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February 2016 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

February 2016 Story & Poem Entries

Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Jane Crandal & JB
2016-01-31 00:05:00
Time to Fly

By Rhythm22


I pulled back my long brown hair into a pony tail and straightened my blue riding shirt. I had picked out the perfect outfit today for my first day of riding school. I was wearing a blue button up riding shirt, black english riding boots, and

Rhythm22 & Honey
2016-01-31 02:07:46
The mysteries of the equine society
#1-Claire's mystery

By Amber Cranman

"Hey, Claire! You were up early this morning!" Said her mother, Jessica Bradley on one sunny day. "How are you?" "Oh, fine," Answered Claire. She had just found her one ticket to do her favorite thing for real! She ran up the steps to her room and grabbed her detective kit. She ran downstairs to the kitchen table where she had set down her camera. "Hello, Oatie! Ah, playing detective again, i see." said her dad, Jesse. "Dad," groaned Claire. "How many times have i told you not to call me Oatie! I don't like plain oats anymore!" she said. When she was little, one of her favorite snacks was plain, uncooked oats. Ever since then, her dad had called her Oatie. "And i'm not playing," added Claire, with a serious look about her face. "I found some hoof prints up by the stream, and i am sure that they aren't Meg's. Meg was Claire's horse and best friend in the world. She and her family lived up in the hills of Nebraska, where many wild horses roamed. "Well, honey, there isn't much mystery there. They could be any horses hoof prints! Heaven knows that there could be thousands out there who are the possible, how do you put it? 'Suspect.'" said her mom. She was right, but Claire felt that she had to figure out what horse had made that footprint. "But Mom, they weren't just any ordinary hoof prints, they were more wild, and smaller, more delicate than other prints that a normal horse would make!" answered Claire. "And if i don't find out, it will drive me crazy forever!" she said. Often, when she couldn't find out the answer to a mystery, another one would come around and keep her occupied. But at first, all she could do was ask, "But how? When? Where? Why? Who?" Suddenly, Claire got a burst of inspiration. "I got it!" she yelled. "What?" asked her father, highly doubting that his daughter had the true answer. "You know when you told me about the mystery stalion? Well, you said that he was light on his feet, and faster than any other horse roaming the hills of Nebraska. He is the owner of these hoof prints! I am sure!"

Find out more about this mystery in book two,
'The legend of the mystery stalion'.

How did she do it?

Claire Bradley was known to have an exelent memory. She was called 'Memmy' by her grandmother, because of her good memory. She also was always able to use her logic to fit all of the clues, which can be like puzzle peices, into the right order!

Amber Cranman & Firefly
2016-01-31 03:23:04
Flora Petal Full of Color
By milkshake
The Dream
Tiny walked through the garden
As her fear hardened

She turned a corner
And to her horror

Angry Wasp was there
With flaming red hair

Around he prowled
He spotted her and growled

She scurried in fright
Ran with all her might

His darkness expanded
Her hooves it banded

She noticed the flower
Like a beacon of power

The darkness was about to consume
Suddenly she was in her room

Tiny’s world
The gardens are Tiny’s home
It its where the flowers roam

She had not earned her color yet
When she will no one could bet

Everyone has a dawn
For unicorns it was when Flame wanted them to spawn

When they are born a mark appears
It is often confusing everyone fears

Tiny’s mark, a tulip has kept her gardening spirit alive
They never last but still she will strive

