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April 2016 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

April 2016 Story & Poem Entries

Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Jane Crandal & JB
2016-03-27 23:26:10
Morse and Sage
By dancecrazy

There was a horse named Morse,
Who liked the jumping course.
He would jump out of his stall
And run down the hall.

His best friend Sage
Would make a huge rage
Because when Morse would come back,
He was in sacks.

dancecrazy & Snow
2016-04-02 22:33:44
The surprise horse.
By tendertimbit

I got a new pakage this sunday morning! Could it be? As i raced down the hall way to anserw the door a strange looking box stood right there by the door! oped the lud a strange looking thing was in this strang box! As i told mom and dad i saw a pony it was a surprise pony! Yippey!!!!

tendertimbit & Palio
2016-04-04 02:34:10
As Free As The Wind
By teenequestrian

As free as the wind
Yet trapped in all its fear
of capture to come

Eyes like sapphires
Tail flying like a banner
Nostrils are flaring

Mane whipping away
Coat is glistening with sweat
Hooves pounding the ground

As free as the wind
Yet trapped in all its fear
Of capture to come

teenequestrian & Pepper
2016-04-04 02:34:10
The surprise horse
By Tendertimbit

One sunday morning i woke yp to see.
A strange looking pacage looking at me.
I jumped out of bed whith a great big jump .
And found my self beside the strange looking package!
As terd through the wraper and gitot to its fur i was riding a pony in side the house

tendertimbit & Palio
2016-04-04 20:33:44
Golden Sun
By Nickmack

“Hi guys, how's it going?” Anna asked.
“fine, how did it go, did you speak to your mom about having a horse?” asked Emma
“ Yes, she said no” answered Anna disappointedly
“ I’m sure that she just wants to make sure that you are responsible and that if you prove that are responsible enough then she will let you own a horse! Maybe you should try it out you never know!” Emma said excitedly at her new ideal
“I’ll ask my mom tonight” Anna answered ding ding rang the bell . “well i’ll see you later! bye” anna said as she hurried off to her next class. Ding ding rang the bell as it gave the second warning just as she slid into her seat. Could not be a closer call Anna muttered to herself. “Today we are going to be learning about parts of a horse” said her teacher Mr. Johnson .
“This is going to boring, today”Anna said as she settled down comfortably in her seat. At the end of the class she quickly stopped emma in the hall to tell her all about how boring her class was, but the rest of went by like a blur and before she knew she she was on the bus with Emma. “ I am so nervous” anna said quietly
“why would you be? She's your mom!” Emma replied for the rest of the ride home it was quiet as a mouse. “bye” Anna said to the bus driver. Walking home like a turtle but it seemed like she was not because by the time she was home she had not finished think of what to say to her mom. “well go thing my mom is not home yet and is still not at work” Anna said to herself. As she clumped up the stairs two at a time “hay they might still be thinking about what I had said and I wouldn't have to say anything she thought positively as she settled down to do homework. At 7:30 pm her mom and dad came home together. Thats strange she thought in her head they never come home together not from what I remember and my mom and dad has never been so excited so maybe there is something good that is going to happen.
“I’m going to get dinner started” her dad called to her.
“Okay” she answered back after 30 minutes
her dad shouted “ Dinners ready!”
“good, I’m starving” Anna loudly said as she went down the stairs. when everyone got seated Anna asked” what took you so long to come home.”
“you will see after dinner!” Her mom said. Eating quickly she soon finished her dinner in less than 20 minutes. So after she finished her dinner her mom and dad finished too. “Now you can come outside to take a look.” her mom told Anna.
“great” Anna said walking quickly outside she saw a truck and attacked to the truck was a trailer she quickly ran around to the other end of the trailer and lowered the ramp and opened the trailer. There inside the trailer was a palomino mare. Her mane was long and draped over one side everything about her was beautiful!. “She's beautiful” Anna breath.
“ I’m glad you like her now you know what had took us so long to get back we had to pick the perfect horse for you of course.” Anna’s mom said with pleasure
“thanks guys, your the best!” Anna said giving each of her parent a hug that they had well deserved. “ I can’t wait to tell my friends about her. What is her name? Can they come after school to see her mom?” Anna asked firing question to her mom and dad.
“ Slow down, Yes they can come and meet Golden Sun. “ her mom said calmly
“Golden Sun, That’s a great name. I can’t believe that she i mine!” Anna excitedly exclaimed.
“I think that we should unload her into the stable.” Her dad said
“ we have a stable? How come I did not know? Is that why mom was home for the past week!” Anna said
“ I guess that you had found out without us telling you and yes know we have a stable in the back right corner that is why you could not see the stable and I would always make the workers go early so that you would never hear the pounding of the hummers and know that something is up. You are right on target. So now put that mare away”Anna’s mom explained. With a nod of her head Anna lead the mare down with the new lead rope that she had found in the trailer. After she finished putting the mare in her new stall. She went to go investigate the trailer for any more things that were for the mare. After 5 minutes of searching in the trailer she had found a saddle, bridle, a saddle pad, a girth, Some brushes and a hoof pick. “Thanks so much mom” Anna said

