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Its cruel what people do with horses afterthey catch them :@
Raven305 & Scarlet
2010-02-15 22:57:34
I am signing... I totally agree with all the points given here--- and the quote-- SAVE OUR MUSTANGS- they have feelings too
Sadieboots12 & Gracie
2010-02-16 00:41:28
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-02-16 10:31:00
I think that the BLM (Buro of Land Management) is very cruel in their rounding up mustangs. How many 'free' mustangs are left? 100,000? Maybe? But they aren't really free because their land is being reduced, and they are under constant threat of being rounded up and sold. Now, if I ever bought a mustang at an auction, and it wasn't tame already, I'd set it free again. Mustangs are America's only wild horses, so SAVE THEM AND LET THEM FREE!


microphone & My Pony
2010-02-16 13:40:12
Only 31,OOO left? People are very creul. The horses need to reporduece or THE MUSTANGE WILL BE EXTINCT!!.. Someone anyone? Help us save the horses. What will happen next (All horses die?) (No more horses left?) If we have kids our kids may not know what horses are because the could be exticnt PEOPLE TELL PEOPLE TO SAVE THE MUSTANGS!!.... ANYONE CAN PUT UP SIGNS OR DO SOMETHING AT YOUR CHURCH TO SAVE THEM WE MIGHT HAVE MORE THEN 31,OOO MUSTANGS LEFT BEFORE ITS DONE WITH!!...
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-02-16 20:57:25
Save the wildhorses. There beautful. How would you like to be sent to slaughter for your meat?! Never getting to roam free like once before? Just think the poor horses go through torture!!.........
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-02-17 01:11:10
From the American wild horse preservation campaign--

"An aggressive wild horse removal campaign is currently under way by the U.S. government, at the cost of millions of tax-dollars. The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) removal policy is contrary to the spirit of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. The Act was the result of an unprecedented public outcry and effected the will of the American people; its intent was to preserve wild horses and burros as part of our national heritage.

Over the past 40 years, under pressure from special interest groups and in blatant disregard of the public’s wishes, the BLM has systematically favored subsidized livestock grazing on public lands to the detriment of wild horse populations. The Burns Amendment, slipped into the 2005 federal budget without so much as a hearing or opportunity for public review, was the last nail in the coffin of federal wild horse protection, opening the door to the slaughter of thousands of these living symbols of our Nation’s spirit. A few months later, while in the process of rounding up another 10,000 horses supposedly due to poor range conditions, BLM eased public land grazing restrictions for private cattle.

Pursuant to the 1971 Act, BLM is directed to protect and manage wild free-roaming horses and burros as components of the public lands, and may designate and maintain specific ranges on public lands as sanctuaries for their protection and preservation. Yet, its management policy has translated into a diligent and steady herd reduction campaign, causing America’s wild horse population to dwindle to less than 25,000 and to lose 19 million acres of its legally allocated range.

Approximately 36,000 wild horses and burros adopted through BLM’s Adopt-A-Horse program are unaccounted for, and in 1997, BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program Director conceded that about ninety percent of rounded up horses ended up at slaughter."

Jane Crandal & JB
2010-02-17 07:11:06
save them dont slaughter them. they are living things like us. think of them as humans
horseiluvu & Black Beauty
2010-02-17 19:57:18
Esrellene-Not to be rude, but your saying it's okay to kill them if they are eaten!? That's sick. And what do you mean "no one wants" there are tons of people who would save an older horses. Older horses make some of the best friends you could have. Eating horses is the most vile thing I can think of. That makes slaughter even worse to me.
horsez4mylyfe & Patrick
2010-02-17 23:42:13
Wow Jane- that's pretty sad so 9 out of 10 horses were sent to be killed.... for what? those cattle ranchers who think only of themselves and thier livestock- not anything of the horses...
Sadieboots12 & Gracie
2010-02-18 00:58:28
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