But under the elementals rule
Tiny knows her color name will be cool

Until then she gets everything wrong
She feels like she will never belong

Tiny’s friends
Tiny has 3 friends
They will stick together to all ends

The first one is lovely rose
She works as her thick mane grows

Violet was her original name
But she and violet are not the same

Before her color she was with Tiny
But when she got dirty she got whiny

When she made her first dress
She earned her color nevertheless

Her second friend Quiet Mouse
Lives with mice in her house

Even though her color is grey
She does not feel the same way

She started to take mice in
That is when she let her color begin

Her 3rd friend Autumn Leaf
Put her color beneath

Colored by winning a race
Won with not a drop on her face

They tell her she will belong
Tiny feels they are all wrong

The forest
Tiny went to the forest
Where safety was poorest

There was the flower
She would remember at any hour

She drew near
But she caught someone’s ear

Out Angry Wasp sneaked
Tiny he freaked

Hand it over he said

In front she lept
Further he stepped

You cannot control the power
I will protect the flower

Up did Tiny rear
He did not want to be near

Tingly she felt
Her fur started to melt

Floras color
My fur is pink
That was all she could think

Green was her mane
Wow! That is insane

The flower is worn
Twisted around her horn

What are these things
But only the elementals have wings

She could not possibly be
But she had to see

To home she was gone
But not for long

Waiting for her was a crowd
They were all wowed

There was Flame
To give Tiny her name

She said Flora Petal
Your will is like metal

milkshake & Princess
2016-02-01 02:00:45
if this horse had wings:
by redbay

I felt the wind on my face, water spraying up against my body. galloping parallel to the sea, if this horse had wings, we would fly up, up to the clouds on this clear blue day. we would soar over the sea, over mountaintops and lush green valleys. we would glide across the canyon, and the winding river, and the peaceful brook in the crystal clear meadow. if this horse had wings we would fly up, up in the air to the stars. if this horse had wings, we would fly above the clouds, if this horse had wings.

redbay & Midnight
2016-02-02 21:47:54
By hosessaddles

I love C.P.P.,
My horse makes me feel free!

I love C.P.P.,
My pals make me filled with glee!

I love C.P.P.,
The contests and clubs are so fun!

I love C.P.P.,
My horse being sick makes me want to run!

I love C.P.P.,
Thanks for being there, C.P.P.!!

(Not a part of the poem)
Thanks for being my one and only great site to play, talk, and have fun with my pals. I want you to know how much I appreciate this website and think it should be placed as "Best In The World!" I do not care about winning the contests, I care about how much work you put into this site.
Thanks so much!


hosessaddles & Phoenix
2016-02-04 01:54:45
By Horse_Whisperers

It all began on a hot summer day. My mane blew in the wind and I was happy with my pasture mates. I was grazing when all of a sudden, my owner came up with some random stranger. I guess his name is Chris. I just ran at the sight of how big his horse was. It was suppose to go out with me?!?!? No exception at all! He is about like 16 hands tall. I am only about 8 hands. He's twice the size as me. I began to get closer to one of my pasture mates when he all of a sudden asked, "Why are you clinging to me." in a weird way. I had to start cracking up when he finished his sentence. "That was so funny," I said, still dying from laughing. "Shh! Who is the new horse?" "GAH!" I ran. The horse came so fast I could've got trampled. I was so scared then when something amazing happened, he said "Wanna be my friend." "Who?" I looked around, "Me? Yes? No? I don't know!" "Calm down. Take a breath. I know I am like a elephant compared to you, but I just want to have a buddy, ok buddy?" "Yes, but one thing? NEVER call me buddy EVER again!" "Ok!"

