality: Bold, loves to run, smart, and is very scared of humans
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Grandsire on Father's Side: Unknown
Ganddam on Father's Side: Unknown
Grandsire on Mother's Side: Unknown
Garanddam on Mother's Side: Unknown
Other: I was born to a mean rancher as a purebred Arabian but when I tried to follow my mother into another stall a whipped me on the face. I bolted out of the open bran door and ran until I found this herd so I joined

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-07 20:32:57
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