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December Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

December Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2016-11-30 03:48:14
Christmas Night
by DreamerGirl

Outside the snow just blew harder. Was Star okay? My horse, Star, is a beautiful white Andalusian. I couldn't help but wonder, 'was she okay?' "Mom, do you think Star is alright? I mean, it's snowing pretty hard out there and the wind is strong." I asked worriedly. "I bet she's alright, Harper. It's a strong barn she's in." Mom had worry in her voice. Something was not right. "But I guess she could get scared from the wind and..." Mom's voice drifted off. What was she saying? Star wasn't alright?! With determination I slid my snow boots on and a jacket. "Just a minute, young lady. You are not going out there." That's it. Christmas was ruined. "Then are you?" I questioned. A slight nod she made. I was only half satisfied. "And I'm going with you." I went out the door. I hear Mom yelling my name, but I wasn't going back. All this for my beloved Star. She's new here - just came a week ago. When we got her, she was a skittish horse, and I needed to check on her. "Star!" I yelled amidst the sound of the blowing wind. "Harper!" I hear a faint cry from behind me. The wind blowing my hair and freezing my face, I wanted to run back inside. But not until I knew Star was okay. I finally reached the barn to see a frightened horse in her stall. "It's okay Star." I say softly to comfort the anxious creature. I calm her down and turn to see Mom with a very worried face. "Is she - I mean - are you alright?" She asks. I nod and turn to go back out into the storm. Holding Mom's hand we both make it back into the house where it was warm. We both breathed a sigh of relief once the door opened. "Merry Christmas." Mom smiled and said. I smile with her. "Merry Christmas."

{The End}

DreamerGirl & Serene
2016-11-30 03:18:18
Christmas gift
by abbyis8

honey it is time to get up. mom said. I got up, put on my finest dress and went downstares, when I saw the cookies where gone, the lights and the tree, I ran to the tree, mom said, wait for your da. so dad came down five minutes later. he opened the gift from me. he liked the coffee cup, the coffee cup said a fart is a smile. we all lafghted, mom opened y gift to her she started lafghing, I used the cheese and carved it into the shape of a cat head. she said it was time to see my gift we all ran outside, mom pushed her way into our old barn, there was a noise coming from one of the stalles! mom stopped, turned around and faced me she said go look in the old tack room so I did so, it was full of tack! then she told me to look in the old hayloft, I did it, it was full of hay! then she told my to lookj in the two stall, and when I saw what was in there I screamed I shouted! mom told me to calm down and name my new horses, I named the black mare moon, I named the white colt storm. mom said those where great names. we went in side and drank hot chocolate.

Abbyis8 & condray
2016-11-30 21:53:16
It looks like you entered this story in July 2015. Unfortunately we can only take a story once.****

The Horse With a Mind Part 1

Ever wondered what a pony or a horse is thinking? Meet Beauty, her eyes see right into our way of life, as humans, her eyes shine with intelligence and wonder at the ways of the daily human life. Her story starts here.

Once in the night, Mist Knight a big black stallion watched his wife Mist Magic a beautiful black mare give birth to their first-born foal. His mistress Penny and stable hand John watched nervously as Mist Magic was struggling to give birth to the foal. “Will the birth take much longer?” thought Penny. Sensing her doubt, the stallion Mist Knight nuzzled her shoulder with his roman black nose, for he was a great source of comfort Penny saying “its not long now you shall wait no more” he thought to himself. Soon the new foal was born and John helped Mist Magic stand up so the young newborn filly could get a much-needed drink of milk.

“What should we call her?” asked Mist Magic to her husband. “Hmmm…. why not call her Beauty as she has white socks and a small white star,” replied Mist Knight deep in thought.
Penny thinking what to call the young foal said “john we should name this foal Beauty or Prince if it’s a girl it’ll be named Beauty or a boy Prince” as she pondered through names that rhymed with Mist as the stallion Mist Knight was a black Friesian with a long mane and tail but the mare’s Mist magic’s mane and tail was a silky and glossy straight mane and tail.
But the filly was a beautiful black Friesian with a nice and kind curious manner she took in the stable’s smells and sights with her first and second standing hour the stable hand was amazed and so was penny.