Horse_Whisperers & King
2016-02-06 06:21:02
By WinterWolf

Beep-beep-beep-beep- Emma Thornton's alarm clock was beeping loudly in her ear, but she didn't hear it because she was caught in a deep dream. "Allison! Please tell me why you're leaving. Allison jumped into the car and looked away as it drove off quickly, not letting Emma say a word. Emma sobbed as she ran to her house. CLANG CLANG CLANG!!!! Emma gasped and sat upright. "Andy!" Emma's younger brother, Andy, laughed and banged his pans again. "Andy!" Mom called Andy downstairs.
Emma rubbed her forehead and lay down again. What did that dream mean? Allison is still here.... she never mentioned leaving. Well, I can't think about that now. Got to get ready for breakfast. Emma sat up and knelt beside her bed to say her morning prayers. "Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day. I hope to please you in everything I do. I.... I'd also like to know what my dream meant, if anything. Amen." Emma quickly made her bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. Then she went downstairs to make herself some breakfast. "Good morning, Emma!" Mom leaned over and gave Emma a big kiss.
"Good morning! How are you feeling?" Emma was going to be a big sister again, and she was very worried about her mom. "Just a little tired, but we'll be fine." Mom smiled happily. Emma was satisfied. She opened the fridge and grabbed two eggs, which she cracked into a pan and fried. Mom glanced up from chopping the celery and smiled at Emma, then continued chopping. Then she slid the celery into the bowl of macaroni salad she was making. "Dad's making burgers tonight, so I decided to make some macaroni salad yesterday." Emma eyed the celery, puzzled. "But why are you adding celery today? Aren't you supposed to add it the day you make the macaroni?" Mom laughed. "Yes, but I plain forgot. That means a little extra crunch tonight, because it's fresh." Emma laughed as she slid her eggs onto a plate.
"Mmm... You're eggs smell good, Emma. It's only been two days since I've had an egg, but my cravings are acting up lately." Emma smiled. "I can make you some if you want, mom! Remember that the eggs are cheap right now. We can have more than usual." "No, I'll pass. We're having a big dinner tonight, and I don't want to spoil it." "Okay." Emma sat down at the table and ate her eggs slowly. The dream she had this morning was still bothering her, and she didn't know if she wanted to mention it to mom or not. She's too busy right now anyway, Emma realized, watching her mom chopping more celery quickly and sliding them into the bowl. I don't want to distract her. I'll just write a little and go outside with Andy and Dad. The weekend's made for family time! Emma went to the dish pile, which was pretty small. She layed her plate into the sudsy water and went upstairs to work on her story.
Where should I start? Emma held a pencil in her hand, forehead wrinkled in concentration. But every time she tried to put pen to paper, her mind went back to the dream she had that morning. Soon she put the pencil in the pencil holder and sighed. I guess I'll go outside now... I really don't know what to do in here with that dream overwhelming me. Emma stood up and walked downstairs, holding the staircase ramp as she went down quickly. She opened the door and stepped onto the freshly mowed lawn, breathing the fresh air deeply. It is a wonderful day... I hope I can enjoy it without thinking about that dreadful dream I had. She forced a smile when Dad came over from clipping the bushes.
"Isn't it wonderful out? The perfect temperature and everything! And look at Andy, he sure is having a good time." Emma laughed. Andy was trying to get onto Maya's back, but the persistent pony stubbornly walked away and munched on some un-mowed grass in the paddock. "Hey Andy! Try giving Maya some peppermint! She'll love you to pieces after that!" Emma called loudly. Andy didn't seem to hear her, he was desperately trying to get onto Maya's back once again. His face was red with frustration as he finally gave up and walked over to Emma and Dad. "I give up!" He panted. "That old pony never wants me to ride her. Why does she let Emma ride her and not me, Dad?" Dad smiled down at Andy. "Emma's really good with ponies, Andy. Why don't you let her try to get Maya to let you ride her?" Andy wrinkled his nose. "I'm not gonna let a girl teach me how to ride a pony! I can do it myself." With that he walked off, trying to make his boyish steps look like a man's strides.
