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February 2018 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

February 2018 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB
2018-01-31 00:23:02
Ghost Horse
By: PonyGal103
Chapter 4

I Walked up and down the aisles of horses. I looked closely at each one. They all had their own card on the pen, and they were all so different. I stopped at a double pen, bet only one horse was there. The horse was a small, blue roan gelding, and after reading the ID card, found out his name was Blue Grass. He was 7 years old, and his previous owner had died. Blue Grass was sad looking, and I guessed he was depressed. I entered the pen and held out a piece of carrot I had broken off. Blue Grass reached out his head and sniffed the carrot, then gently took it in his mouth. He crunched the treat, then slowly walked up to me. I let him sniff me, then I clipped my lead to his worn, grey halter. I lead him back to my pen, were my other candidate, a large, light grey mare I had secretly named Wisper, stood eating the oats in the bucket. Upon seeing the new horse, Blue tossed his head and let out a low whinny. I let the two horses sniff each other, then lead Blue into one of the small spaces beside Wisper. Wisper leaned over to sniff Blue and he let her. I smiled, happy that they got along. My dad had explained that some of the horses might not like each other, that was why there were little chute like things that made up my pen. Each horse got their own chute, so that they wouldn't fight with the other horses. Each chute was about 9 feet wide by 15 feet long and had it's own water and feed bucket. I walked back out in to the swarm of people, and found the foal aisle. There were only three pens, and only 10 or so foals, but they moved so fast it looked like a hundred. The foal's ages ranged from 6 months to about 18 months. I looked in on a black foal, his card said his name was Bolt, and he was 10 month old. Bolt walked around the pen, then suddenly broke into a wild gallop. I then realized why his name was bolt. The other foal in the pen was a small, black and white paint. Her ID said she was 5 months. I looked for more information, but there was none. The little filly cowered in the corner of then pen as Bolt raced frantically around the pen. I silently open the gate and stepped inside. Bolt stopped then snorted and walked over to get a drink. I approached the filly, and help out some carrot. She took it eagerly and the walked up to me and leaned into me side. I cliped my lead to her tiny halter and lead her to my pen. The filly trotted happily by my side and when I let her into a chute, she quickly made friends with Blue. I realized I only had two chutes left, and I wanted to save one for the showing. The showing would be tomorrow, that was when the potential buyers would work with their horses, to see if they want them. If they did, they would be put back in the buyer's pen. If not, then anyone else could ask for the horse. I only had one spot left, and there were so many horses. I turned around, and run smack into a person. I stepped back and said "Oh, so sorry. Are you okay?" The person I had ran into turned out to be a boy, he looked about my age. He replyed. " Oh, yes, excuse me. I was not looking were I was going" He stuck out his hand, "Hi, I am Ben" I looked at him. He had red hair, green eyes, and a bout a hundred freckles. I shook his hand and said "Hi, I am Brooke. Nice to meet you." He pulled his hand away and said "Nice to meet you too Brooke. Are you new here? I don't think I have seen you around here." I answered. "Yeah, my dad and I moved here two days ago. Are you here to buy horses?" We walked over to my pen, and Ben petted Wisper. "Yeah," He said "My mom and I are here to buy a couple. What about you, are these yours?" "Yeah, that there is Wisper, Blue, and, she doesn't have a name yet." Ben looked over the horses, who, unusually, seemed excited and happy. "Cool, that little filly, she seems nice, and Blue here is a real beaut." He looked down at his watch, "Aw, shoot, I got to go." I looked at me "See you tomorrow for the showings?" he asked. "Yep, see ya then." He ran off and I sighed. I looked down at the little filly. She was flower on the ground. "That's it, I will call you, wait no, Flower is no good for you. I guess I will keep thinking." I walk back out into the maze of pens and look around. I don't see much, a notice a small red stallion, but before I can get a good look at him, a small boy, about the age of 5 runs up and climbs on the gate. What I assume are his parent come walking after him and ask "Are you sure Patrick, you want this one?" asks his mother. The boy, Patrick says "Yes, yes yes. This one Mommy," he looks at the card. and the exclaims. "And his name is Red, like the color." He laughs a loud, gurgling laugh, and Red, the horse sticks his head over the gate to blow in the child's face. Patrick sneezes then hops down. He holds out a chunk of carrot, and Red eats. A man enters the pen, and then the family leads Red away, Patrick skipping along side his new horse. I couldn't wait to see them tomorrow in the showings. I continue walking, glancing in the pens, looking for the right horse. I finally spot a medium sized Stallion in a pen near the front of the rest. He is by him self in a large, ten horse pen. I wonder why no one claimed him. I walk up to him, but then a man pushes me out of the way and enters the pen, I brush my self off and walk a little ways off. The horse is spooked by the fuss and is pacing back and forth. When the man enters, the horse darts away from him. I look at the ID card. There is a small picture of the buckskin horse and info under it. It says, his name is Buck, how original, he is 5 years old, 14 hands tall and he has temperament problems. I am glad that man pushed me out of the way now. I walk away and come to a pen with four horses in it, most of the horses are small, Grey ponies. But there is one that is a smokey black color. She steps out of the herd, and walks over to get something to eat, I find her card and read, her name is Moonlight, she is 9 years old, a pure thoroughbred, and is 14.5 hands. I open the pen and feed her the last of my carrot, she lets me clip on the lead. I lead her out to my pen, and she lets the little filly sniff her. I find my dad's pen, he also has four horses. A large dapple grey mare, a white stallion, a brown gelding and a small roan colt. I sit down and wait for my father.

