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November 2017 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

November 2017 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB
2017-10-31 18:38:55
Ghost Horse
Chapter 2

I awoke when the car rumbled up the drive way. As soon as the car stopped I jumped out and ran to see my new house. I stopped right in front of the steps I looked at the large windows, the large porch and the large oak door. I stepped forward and opened the door. I pushed the door open and looked around. It was dusty, musty and dark. I smiled, I love old houses. I ran up the stairs at the end of the hall. when I got to the top I saw five doors I went to the third on and pushed it open. I instantly knew this would be my room. It was big with large gaping windows that overlooked the desert. I saw a closet, an old dresser and a four poster bed in the corner. other then that there was only a small wooden desk. I leaned my elbows on the window sill and looked out. I saw a flash of white and when I looked again I saw the same beautiful whit horse I saw before in the car. I was running ahead of a herd of multicolored horses. I smiled again and left the room. Four hours later after the moving van had arrived and our car was unpacked, I was sitting on the floor of my new room going through about fifteen boxes all marked "Brooke" when my dad walked in, "Hey dad" I said and rose to my feet. "hey Cowgirl" He replied. I picked up a box from the floor and carried it over to my walk in closet. I started unloading cloths and putting them on shelves and hanging them on hangers. When I was done, I looked over and saw that my dad was going through a box of books. He brought them over to my bookshelf I brought from home. Went over and started helping him.
"Hey I got you something outside." he said suddenly. "What is it?" I asked "Well come on out ans I'll show you." he replied. We went back down stairs and out the back door. There i saw a medium sized barn with a connecting paddock. I smilled "You mean" I started "Yep you are going to get a horse." he replied.

Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-01 20:28:31
My horse poem
by me

A horse horse and travels its own course by its self or with a friend it's owner on its back a feather will fly how brave it is to pull a carriage with luggage so high its own courage pulls it along how courageous in its own special way that's without a doubt when pulling its with pride the people hiking i know what i would choose with baggage high its heart pure as gold when saddled up its adventures they crave when a feather floats among the woods wind pulling it along by a beautiful friend special doves fly by. without a doubt they tag along and bend over to help courage from there fans is special along the way wind pulling they ride with pride the carriage they pull to a beach with tide without a doubt i know what i would choose for a special friend a horse of course that you can depend the animal i love so deep in my heart

horsescool8 & karl
2017-11-03 01:29:08
The whole herd faced south. The north wind blowed on their backs in an icy torrent. The winter tempest raged on. Winter was upon them. They traveled slowly, but when the snow stopped, they kicked up their heels in celebration. They were hungry, but who cared? They were dancing, crow-hopping and simply having fun. They had an endless supply of snow, and it was a bright morning. They neighed greetings to foraging herds and stomped disapproval towards the cawing crows. They continued their parade in perfect joy. It was a sunny winter day, what could be more perfect?
Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2017-11-03 21:03:21
The rains of spring are over
The warmth of summer low
The leaves of fall are gone
And now here comes snow.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2017-11-03 21:05:14
I ment a horse goes
horsescool8 & karl
2017-11-04 03:24:20
By ThreeTerriers

"Keep your heels down!"

I pushed my heels down again before slowing Brinnley to a trot. Brinnley, my dark bay horse, and I had been riding for over an hour in the heated arena. Outside of the arena fences were rows and rows of occupied and unoccupied stalls. Several pathways cut between the rows of stalls, leading to the outside. A tall, tanned woman stood in the middle of the large setup - Sabrine, my riding instructor. She sighed, telling me to slow my horse to a halt and dismount. I did, sliding the reins over Brinnley's head.

"You're not going to be ready for the show this weekend if you keep forgetting the basics," she said to me, arms crossed.

"I know, I know." We walked out of the arena. I quickly led Brinnley to a four-horse wash rack to untack him. Slowly I took off his bridle and replaced it with his halter, moving to his saddle. I slid the smooth, black leather saddle onto a nearby post attached the the wooden walls where I could clean it later.

I moved back to Brinnley, this time with a soft brush. I ran it over his smooth coat, which had barely started to come in with a new winter coat. Sweat covered the bay's coat. After a few minutes it seemed we were both content with how his coat looked. I put the brush back in the small plastic box before un-clipping the cross ties and replacing them with a halter.

I led Brinnley out of the warm stable and into the cold, biting air outside. The sky was grey and covered with even darker clouds, indicating that rain was soon to come. I looked out across the seemingly endless acres of grass surrounded by pristine white fences. Together Brinnley and I walked up to one of the gates.

The bay horse stood calmly beside me and grazed as I undid the latch. The pasture was empty save for two other horses - a retired Warmblood gelding named Curl, and a Quarter Horse mare named Renwick. Curl and Renwick were owned by the same owners, a woman named Melissa and her husband, Carter. The couple were selling the four-year old mare, but for now, she was content and relaxed in the pasture with her pals.

Both horses trotted up to me and Brinnley as I opened the gate. Hurriedly I led the horse in, closing and latching the gate behind me so as to keep from letting Curl and Renwick from getting out. I undid Brinnley's halter, letting him run in the lush field.

