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Sure Caroline!(It's okay if I call you that right?)

And Yes Grace you can be Lizzie or Kaylee.

Caroline I recomend that you be Hawk,because she is Winnie's best friend.:D

HannahB5horses & Star
2017-01-14 03:16:14
OK, can I be Kaylee? Thanks!
TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2017-01-14 05:21:37
Aw!!! Of course you can call me that!!! Thanks for asking! Your so sweet!!! :D

Aw!!!!!! Thanks so much for recommending me for that part :D I think II would enjoy it a lot!!! ;D :D ;D

By the way who is Winnie???

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-01-14 14:40:48
I meant who is going to play the part of Winnie. :) well have a great day!
Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-01-15 15:56:06
Grace, you can be Kaylee.(Please make a form.)
Caroline, I am going to be Winnie. Thanks! :)

HannahB5horses & Star
2017-01-21 03:15:35
Yay!!!!! Thanks so much Hannah!!!!!!!! :D
I will make my forum! :D

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-01-21 13:27:42
OK He is my forum! (Sorry if i did not do it right,because for some reason it was hard for me to understand ;D) (Because I don't read the books so i will try to understand) :)

I Have not read them but what i have herd and seen..........RATE:100 :D

NAME:Hawk (Winnie's best friend:)

AGE:11 (Is that ok??)

PERSONALITY: Some times wild but loves Winnie and can be really gentle.

Job:(Dose she have a certain Job)???
Thanks for putting up with me Hannah!!!!!! xD

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-01-21 13:40:12
Just to tell you Caroline,Hawk's horse's name is Towaco. She doesn't have a job. :)
HannahB5horses & Star
2017-01-23 01:45:34
NAME: Kaylee
AGE: 12
HORSE: She doesn't have a horse, but at Happy Trails Ranch, she rides a horse called Buck (Or commonly known as Buckskin Bandit). She pretends she owns him.
PERSONALITY: Friendly, kind, and loves animals
JOB: she doesn't have a full time job, but in the holidays, she works at a ranch, Happy Trails

TheHorseRiders & Chiko
2017-01-27 04:20:36
Ohhhh OK! Sorry about that! xD Thanks!
Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-01-27 13:18:20
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