Emma laughed and went off to her small flower garden to weed the flowers. Inside the shed she grabbed a hoe and some gardening gloves, along with a pair of sunglasses that she had placed on top of her head. This is good, she thought contentedly. I'm busy doing other things like gardening. I can stop worrying that I'll think about that awful dream. Bringing herself to the present, she took the things she needed outside and began hoeing the rows and scooped the weeds into a bucket with her gloved hands. She straightened her stiff back, leaning on the how as she looked her garden over. Mom always said how relaxing it is to be outdoors doing things you love, and she's right.
Emma took off her things and placed them back in the shed neatly, and then she started toward the paddock, where Leaf and Maya were grazing. Leaf lifted his head and whinnied, trotting over to Emma to see if she had anything for him. She patted his head and scratched his ears. "Sorry, old boy, nothing right now. Maybe later. I can ride you, though!" She went to the small shelter where the hose and water trough on the left side were and opened the storage doors where the tack would be. Emma gasped and turned around. "Andy! Did you take Leaf's tack again?" Andy ran over, huffing and puffing. His face was red, and dripping with sweat. Emma would've laughed if she wasn't upset. "What?" Andy panted heavily, his hands on his knees. "Did you take Leaf's tack again, Andy?" Emma's voice was firm, and her face was tense. "Gee! You don't have to be so mean, Emma! It's on the fence, over there." Emma softened. "Sorry, Andy. I shouldn't have been so hard on you. Can you please get it for me? I need to fill their water trough." Andy shrugged and ran over to the fence, coming back quickly with the saddle and harness, which was hooked over his arm.
"Thanks Andy." Emma smiled at him gratefully, but he didn't seem to notice. He was feeding Maya a handful of hay. "Look, Emma! She's eating from my hand!" Emma smiled. "Good job, Andy!" She tacked Leaf up and asked Andy to open the gate for her. "Thank you, Andy! Come on, Leaf, let's go up to the path lined with maple trees." Emma turned the reins the the left, guiding Leaf to the maple trees lining a dark forest path. She gently kicked his sides with her ankles and he trotted into the forest. Andy was following, far behind on Maple, which was stubbornly planting her feet firmly to the ground and refusing to move any farther. "Emma! PLEASE help me!" Andy was struggling to stay on Maple's back now. Maple lifted herself off the ground and landed on it again several times. Emma turned Leaf around and dismounted. "Whoa! Down, Maple!" She quickly grabbed the halter and grinned at Andy. "Did she scare you? You're shaking!" Andy trembled as he dismounted.
"No, I'm fine!" Andy yelled stubbornly. Emma shook her head and laughed. Andy crossed his arms and pouted. Then he mounted Maple again, this time more confident. "Don't lead her, Emma, I can do it by myself!" Emma smiled and walked along, leading Leaf. After a while she said, "Looks like you got it, I'll be ahead on Leaf." Andy nodded and Emma mounted Leaf and made him run to the front. That's when Emma realized that the dream hadn't even come up until now. I'm doing good, she thought as she rode Leaf up to the house. maybe I'll forget about that dream completely. Emma brought Leaf to a halt near the fence latch and dismounted him with ease. "Come on, boy. Andy, do you need any help with Maple?" Andy yelled, "No, I got her!" Emma nodded and led Leaf into the pony shed, where she gave him his supper and groomed him after putting his tack away. Andy did the same, gently scratching Maple behind the ear. "She finally let me groom her! Do you think I'm a horseman now, Emma?" Emma grinned and nodded. "Yep! You and Maple did wonderful! You both deserve a medal." Andy frowned and corrected Emma pointedly. "Ribbon." Emma grinned and replied, "Race you to the house!"
Andy yelled with triumph and lifted his arms into the air. "Yes! I won!" Emma huffed and puffed, laughing hysterically. "Good job, Andy! Let's go help mom with supper, okay?" Andy's happy face turned pouty. "But Emma...." She went into the house with Andy following hesitantly.
"Hi Mom! We came inside to see if you needed our help with anything before dinner." Mom jumped and turned away from the dishes. "Oh! You scared me. Yes, you can put these away." Mom smiled at Andy and beckoned her hand at him. "Did you have fun outside today, Andy?" Andy grinned. "I finally got Maple to eat out of my hand and we rode our ponies on the old forest path. And Maple let me groom her, too!" Andy was practically jumping up and down with excitement, something not unusual for a six year old. "And did you have fun, Emma?" Emma turned from stacking dishes and nodded, adding a smile. She didn't want mom to ask if everything was okay, because it wasn't. Emma couldn't stop thinking about her dream again. "Yes, we had a lot of fun! I suppose the ponies did too." Mom smiled. "They probably did! Did you remember to add Leaf's supplement for the course?" Emma gasped.
