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pony World Competition club Pony World is a place where real life and living ALicorns LIVE! these Half Pegasus and half unicorns Have a rainbow race every week! the Alicorns come in Red, Blue, Green, yellow, Rainbow, and all kinds of different colors! and yet another reason to Declare Pony world, the Alicorns have a strap-on horn and Jet-packs for Wings! and, if that's not cool enough, they wear Shoes and clothes! If you want to join, here are the forms:

Say, Bella, did you make a form?
ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2019-12-24 16:40:56
XD Merry Christmas, everyone!
bella grace ponies & Prince
2019-12-24 16:40:56
I held off the RP about two weeks to long... oh well. I hope I can entice some of you!

Sugar- Runs around a small practice track, hoping that someone will join her. (RM: Hint, hint) She hears wings flapping and looks over to see a second alicorn flying over. "Hi!" She calls hopefully.

Silver- "Hello," he responds, stepping boldly onto the track. "I was wondering, your Highness..." He begins sarcastically.

Sugar- "Here we go."

Silver- "...When the next race is?" He finishes with a quick glare.

Sugar- Looks over at the rainbow that serves as a track. "Soon. Soon, I hope," she answers.

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2020-01-14 20:21:45
RM: Let's see when I get around to the SOS W-mails... or, SMS, I guess, since Bella has disappeared and I dunno if anybody was ever here.

Sugar- "You know, there are two of us here... so how 'bout it? Will you race me?"

Silver- "Sure, if you want to lose."

Sugar- "That's my line! Ugh. C'mon, let's race!" Flies toward the track with Silver.

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2020-02-12 04:19:55
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This is Club Pony Pals, the official Pony Pals game and virtual horse world. Here you can adopt, ride and care for the pony you always wanted. Our site is based on the Scholastic books about three girls by Jeanne Betancourt.