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I agree pony mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Calldaisy & My Pony
2010-11-07 23:34:16
I think people are just sooo selfish. It doesn't matter who was here first, just kick them out and start fresh eh. Save the Mustags!!!

rachel012 & Celeste
2010-11-21 14:22:42
help horses bring them to us to own horses need to be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice813 & Merida
2010-12-11 14:18:24
Americas wild mustangs still need your help, I recommend checking The Cloud Foundation to see what you can do. (I'm sure many of you remember the wild stallion Cloud from tv) The year is about to end, and the BLM is still determined to gather the last bit of horses to match their claimed number in the beginning of the year.

---It has been estimated that by the end of 11 years, there will be no wild horses---

Skyward & Kindle
2010-12-14 22:47:51

crocker123 & Noah
2011-01-03 01:29:42
SAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they represented America's wild west
Katie and Bravery & Bravery
2011-01-19 01:15:44
there are no truly wild horses in north america, they're all feral. mustangs will leave us alone if we leave them alone, it's not like they destroy the land, where they eat grass the grass grows back, unlike sheep which are close croppers. i can understand small rounups, to keep mustangs from over populating, but mass roundups? whole herds disappearing, because of roundups. I'm all right with people taming mustangs, but only if its the right person, not someone that'll go 'oh what a cute horse,' adopt the horse then head the wrong direction. then there's the people that have the mindset to show the horse who's boss, so they knock them around and then where are they? A very spooky horse, or a horse with a broken spirit. I believe in looking at the horse as an equal, true there are some things where the horse needs to know you're the boss. Yes, some bad things come to mustangs and tame horses, as Britnie qouted 'The wild horses were here before human. Why are we taking that AWAY from them? Then we send them to the slaughter?' The US goverment is trying to stop horse slaughter. Slaughter has been banned in the US, but kill buyers come from mexico and buy american horses, american mustangs, slaughter will never be stopped, but why can't we do it more kindly? that's another subject i could talk all day about. this is my thought onmass roundups and horse slaughter.
mybuety & Pressed
2011-03-28 22:45:37
jeez. It's in-humane to kill these wild horses, and I dont know about you, but I would never eat horse meat.
lovehorses14 & White Witch
2011-04-02 02:32:54
A poem I wrote for all those horse slaughterers!


Let them be,
Wild and Free,
as they were,
Before we came.

They helped stake the homesteaders claim!
If they die out you're the ones to blame!

People think dog food horses are lame,
But that's an evil lie!
Fie! Fie!
Upon you.
Leave them be,
Wild and free,
Don't kill the Wild West's symbol!

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2011-04-12 00:35:29
We'll enter it inour poem contest!!!
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-04-12 01:07:05
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