"Oh no! I forgot! Should I go do it now?" Mom shook her head. "No, it's best to wait after dinner. Just don't forget again, okay?" Emma nodded and quickly put the dishes away. "Is Dad done with the hamburgers? I'm STARVING!" Andy whined. "Yes, dear, but we'll have to wait. Dad had to pick up gas for the car, because he kept forgetting to do it a few days ago." Emma giggled. "Don't be so dramatic, Andy! I'm sure Dad'll be home soon." Andy stuck out his lip, but he quickly recovered. "I guess I'll go play with my new dinosaur play set that Grandma got me for my birthday!" Mom smiled. "Sounds good, Andy! But please be quiet with them." Andy didn't seem to hear Mom, but minutes later they heard him whispering softly to his dinos. Emma smiled. "Isn't he cute when he's not jumping around and yelling?" Mom laughed. "Yes, he can be a handful sometimes! But he's really funny." Soon the door opened, and Dad walked in. "Hi-" Emma tried to greet her dad, but Andy shot through the kitchen and almost plowed her over. "Dad! When are we eating?" Everyone laughed but Emma. She was wiping mayonnaise off her shirt, a large frown covering her face. "Oh! Sorry, Emma." Andy grabbed a dry rag and rubbed at the mayonnaise, rubbing it deeper into the shirt.
"Andy, no!" Emma stared at her shirt, and then began to laugh. "Well, I might have beem able to wash that out, Emma... but it seems that Andy ruined the chance it had." Mom grinned, and everyone laughed.
"Andy, we're eating in a few minutes. Can you help Emma set the table? I need to talk with Dad." Mom and Dad went into the master bedroom and Mom closed the door behind them. "Come on, Emma! Don't be such a slowpoke!" Emma jumped. "Oh. Sorry Andy." Andy crossed his arms. "Were you daydreaming again? And what about this time?" Emma grinned at him. "Yes, I was thinking about how delicious the sugar peas will be this year." Andy looked disappointed. "Oh." Emma shook her head and finished setting the table with forks and spoons. "The table's ready... all we need to do is wait for Mom and Dad." She sat down into her chair and waited, watching Andy rap his fingers on the table in a beat.
After a while Mom and Dad emerged from the bedroom and smiled at the children. Emma shrugged at Andy when he raised his eyebrows at her. She had no clue what Mom and Dad were up to. Andy clapped his hands together, startling Emma. "YES. Now we can eat." Everyone laughed. "Yes Andy, we may eat now, after I announce something." Andy's eyes turned round and he turned to Mom, sitting as straight as he could. "What's the news?" Mom laughed. "If you're that excited... Well, you're Dad has found a better job, but it's somewhere else. Not far from here, but-" "WAIT!" Emma screeched suddenly. "We're moving?" The last word came out in a squeak. Mom looked at Emma and nodded. "Yes, dear... I know you're aren't that thrilled now, but... you'll get used to the new place, I promise." Emma stared at her food and picked her fork around it while Andy squealed and jumped around the house. So this is what my dream meant, she thought with dread. Oh Lord, why? Will I ever see Allison again? Can we bring our ponies with us? And of course I will have to leave my garden behind. Leaf and I won't be able to compete! Suddenly I'm not so hungry. "Mom... may I be excused?"
Mom looked at Emma sympathetically. "I'm sorry, dear, but you haven't eaten much at all! Are you feeling alright?" Emma sighed. "I don't want to move, Mom! I have so many questions." Mom sighed. "Honey, can you answer Emma while I wash the dishes?" Dad nodded and turned to Emma, who was fidgeting with her fingers. "Emma... The new job I found is in Pennsylvania. I know it's really far away from Georgia, but the job is really good." Emma's eyes watered with tears. "Dad, that's so far away! Will we be able to bring Maple and Leaf?"
Dad sighed. "I'm not sure yet, Emma. We might, but I need to find a plot of suitable land first." Emma sighed and nodded. But what about Allison? I know that we can write and call each other, but it's not the same as being friends in person. Emma went upstairs to get her pajamas on and stared at her story. It was about her family and how happy they were in Georgia. Emma crumpled it up and threw it into the garbage can beside her computer. It's no use! Why did I write that stupid story anyway? Mom and Dad aren't happy here like I am. Immediately Emma felt ashamed of herself. She knelt beside her bed to pray. "Dear God, this is so sudden and scary. Please help me to handle this well. And if it is thy will, please let me be able to take Leaf with us. Amen." Emma crawled under her covers and fell asleep.