“It’s a wonder how can a filly born be able to stand at this hour?’ Penny thought to herself but the small foal was tired of because of standing she decided to go to bed the proud parent’s chattered quietly as the foal went to a deep healing sleep.
“We must see how she can learn we are the first parents so silver and misty must be a bit envious of our child we must show her to the herd tomorrow” said Mist knight.
The proud parents Mist-Magic and Mist-Knight showed the new filly in the paddock as Mist-knight grazed and Magic taught Beauty the way to deal with older horses was to be polite.
Soon Silver and Misty came for a while too stretch their legs and Misty being curious mare came forward to ask “hello my friend your daughter is a beauty”
“She certainly is and a fast learner” came the reply from Magic as her young daughter cantered around the paddock and come to her mother for a good drink of milk. Silver was named Silver because of his coat colouring his was a wonderful dapple grey with ripples his show name was Silver ripples, “we had our child to his name is Pride other known to Pride-prince his show name of course.”
His voice hardened with envy and with a nasty whinny he tried to dominate.
“STOP IT YOU BIG BULLY!” said Mist-knight “this is my child why you fool do you know what the stableman will take you if get caught?”

Silver stopped to think for a moment “taken to a race track?” came the foolish reply “No you will be taken to the mistress she will only sell a fool like you to another stud-farm or to the knacker’s if your that foolish to frighten my child or our child for that matter” said Mist-knight sternly.

Magic raised her head her mane glistening in the breeze and spoken tone was firm in this strange matter “Silver please if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all”
Beauty flinched at the stallion in her path she knew one was her father humble and modest but the other was envious and a terrible coward taking risks.
Taking a breath Beauty closed her eyes in her mind a special power taking place. her head crackled and fizzed like a soft drink bubbling normal. “Stop this bickering and leave my family be even we have been quite nice, to you it doesn’t mean you have to be sour so go play with someone your own size in other words please leave silver” she said rearing up dainty with a powerful whinny.
“That’s right you leave us Silver for this John will see!” said Mist Knight in a snort with disappointment for the other stallion’s behaviour. Misty looked at her husband in a disapproved way “Silver I personally want to tell you please leave just because of the child’s sake I should stay and chat to the parents who I really respect.” Silver’s head dropped when he heard his wife talk to him in a firm manner he hadn’t been talked this way since his mother first told him to stay quiet. “Fine I’ll go but if that what you want me to do…” his voice trailed off into a whisper feeling bad of what he caused so much trouble.

Silver’s POV His head went down his ears droopy walking down his voice less harsh saying to Misty his beloved wife “sorry I’m so sorry what husband and friend am I? I’ve let my pride into my head boosting about our young son what father will I turn to be?” His question circled into his thoughts as he walked off “what was I thinking just because I am good at shows means that I need to be polite to maintain my reputation” he said to himself.
As he walked to a sweet patch of clover he reflected on his foal-hood the warmth of his mother, peaceful summer nights of rest with his family. Playing with the other colts and fillies finally to his training his memories of introducing the saddle and bridle the bit.

Penny saw what was happening with the horses grazing, near her veranda and walked to the pasture fence Silver seemed sad to be in the dumps. Penny’s first instinct was to take an apple and feed it to one of the horses she crooned gently. His head came up and his muzzle crunch the juicy apple the sent and the sweet flavour he savoured the sweetness of the apple’s juice with his tongue. Now Silver was less guilty to his actions and his wife knew this as he gave her a small glance saying to her I’m sorry. Beauty was a well-mannered foal with her learning skills she enjoyed her mother’s patience of her eagerness. His thought wandered to his own colt hood learning to obey humans. But his trainer not is listening to his human body. Silver’s freedom of his blood moving through him as he was in his beautiful wide open pasture the wind calling him an ancient urge to run free, and be one with the wind having the sun shining on his body. His powerful now he’s different a horse with a loud mouth his attention of his ears brought a car’s motor coming closer ‘it sounds strange its not like the SUV and the trailer, it’s got to be a four wheel drive I know its not one of the stud farm’s trailer’s and cars.’ He thought to himself thinking in the shady chestnut tree.

Will Silver find out what the car and his fate has in store and can beauty stop trouble brewing?

user no longer exists & ---
2016-12-07 05:35:11
Dog and Horse
By: Rabbit08

Dog runs and barks
Horse paws and whinnies

Dog eats dog food
Horse eats hay

Dog likes doggy toys
Horse likes horsey toys

Dog likes rolling around in the mud
Horse likes rolling around in the mud

Wolf comes
Tries to hurt Horse
Dog jumps in
Saves friend Horse

Dog injured
Human takes Dog away

Long time
Horse waits
No Dog

More long time
Horse waits
No Dog

Most long time
Horse waits
Dog limps
Dog limps to Horse

Dog limps to Horse and Horse paws

Dog lies down
Horse lies down

Horse and Dog are friends

Rabbit08 & Willowette
2016-12-11 01:46:28
A Club Pony Pal Christmas
By: Stallion08

I watched and watched
And I wanted to be
One of the special Club Pony Pal three.

It's very fun,
It's very sweet,
and I'm thinking that it's kinda neat.

