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*** December 2011 Story Contest 10 and Under *** Scroll to the end of the thread to vote

*** December 2011 Story Contest 10 and Under ***

Scroll to the end of the thread to vote

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-11 19:11:59
The Ghost of Christmas
by my horse minty

Chapter 1
One day a young girl called, Maddy, was in bed thinking about the morning. It would be Christmas! Just at that moment Maddy heard a eerie ghost-like noise, and saw a pony run by her bedroom door. She froze. Maddy got up and got her dressing gown and went down stairs following the pony which she could still see, and went out the front door. She followed it right down to the start of the cattle track at the side of her 100 acre property, then it magically disappeared as it jumped the fence and ran down the track. Maddy walked back to the house and got into bed. She decided it would be her secret.

Chapter 2
In the morning, Maddy woke to the sound of her own pony neighing at the barking dogs. She jumped out of bed and looked at her alarm clock. It was 6:00 am. She put on some clothes and went down stairs. Maddy wasn't allowed to open any presents until the rest of the family had woken, so still had time before they woke to see if the ghost pony was near the cattle track again. And there it was, standing on the other side of the cattle track gate. Maddy and the pony stood looking at each other for a few minutes in amazement. Then the pony reared up and galloped down the track. After Maddy quickly went to feed Blossom and the other horses, all five dogs, three cats, one pig, and the goats and ducks. She didn't need to feed the cows or sheep.

Chapter 3
When Maddy got inside everyone was coming down stairs. Perfect timing! she said to herself quietly. She and her brother Michael raced to the Christmas tree and franticly started finding their own presents and ripping them open. Michael got a bike and scooter and a cow boy hat. He also got a new calf.He named it Timmy. Maddy got a new pair of chapps , an awsome black leather saddle and a new horse!!! Her name was Princess.

Chapter 4
Maddy spent the whole day with her two horses. She had a wonderful Christmas. In bed that night she looked at her two wonderful horses through her bedroom window. Then Princess trotted off down the other end of the paddock. Maddy got out of bed and looked closer up to the window to see what Princess was doing. She couldn't see her. Princess wasn't in the paddock any more. Then Maddy saw the ghost pony out the corner of her eye. Then suddenly everything made sense. The ghost pony was Princess. That's why she wasn't allowed in the stable, because she was hidden there until Christmas day. And every night she would turn to a ghost and be free and wild and want to play. So Maddy went out to play with princess.... To Be Continued in part 2

By my horse minty

my horse minty & Jasmine
2011-12-04 06:52:45
The Legend of the Eshors
by HorseRunner11

Long long long ago, some persons were walking their ponies around a new riding trail. Their names were Ed, Mike, and Rob. They loved ponies so much that they even wanted more and more ponies. At that time, humans did not have any knowledge about nature.

One day, Ed woke up early, so he decided to go for a little ride. He saddled up his pony, and went in the trail. Suddenly, a snake rose from nowhere. Ed`s pony got so scared, it went rushing wildly far away from the trail.

When Ed was able to slow down his pony, he realized he was lost. From nowhere, a black pony with red hair and tail, rose from the bushes. It stoped as it saw Ed. Ed was amazed. He had never seen such beatiful animal before. He quietly led out his rope and threw it around the ponies neck. The pony tried to free from the rope, but it couldn't. `I wont hurt you, don't worry` said Ed. `Really!` answered the pony. `You can talk!` said Ed amazed. Soon, Ed and the pony became friends.

`Which type of breed are you, may I say.` asked Ed. `I am an Eshro. We know all about nature` replied the Eshro. Soon, Mike and Rob found them. Ed told them all the stories about the young Eshro, and the Eshro taught them all about nature.

Soon, all the world new about the mythical horses. One sad day, the leader of all the Eshors was trisioned by a human. He told it to his folks, and the Eshors went away not to be seen again. They say humans knowledge from nature comes from this horses.

By HorseRunner11

HorseRunner11 & Pinta
2011-12-07 00:26:10
My Greyhound Dasher
by michaela8

To: every one! This is based on a true story.