Nickmack & Starflight
2016-04-05 15:09:39
Hi my name is Rain I'm from Maine and this is my story of how my life is.
I was 8 1/2 feet tall nothing as small as a ball!
My mother rose when she saw me and said "Oh my those are huge toes all the way to your head!!"
Yes, I was big but now I shrunk 8 1/2 feet and now I'm as small as a beat!

kandydove & Heffy
2016-04-06 11:38:16
Once upon a time a pony named Dime ate a quarter but not himself.
His mama, Llama is a weirdo she goes crazy when she is lazy!
Others call her Lazy Paisley, but she prefers Llama the Sleeper.
The stable keeper ran to ol' Dime when he got there Dime made a mind change to switch o another barn but he was told he get a new friend named Karn.

Karn is weak and old but she is only smart when she DOESN'T wake up the barn.
Dime found a dime one day and ate it but Karn and Llama said, "You silly you ate yourself!!"

kandydove & Heffy
2016-04-06 22:22:51
"Hey mom!" said Millie. "Yes Mill?" mom said. "Since we live in the country can we get a horse now....?" Millie questioned. "Sorry sweetie but we can't afford one." mom said sadly. Millie was sad but she knew she owned stables too. "I have an idea!" Millie thought. "But it'll take more than one year.." Millie knew. Millie went to her room and started taking all her money and counting. "100, 200, 300, 330, 350... 600, DONE! $600.30 so close I need more than 2k though.." Millie said. SO she went to her father and asked if she could start a little artist career and he said, "Sure Mill but only once a day ok?" "YES! Thanks dad!" Millie said very happily. "Alright I'll call Mack's Young Artists now." dad said. "Yay! Thanks!" Millie said again. SO her dad called Mack (Mackenzie) "HI Mack this is Millie Fern's father asking to get a once a day 3 hour shift for Millie?" dad asked through the phone. "Yes sure! she can start at 3:00 pm today and come home at 6:00 pm and that will be her normal shift. Her money counts on her sales OK?" Mack asked. "That's surely fine with her!" dad said again. "Alright I'll see her later, Bye!" Mack said excitedly. "Mill! At 3:00 your going to Mack's until 6:00 ok!?" dad asked Millie. "Yes! Ok, I'm excited already!!" Millie said as happily as ever.

"Yes now mom will regret her thought on "Cant afford one" Once I earn my money!" Millie thought. She put her $600.30 back in her bank and waited another 30 minutes until 2:30 pm so she could get to Mack's on time. "Alright today you will make your best horse drawing and the max selling price is $65 and that goes to the best drawing so start.... NOW!" Mackenzie said. Millie drew her dream horse, a beautiful male appaloosa with a white mane and white tail with a shiny black coat and dapple grey splotches. She got hers sold for $85 because it was better than usual "winner" drawings are. Millie ended up coming home with $169.47!