WinterWolf & My Pony
2016-02-06 17:56:09
By Junior Champion

The hot southern sun breathed down the back of my neck as my sweaty palms grasped the gnarled and twisted mane of my buckskin mare, Ally. Her breathing was fast, and she stretched her neck forwards, her hooves reaching out for the earth. I leaned forward on her neck and leveled myself with her ear. "Come on Ally, we got this." As if she understood my words she exploded with a sudden burst of energy. I looked to my right to see my good friend Julianna and her paint gelding Hugo slowly fading away. I looked forwards again, seeing the plains unfold before us. When we reached the tree line I tugged on her mane, and she pulled off a fabulous sliding stop. I cued her to turn on her hide quarters to face Julianna, my breathing heavy and my face hot. Julianna looked just the same as she trotted up to Ally and me. "Jeez Cal," Julianna said, taking a breather and fanning herself with her hand dramatically. "Ally never fails to impress me," she chuckled, hooking the inside of her polo shirt with her finger and airing herself out. "Same here," I said, a smile forming on my lips. I slid down from Ally and grabbed my reins, tying her to the branches of the old fallen oak tree that Julianna and I had discovered last summer. Julianna did the same, and within a few minutes we had taken off our sweaty helmets and were lying in the grass, staring up into the sky while our horses' happily munched on the rich grasses. "Hey," Julianna said after awhile, rolling over on her side and looking at me. "Are you going to the show this weekend?" I shrugged. "I dunno. I'm not really interested in any of the classes they have." Julianna rolled her eyes. "Oh come on! Hugo and I are going to enter in the dressage class. My mum even got us one of those glittery brow bands with the sparkles on it." I laughed. "I'm sure Hugo will love it," I muttered, glancing over at the big warmblood, who was too content on eating the vegetation of the forest to even bother with paying attention to the fact that Julianna was planning on glitzing him up. "What?" Julianna said, pushing herself up so she was facing me. Her face was still a little blotchy from our gallop, and there was loose strands of hair crowding her face. "It's just not something that I'm interested in. Besides, could you see Ally tucking herself in a frame and looking all pretty?" Julianna giggled a little. "Probably not. She'd much rather gallop all over the show grounds." We laughed together, rolling around, the grasses tickling our faces. "I could just see me saluting to the judge and her bolting forwards, jumping out over the little dressage ring." I added, a smile curling on my lips. "Yeah, maybe dressage isn't her forte." I nodded, jumping up and walking over to the little mustang. I had attached a saddle bag to my bareback pad, and I had packed Julianna and I a little picnic for our outing. "Hey," I called out, tossing Julianna a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a bag. She caught it and smiled. "Thanks- I'm starving." She ripped through the bag and took a savory bite. "So good." "Thanks," I mumbled, sitting myself down on the grass once again. "My grandma packed us some cookies too." "Oh my gosh," Julianna said, flopping back down onto the grass. "The chocolate chip ones?" she asked. "Yup." Julianna closed her eyes and smiled. "My favorites!" I laughed a little, taking another bite of my sandwich. "Mine too!" "So," Julianna added, "you sure you are not going to enter?" I looked over at her. "It depends, do they have a jumpers class?" Julianna shook her head. "Nah, I don't think this show is like that." "Oh," I grumbled. "I'll come cheer you on though." Julianna nodded, piling the garbage back into my saddle bag. "Let's head back," she said, checking her phone. "It's getting late. I want to clean Hugo up real nicely before I have to go home." "Ok," I said, swinging myself up onto the back of Ally. Julianna mounted Hugo, the big gelding pawing furiously at the earth. He seemed tense beneath Julianna. "Can we race back again? It'll loosen him up." I gave a shrug and pulled Ally up beside the big horse. "Yeah, but let's just canter. If he really starts to pull through his bit maybe we can go faster- but I don't want Ally all fired up." Without warning, Julianna kicked her horse into a canter. Hugo bolted forwards, his hooves thundering against the uneven terrain. "Hey you- wait up!" I laughed, cueing Ally on.