One day me and my mom where going to the vet. When we got there Meg,the vet was sanding in the doorway. she told us that there was an Italian Greyhound in the back. We told her that we would like to see him. So she took him out to see us. I thought he was so cute! We got our dogs and we had the pup held till 5:00PM so we went home and asked are dad iff we could get him. He said that we could! So we rased over there to get the dog. Guess what we named him. Dasher! Dasher came to the vet with a bunch of holes in his sweater in a ice storm. Now he is my best buddy in the world. I sleep with him I do my math with him in a warm home.

chapter 2 about Dasher and his new not so best friend We sill have Dasher now and he likes to be loved on. I relly care about him. Dasher loves big dogs ( but he is small. Once he thoght a horse was a big dog!) and he likes walks but most of all he likes hugs and kisses. He has one brother named Mocha and in mean! Mocha bites Dasher if he ever comes close to him! I goig to tell you something worse! In the night Mocha goes into my mom and dad's bedroom and he sits in his dog bed waiting forthe lights to go out and then when they are out Mocha will go up to the side of the bed and you will sart to hear a sound that sounds like clip! clap! ding! ding! ding! Mocha could be on the roccets! He is 13 years old and we hope he will live 3 more years.

chapter 3
Dasher is very cute and sweet. I work at the Potter League. That is a place where you can adopt a dog a cat a mouse a ferret a bird a rabbit. Just about aningthing. I help alot! I got 2 dogs adopted and 4 ferrets and a ginea pig. I am 9 years old and I save lives. please call the potter league today. There a pet there waiting for you to get it.
Thank You! And if you vote for I will send you a gift.

The End.
Michaela8&penut vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michaela8 & clar
2011-12-08 19:44:24
Has to go right
by mistymyhorse

Josie has fed the horse's cleaned the harnesses coughed and sniffled mucked out stalls all while her orphanage care taker had sat inside playing with her little baby brother johnny . She loved Amelia so much but she was quite a bit plump and did not enjoy snow and so in the winter every evening she did the same chores exept on really cold night's she would put blankets on the hoses too and turn on a heater. She was bundled up in scarfs and a wool hat she walked inside her red curls frizzy from the wind and cheeks flushed pink.

Amelia was where Josie had left her sitting on the carpet by the fire place playing with Johnny. Josie was a orphan girl and was currently staying at wayside orphanage in downtown New orleans in 1943 it was 8:36

Wayside was nice it had a big tub a wash basin and a working toilet her room was small but tidy her soft blue walls were welcoming and cheerful her bedspread had yellow tulips on it and a quilt with butterflies on it she had a dresser and a shelf with a lifetime supply of books toys and games with a few things that were very special to her.

she walked into the washroom her quickly washed her face and hands and then walked back in her room it was 9:00 now and time for bed she dressed in her nightgown and pulled back the covers she climbed into bed whispering her prayer and pulling the covers up to her chin Amelia came in and turned off the lights as Josie fell asleep. dreaming that she met her real mother and lived in a huge house and ate big dinners when Amelia woke her up she smelt potato cakes and maple syrup she pulled on some jeans and a wool shirt and scampered downstairs all the orphans were down there Bret who was 14 ,Catey 15,Sarah 13 ,Hailey 12 , Ellie 12, (Hailey and Ellie were Josies best friends) Greg 10, Joey 12 (They had a lot of 12 year olds) John 8 , Jewel 8 (twins) and lacy 6 , and johnny 1

She slid into a seat next to Ellie with hailey on the other side just in time for the blessing Miss Waver the head of the orphanage gave me a stern look I knew I was late and Amelia should not have to wake me up I knew a paddle would come after breakfast as I apologized "Pardon me Ma'am I apologize for being late"

She gave me a tight smile "I would like a visit from you after breakfast" i nodded my head

"yes ma'am"

wait can i add to my story and jane can you earse the Wait happens to Josie Will she get in big trouble or just a stern talking to find out about her friends to next month in has to go right part 2 some more backround story's about some of the kids w - mail me for more info about one certaint kid if so.....