When she got home she showed her mom her money and added it all up, "I have $769.75 mom!" Millie said happily! this is a picture I made worth $85!" Millie cheered! "Wow! It's your dream horse!" mom said

"Well can I take your money to work with me and I'll buy you an award but you have to wait until tomorrow!" mom said. "Ok here, what will it be?!" Millie asked. "Maybe a beautiful new I-Pad!" mom said lying. "I love you mom!" Millie said. "I love you too Mill!" mom said back.

"Alright after breakfast go look in the horse trailer your new "I-Pad" is in there will cool gears! Oh and your change of $200.86." mom said happily. "Yay, thanks!" Millie said excitedly.

She quickly ate breakfast within 15 minutes and she looked in the horse trailer and saw her... DREAM HORSE!! Millie almost fainted but she had tears rolling down her face, happy tears, happy tears. "M-Mom!! I-is it r-real!!??" Millie could hardly speak. "Yes baby, yes!" mom and dad said sooo happily for their daughter. "We bought him all his gear way before you knew." dad said. "Yeah but then we couldn't afford the actual horse until you got that job." mom said with joyous tears too. "WOW!!!" Millie screamed in delight and also said "His name is Midnight Dreamer!" Millie said hugging her horse.

Then she led Midnight Dreamer out of the trailer and said "Group hug!" and her, her horse, her dad, and her mom all had a group hug! "I love you mom and always will." Millie said. -Millie Fern

kandydove & Heffy
2016-04-07 23:16:57
"Hey, girl!? You getting that horse yet?" Kim asked. "No, my mom said no, but we can afford one." Amy said back. "Well just tell your parents.. ugghh well why don't you come to my stables after school and you can ride Oak, ok?!" Kim said. "Ok! My parents would be at work until 4:00 any way!" Amy said happily.

When Amy got to Kim's house she saw Oak and Kim's other horse, Makayla and she said "Hey Kim, how is Mak (Makayla) doing?!" "Very well!" Kim said back. "Good!!" Amy said happily. "Well Oaky boy ready to ride?!" Amy asked Oak. He whinnied and nodded his head. "I guess that's a yes!!" Kim said. They laughed. So they went on the trails and came back at 5:00 and Amy's parents were still not home. "Well that's weird mom and dad aren't home still." Amy thought. "Eh probably rush hour traffic." Kim said. "Yeah probably.." Amy said. "well In the mean time lets take care of the horses.

"now tell me about your dream horse!" Kim said. "Ok so its a mare Thoroughbred with a white mane and tail and a black coat, named Sky Mist." Amy said proudly. "Wow! Makayla was my dream horse!" Kim said.

Another hour went by and finally Amy's parents got home with a horse trailer Amy never knew about. "Hi mom whats this trailer for?!" Amy asked. "Oh just supplies, but you can look in it after dinner!" Dad said. "Ok!" Amy said. Amy rushed her dinner and she finished slightly before her parents.

They all went outside and her parents stayed back and Kim is her next door neighbor so she looked out the window watching Amy pull the ramp down and Amy said so lightly, "She's beautiful!" and Kim ran outside and hugged Amy. Then Amy said "Mom, Dad, THANK YOU!!" "Your welcome!" they said. "Where's her tack and stuff?" Kim asked from behind. "In the stables!" Mom said. "Stables? What stables?" Amy said puzzled. "We built them when you were at school but its in the back right corner of the property so its invisible from the house windows." Dad said. "Wow, thanks guys!" Amy said with slight happy tears.

Amy and Kim led Sky Mist to Amy's stables and settled her in. Then Amy's parents checked on them and Amy said "Thanks so much mom and dad."

kandydove & Heffy
2016-04-08 20:27:48
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