When we got back to the barn, Julianna and I untacked our horses in the aisle and began our grooming routine. Mine, however, was a little different from Julianna's. She started with the curry comb, although it wasn't really necessary. Hugo had a stunning silky coat, but Julianna insisted that she use it. "He sheds sometimes." Julianna had said to me one day with a shrug. She then used a hard brush to help brush the dirt off his white markings, and then she would use the soft brush, paired with coat conditioner that made Hugo's coat even more shiny. She would then use coat and tail conditioning to manage his mane. Ally on the other hand, needed a bunch of curry combing, and after that I would have to pluck clumps of hair from my brushes. I tried my best with her unruly crazy mane, but often it just stuck out in all different directions. "I think you should go to the show," Julianna said. "Some discipline would be good for her." She said with a shrug, dusting off the dirt from Hugo's face. "Yeah, that's for sure." I looked up to see Jennifer and her horse Dionne. Dionne was a champion, a stunning dappled dark bay hanoverian with narrowed eyes to match her rider's. Jennifer was a thin girl, who pretty much looked like a cover girl model. Her hair was loose around her shoulders, and her boots were polished perfectly. Compared to my ripped jeans and the mystery stain on my t-shirt, she looked like a professional. "What's that supposed to mean?" Julianna said. "I wasn't using my comment as an insult." Jennifer laughed, balancing her helmet on her hip. "That horse," she said, pointing to Ally, "is a disaster." I stood there, staring at Jennifer and Julianna as they argued back and forth about my dear Ally. "She's crazy!" Jennifer yowled. "She literally is a wild thing. She's a mustang after all." Julianna stomped her foot. "Callie trained her herself, and look how awesome of a horse she is! It just proves that they make the perfect team." Julianna retorted. "She's not even going to show at the competition this weekend, and this is the easy stuff- like, the beginner stuff." "Hey-" I cut in, staring intently at Jennifer. "It doesn't matter what you think of Ally. She's pretty swell." And with that I gave my horse a hug, because I knew in the horse world that I will never have the prettiest, strongest, or most athletic horse, but I knew I had the best horse. The best horse for me. And although Jennifer may seem like she had it all, I had more, because I had a loving friend and a great horse to hang with.

Junior Champion & Princeton
2016-02-07 01:41:38
Prouder Than Ice
By 051604

Proud Ice stood proud and tall. Never would she be under the influence of human control. She was a horse after all! She was not made to be kept up in a barn or a fenced in pasture. She was meant to run free with all the other wild horses! She would never again be trapped in a stall! She hated the fact that horses all over the earth were trapped. Trapped with no way of getting away-Ever! But she was free. Finally, after what seemed her whole life, she was finally free. She ran- She ran proud and free. Head held high, she ran! She ran fast. Really fast. She bucked. She reared. She reared high. She ran out into the sunset. And for the first time in her life she realized-She was free...

Prouder than Ice

051604 & shuger treet
2016-02-08 04:25:04
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This is Club Pony Pals, the official Pony Pals game and virtual horse world. Here you can adopt, ride and care for the pony you always wanted. Our site is based on the Scholastic books about three girls by Jeanne Betancourt.