He cantered off, Renwick following and Curl trotting slowly behind them.

Brinnley bucked and squealed in excitement, Renwick quick to follow. Even Curl, in his older age, seemed like a bundle of energy now.

I slipped under the tall wooden fence, standing on one of the slabs and putting my arms on the top slab. I laid my head on my arms as I studied Brinnley.

He was a rescue that I had gotten when I was nine years old, making him about seven years old now. He had been almost two years old when my parents and I bought him. I remembered the hesitant look in my mother's eyes - such a young horse for a kid that young?

My dad was more easily convinced. We bought the horse a few weeks later, and brought him to the stable I used to ride at. It wasn't as grand as this one, but I loved it nonetheless. I'd been riding horses for five years before I'd bought him, making me four years old when I started.

We didn't know what breed he was, but the vet said that he most likely had Thoroughbred blood in him. Sometimes it showed, but other times, he was lazy.

Muscles rippled beneath his coat as he kicked his hind legs into the air. His loud calls of excitement rang through the bitter winter air.

After what seemed like about an hour, the three horses had finally calmed down and were grazing side by side as if they'd been relaxing all day. I hopped off the fence, knowing I'd already wasted too much time. I walked quickly back into the warm barn.

I cleaned Brinnley's tack and put it away. I walked out of the tack room and noticed the date on a calendar of shows and events. It was only a few months away from Christmas. I smiled to myself before going to find Sabrine.

Sabrine was with in one of the stalls with one of her several horses. MacWell, a Warmblood chestnut stallion, was eating a dinner of hay. Sabrine was braiding the horse's mane for fun as MacWell finished eating.

"Thanks for the lesson. I'll see you tomorrow," I said to the riding instructor, waving to her and leaving out of the stable.

I went to my bike which I had propped up against one of the exterior walls of the stable. I felt a drop of rain against my hand, and soon the light sprinkling of rain turned to a hard, cold sheet of rain. I frowned, wishing that I didn't have to bike home in such weather.

As I neared my house, I realized that the rain had turned to a thin cascade of snow. I smiled to myself once again, thinking of how I would be trail riding in the snow tomorrow.

Winter was finally here!

ThreeTerriers & Lily
2017-11-04 22:58:27
Giving Thanks

I woke up to find myself still laying in Aztec's stall, only Aztec was not there. I ran out, ran to his pasture, and breathed relief. He had been in so much pain the night before and I was up all night trying to calm him down. There was something wrong with his right front leg, and the doctors were up for hours trying to treat his infection. I stood by Aztec for hours, trying as hard as I could to comfort him. I remember him screeching- the barn walls echoed the noise back, ringing in my eardrums. Right before I dozed off to sleep from exhaustion, I heard one of the doctors say, "He may not make it."
In the cold, frosty morning, I rubbed my hands together and set out to the pasture. Aztec was limping, head hanging. As I opened the gate, he tried to walk towards me. All I could do was watch. His leg, which looked like it was wrapped a million times, was dragging along as he tried to walk. I shut the gate and ran over to him. I gave him a hug and cried a little. I couldn't let him go so soon. I wiped away my tears, and stood right next to him for a while.
"Breanne," Abby called, "time to come in for breakfast!"
"Okay," I called, "I'm coming!"
I ran back to the house and sat down at our kitchen table. Abby got up to bring me a nice omelet with a bagel. "Thanks," I said.
"So," said Abby, "I understand how much you love Aztec, but we want to let you know tha-"
"I know. He may not make it," I said sternly.
"No," said Abby, "Actually I wanted to tell you that the doctors want to try one more thing. But they told us that if it fails-" Abby paused for a moment, "Aztec's condition is fatal."
I stared at her. Millions of things ran through my head. I looked at Abby again, and said, "Anything to save Aztec's life."
As I was leaving the door Abby said,
"Remember Thanksgiving is soon, good things are coming." I smiled.
The vet crew all pulled up in their ambulance and asked me to carefully lead Aztec up to the barn- they thought he was okay to walk a little bit. I ran down to his paddock and looked at him. I put him on the cross-ties and asked the doctors if I could stand with Aztec, and they said yes.
As they got to work, I didn't watch. I just looked at Aztec. The voices of the doctors did not sound positive. I prayed hard. Finally I heard a snap, then a shout of victory. I looked down at the vets and asked, "He's going to live?" They turned towards me and said, "Yes, He will live, however you cannot ride him over jumps over two feet. We don't want him to get injured. What we did to him weakened his leg a good bit, and we don't want more problems with it." "Okay," I said, as tears of joy streamed down my face. I hugged Aztec.
Although I cannot ride him the way I used to, I learned so much more. I love him more than ever. And quite frankly, now I understood what Abby meant about Thanksgiving. At the table, as we were all eating, I said aloud, "Thank God Aztec is the best horse I could ever learn from."
And with that, I heard a neigh. It was of joy and happiness. I thought to myself that things never happen exactly the way we want them to. And maybe that is the true meaning of giving thanks.