Ponygal103 & Sai
2018-01-31 22:17:12
The Horse Whispers To Me

Somehow, the horse calls to me.
It's beauty, reeling.
It's something I always see.
It's always a feeling.
The horse is the peace.
It is the freedom.
It will never cease.
And we all need 'em.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2018-02-01 19:56:22
to lope across a feild of green clovers, is her joy, and mine. to lie on her back and wait, its her joy, and mine. to ride around a arena in a walk, canter, or gallop, is her joy, and mine. to stand still and get brushed, is her joy and mine. to rub her nose, its her joy, and mine. she is always with me, and iam always with her.

bella grace ponies & Prince
2018-02-01 20:29:24
Hey Jane! I know it's been eons since I offered anything to y'all, and this isn't very good, and it took roughly ten minutes. . .but here it is anyway. Try not to cry at its utter badness.

Back and forth
Back and forth
Learning to ride
Back and forth
Back and forth.
Like a rocking chair
The horse moves gently
Steady and slow
Sensing the nervousness
Of the rider it carries.
It takes patience
Patience and time
To learn to ride.
The seconds tick
The pendulum swings
Like the even beats
Of the horse’s hooves
Back and forth
Back and forth.
Take it slow
Take it easy
Don’t be nervous
It’ll come
Slow and steady
Like the horse’s steps
Rocking gently
Back and forth
Back and forth.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2018-02-04 19:29:13
hi, my names shasta, and iam a quarter horse. Right now,me and my girl, Emma, are competing at a horse show We're cantering, running, across the track. Leap, jump, finish! As we head for another jump, a person in the crowd yells stop! Stop, horse! I skid to a stop. Emma flys off of me. I try to clear the jump to catch her, but it's to late. Emma lands in a heap on the ground, and I almost topple off my feet on to Emma. As soon as I regain my balance, I see that Emma is scarcely breathing. Mrs. And Mr.kellins, Emma's parents, rush over. I also see that there's a ambulance. I know this is not the best time to spook, so I try to see WHY IN THE WORLD someone wolud call, stop, If they knew what wolud happen. As I look to the left, I see a horrific sight. An alligator!!! I neigh with terror. As I canter over to alert the kellins about the gator, I see mr. And Mrs. Kellins crying. This is too much to Take. I dart of in the area, just too realize ALLIGATOR!!! someone screams. I skid to a sudden stop. My mind reminds me:ALLIGATOR! I realize now that I am face to face with the Ferocious Beast. The animal hisses. And I rear. I stamp on the gators head, and knock him out. I feel the kellins behind me I walk over. Well, Mr. Kellins says, I close my eyes. Please be good, please be good, I think. Well, he continued, I guess we don't need this horse anymore...NO! I think, NO! PART TWO COMING SOON!

bella grace ponies & Prince
2018-02-26 00:52:28
Mckenna’s First Rescue Horse

Wow, a rescue horse. We finally rescued a horse! We, being me and my dad, have been waiting for this day for all of our lives! This is the most exciting moment of my life! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Mckenna, and I love horses. When I grow up, I want to have the biggest horse ranch in all of Idaho! Now, my family owns four horses, and all of them are Quarter Horses, except for our new rescue horse.
Our rescue horse is an Appaloosa, a very beautiful one. When we picked him up, he was a mess. He was dirty, with mud caked all over him. He had also been skinny, which was not good, but the rescue shelter had helped him to gain weight. Now, this rescue is very skittish. When we picked him up, he kept running around his pen! I just laughed. I thought that it was funny, because when he ran, he stuck his tail up, which is a sign that horses show to tell us that they are happy. His coat is beautiful, besides the mud. His coat is very special to me, he is a bay blanketed Appaloosa. He is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen.
When we got home, we let him go and just let him run around. Instead of doing what other horses do, or explore, he just put his head down, kicked, and started running around! I just had to laugh, because he was such a unique horse. I couldn’t wait to work with him.
The next morning, I went out into our pasture to take care of him, and I found him laying down by the fence by my horse, Eddie. I could already tell that they would be good friends. “Hey, Eddie!” I say. Eddie looked up at me, and then my Appaloosa looked up, got up and came up to me. He was close enough for me to just barely touch him, but as soon as I reached my hand out, he ran off. “We have lots of work todo, my buddy,” I say to myself.
Based on what he likes to do, which is run, I named him Pharoh after the famous racehorse. Anyways, I walked out to get his halter, and you know what he did? He ran around, once again. He was happy, too. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him so I can work with him. He wouldn’t stop running around! Finally, I just gave up and decided to try tomorrow.
That next morning, I went out to catch Pharoh. After a few laps around the pasture, I finally caught him! I was so proud. I tied him up to our fence, and then I had to brush the caked on mud. Oh, I could tell that he would be fun to work with. “Hey, buddy,” I say. He whinnied in return. I was excited! I would finally ride him, I couldn't wait to ride Pharoh.
After I saddled him up, I hopped up into the saddle. What the rescue center didn’t tell us, was that he was green and hadn’t been ridden a lot. Well, I had trotted him as a part of our daily warm-ups, and he bucked me off. Yep, he bucked me off. “Welp, there goes that!” I say. I go and unsaddle him and then put him away. I knew that there would be more work to do with him, I can't wait for tomorrow!

user no longer exists & ---
2018-02-26 01:42:17
i know this happpens to horses, like in black beauty, BUT ME!?!? i never dreamt that the wolud happen to ME! nevertheless, i sat still and waited....two minutes later, a lady walks up to us. so, your selling the old girl? says the lady. i wolud be happy to buy her. she took 2300 dollars out of her pocket. mr.kellins smiled and shook his head no. iam sorry, he said, but there was a young lady who said that if we ever was to sell her. oh, said the lady. we walked away. PART THREE COMING SOON!

bella grace ponies & Prince
2018-02-27 02:45:19
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