But there's one big problem,
that I can't get around,
I have no pony,
'cause I act like a clown.

But tomorrow is Christmas,
I can't wait to see,
what is downstairs,
waiting for me.

I leap down the stairs,
my face filled with joy,
but sadly, oh so sadly,
there are no toys!

My mom called me out,
to come and to see,
what was there,
special for me!

Standing there,
was a very fine horse!
Not one glossy hair even a little bit coarse!

I was delighted to find,
I was to name her,
My parents were very kind!

I thought and thought,
with a final shout of glee,
"Her name will be Peanut!"
I was so very happy!

I could finally be,
one of the
Club Pony Pal three!

user no longer exists & ---
2016-12-14 02:43:22
A Pony for Christmas
By HannahB5horses

Alice waited in line patiently. She was waiting to see Santa. Only she wasn't sure Santa could give her what she wanted. Because she wanted a pony for Christmas. Finally she was there, Alice was glad this Santa didn't make you sit in his lap because Alice was nine and she didn't feel like siting in his lap."And what would YOU like for Christmas young lady?" He asked. "Well you see I would really like a pony for Christmas but I doubt you can help me with that." Alice looked sad. "Well I'll see what I can do. Okay?" "Okay." Alice answered. When she got home she ate supper with her family then went to bed. The next day was Christmas eve and Alice and her family were going to the Christmas eve service at church. Mom had to go shopping but Alice hated shopping so she didn't go with. That night the Christmas eve service was good, but all Alice could think about was horses. Horses came to mind in what ever the pastor said. When the family got home everyone went to bed.
Christmas morning Alice got up to her mom saying,"Alice It's time to get up." Alice turned over, then suddenly remembered "Oh yeah it's Christmas!" She exclaimed. Then ran downstairs. For presents she got, a book about horses,a stuffed toy horse,and some other horse things. Then her Dad said,"Alice there is one more gift out side waiting for you." Alice jumped up and hurried out side, she didn't even care that it was only 30 degrees outside,she wanted to see her pony. Little did she know that it was ponies. When she got out there she found a strawberry roan mare with a foal. "Oh Mom,Dad thank you so much!" She said then gave her parents a hug. "What will you call them ?" Mom asked. "I'm going to call the mother Carol like a Christmas carol,and I'm going to call the foal Snowy!"

The end

HannahB5horses & Star
2016-12-17 03:54:28
O Christmas Tree
By cool bay
Does not contain ponies

O Christmas tree how pretty are your branches. You have red decorations,blue decorations. You are nice looking tree. But you are very alive. You like snow. O I forgot to tell you that I'm cool bay. This year has been fun. Till next.

cool bay & snow
2016-12-18 00:40:44
Ocean's story: Part 1
By Pippa Smith

Hello, I am Ocean and this is my story. One day, I woke up and all I saw was water. My rider, Elsren, had put me to bed in my normal stall. But the strange thing was, that while I was underwater, I could breath. A few minutes after I had woke up, Elsren came in. He could breath to. His sister, Kel, got on Tsunami, my brother, and we swam out together. We all were able to breath in this huge expanse of water. It was amazing. Then I saw that we had turned colors and now matched the ocean. We swam deep and I enjoyed the feeling of water on my fur. It was cold water, but didn't bother me. Then there was a flash and I once again woke up. We were in a cozy room with puddles and ponds everywhere. I know had a horn. A horse that looked like me with wings came in and touched his horn first to me and then to Tsunami. We felt power surge through us. Then we grew wings. Where am I? Why am I blue and have a horn and wings? And, hey, why is my mane and tail made out of small waterfalls?

user no longer exists & ---
2016-12-18 00:40:44
By Pippa Smith

There was once a champion barrel racing horse named Rubix. He was beautiful with his black and white coloring. He had a rider named Emma who had bought him untrained at age 5. She had trained him up to this point. It was his last barrel race for a long time, but Emma did not know this. They were in the biggest barrel race they had ever been to. Rubix was excited and took off at a good pace. But Going around the first barrel, Emma lost her stirrup. Rubix was moving so fast that around the second barrel, he was slightly off balance and jerked towards the barrel. Any other time Emma would have been fine, but since she had only one foot in the stirrup, Emma fell under Rubix. He fell but quickly jumped back up and was fine, But she was not. She was taken to the nearest hospital. Dr. Buzzard said that she had broken her back and would be parylyzed. Emma then realized that she couldn't feel anything and told the doctor. He took her to X-rays again and then told her that it would be questionable if she could ever move her arms. She had bad jolts which come with being parylyzed. Randomly she would kick. How would Emma ever live normally again?

user no longer exists & ---
2016-12-18 00:40:44
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