hosessaddles & Phoenix
2017-11-09 21:38:13
By: Princess Carmen

The first horse

It had always been a dream for one mom and daughter to get a horse, Her mom wanted one since she was a kid like her daughter. Her daughter took riding lessons for about a year it helped mom and daughter even though she really did not ride ( the mom ) So they put up some fencing and put up a barn and kept looking until they found the perfect horse for their family. One day they saw an beautiful seal brown gelding for sale! It was a Tennessee Walker / Quarter horse mix he was not ride able but they would train him if they had to he was a calm horse. So they drove hours to go pick him up and hours on the way back. A few weeks later they found a light brown arabian quarter horse mix for sale they drove hours there and back once again! Now they are happy to finally have horses the end.

Princess Carmen & Jackie
2017-11-14 13:18:01
By: Slimegurl

Wrote on 10/21/17

PTP and the Lost Cornucopia

One crisp fall morning, I awoke to the sound of sizzling pans and wonderful aromas. I breathed in the warm, delicious air and went to get dressed. "Hmm" I thought as i pulled clothes out of the drawer"What should I wear today?". I decided on some plain black leggings and a comfortable sweatshirt. I went downstairs to a small breakfast, which made sense because after all, Thanksgiving was tomorrow. My mother hardly even looked up at me because she was so deep in her Thanksgiving preparation. "Pies? Check. Tablecloth? Check. Pies? Wait, where are the pies?" my mother said "We certainly cannot have Thanksgiving without pie! Sophie, you go downtown and pick me up one-wait, two- apple pies.". As I was told, I caught a bus downtown and bought two delicious smelling apple pies. They smelled so good I had to make sure I wasn't drooling for all the bus riders to see. "Wow, Snowflake would've snatched these out of my hands already if she was here!" I thought to myself. Snowflake was my favorite pony in the world. This probably was mainly because she was mine, but even if she was not, I would still love her.
I got home and put the pies away. Lucky for me, my mother was not in the kitchen so I sneaked off to the barn. As soon as I stepped inside, i smelled the pony-scented air. What could be better! "Hey, Soph!" called my dad. I ran over to hug him. "Hmm, does my little Soph girl smell like apple pie?" he smelled me and I laughed "Yes, I'm now Mom's personal food deliverer" I joked.I walked over and gave Snowflake the apple I had smuggled from the kitchen. "Don't tell Mom I took these just for you, or else I may not be able to see you for a week" I told Snowflake. This wasn't exactly true. Mom adored Snowflake and so did Dad and I. No matter what I did, she would never keep me from her.
When I left the barn, I suddenly felt sad. "What will Snowflake do on Thanksgiving? What will the other horses do on Thanksgiving?" it never occurred to me that maybe I should throw a little Thanksgiving party for the horses. I mean, shouldn't they get to join in on the fun too? I ran to the house and immediately went to my room. I started sketching out ideas for the Pony Thanksgiving Party (which I nicknamed "PTP"). I eventually come to one fantastic plan. I would clean up the horses and make them look really nice, then I would set up an area where the actual party would be held, after that I would bring the horse safe food out, and finally the feast would begin. I gathered a few decorations and and perfected the party plan. There! The plan was complete. I went to bed that night happy because the ponies would have their Thanksgiving too.
The day of the PTP, I gathered the decorations and set them up. The ponies were bathed and brushed, and they were fed less than usual in preparation for their mini feast. I set out my favorite decoration, my cornucopia. I had made it when I was very little. I set it out and then I rang my bell. "Let the PTP begin!" I announced. My dad, mom, and I led the ponies out. We held them while they ate so we could make sure they didn't take to many treats, or they didn't ignore the foods that were good for them, and to make sure they didn't eat too much in all. It started to rain so we led the ponies back inside. The feast was pretty much over, so we didn't take it into the barn. We ran into the house for shelter from the rain. We washed up and made sure our table was in perfect order because after all, it was Thanksgiving. Before we dug in, we were supposed to say what we were thankful for. "I'm thankful for my family" said dad. "I'm thankful for the very roof over my head" said mom. When it was my turn, I messed up a bit. "I'm thankful for my-CORNUCOPIA!" I shouted and ran to the barn. Oh no! How could I have forgotten? My favorite cornucopia! Left out in the rain and cold! I was extremely disappointed in myself for leaving out my favorite cornucopia.
I looked and looked, but my cornucopia was nowhere to be found. I sat in the barn in defeat. I cried until i heard my worried parents' footsteps in the barn. I didn't want to see anyone at that moment, so I slid into Snowflake's stall. I hugged her and she let me cry on her. Once I finally looked up, I saw the most amazing thing. My cornucopia was placed in the corner of her stall! She must have grabbed it thinking it was food of some sort. I took the cornucopia and hugged it. I was so glad I had it back. I patted her and returned to the Thanksgiving feast. It truly was a Thanksgiving to remember.

slimegurl & Sundae
2017-11-22 03:42:26
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