She chewed the potato cake piece slowly the maple syrup was thick and clung to her tounge the sweet taste stayed in her mouth even after she swallowed it she drank the last sip of her milk and put her empty glass and plate in the sink rinsing them off with soap and water and drying them off nice and good before going to Miss.Waver's office she sat down uncomfotabley Miss.Waver smiled and beckoned me with her hand to come to her I hesitated for a minute before standing up again and wincing at the paddle that sat by her chair as she picked up the paddle the way she always paddled up was we would stand behind a chair and hold onto it while she wacked us so I got like that as she said coldly "3 wacks against your back for you miss.Josie" she lifted it over her head and 1 , 2 ,3 times she got wacked Miss.Waver but down the paddle and said tightly "Next time it will be alot more you may leave to do your chores" I gulped and walked out a tear streamed down my cheek and I walked to the kitchen were everybody was and sniffled everyone turned expecting me to break into sobs spilling the whole story but instead I grabbed a broom and started sweeping Lacy hesitated then tugged on my shirt "Did it hurt Josie" she said voice trembling I didn't know what to say "no" Josie said very slowly Greg snickered and Hailey slapped him I grabbed my coat and went outside needing to see Slaughter her horse wandering in the stables she stopped by his stall his black coat glimmered she walked in the whites in his eyes were showing she rubbed his back and he threw his head in pain


What's wrong with Slaughter

To find out more about a certain kid w-mail

mistymyhorse & Dixes Rowdy Misty
2011-12-08 21:52:34
The Jumping Star

By SimbaSimba
Age 10

The stallion was not always as much a star as he was meant to be. His fater was the world famous Secretariat. His owners Mrs. Nd Mr Holland thought of what to call him.

I know, said Mrs, We can call him Star.

That night Star saw a filly being born. It was so magical because the filly had pixie dust around it. Star thought to himself I will meet her tomorrow.

The next mnorning Star walked over to the filly’s stall. Hi, my name is Snow White she said, what’s yours?

Mine is Star, I said. This just flew out of my mouth, Can you fly?

She laughed, Of course not silly, but I can do this.

She turned her stall to a horse wonderland.

Cool I said, can I be your friend?

Yes because my mommy died while having me.

She was a unicorn like me but when I grow up I will be able to fly.

She unlatched her stall and tok a walk in the fields. Star grew up really fast as Snow White did also. Each day they became better friends.

But one day Star wasn’t there. All this time Star was being trained for the New Year Jumping Competition. He didn’t even know.

Where was he she thought.

Mrs. Holland came by her stall and said Mr. came by today and took Star to the New Year Jumping contests. He will be back soon. But he wasn’t back.

Mrs. Holland watched the news it said Star won first place but fell down on victory. They rushed him to the nearest vet to be hospitalized. Mrs. Holland got a call from the Vet. They said Star was fine but could not jump for a year.

He came home that night and he dreamed he was free to jump anywhere any time forever.

simbasimba & Dove
2011-12-18 03:52:23
The Dressage Moon

By 2e42e4
Age 9

Lets go! I said, I want to go to the stables, and see all the dressage horses! We will be in the car for about nine hours!

When we got there I said, I know pintos, my favorite horse are very good dressage horses. So when we went in the stables all I saw were pintos, they were everywhere, black ones and brown ones!

I was wearing the proper clothes so maybe I could do some dressage on one of the horses. I asked one of the riders and they said yes! So my parents said yes and I went on a black and white horse named Patch, and since I was an expert rider I knew figure eights, cantering, and thing like that.

Then the rider said I was so good I could go to the championship dressage. And my mom and dad said no because we are only staying that one day. But then the rider said, Its today!

She said TODAY!!?

My mom said yes, dad said yes and I had to get ready.

I had to go to a horse tack and feed store because maybe just maybe they had some clothes for girls like me. And we found them!

We found some white pans and a vest with a white shirt. We spent about $150 on the clothes, but I think its worth it. It was at night so yes I was nervous but ready.

It was time!

I was so nervous and then they called my name. They said come in 5 minutes then said please come to the ring. My parents let me go to the ring. And my grandma said when you ride horses at night look at the moon and that is what brings you good luck.

I got finished with it and I was the last person so they showed each person their score. My score was last and a girl named Veronica got 50 points and they said my score ... mine was 50 also so it was a tie! I was so happy! I got $100,000!

Then both Veronica and I got first place ribbons and a wreath for our horses to put around their neck.

When I got back to the stables my parents said I could board my horse Patch here! Patch was my best friend forever!

And then we got a house there so just across the street to one day I took Patch in the house, since my Mom was at work. I had to hurry but then Patch opened the refrigerator!

Then my mom came home! My mom opened the door and the horse was in the back yard. Then my mom said Take him back to the stalls.

Next I put patch back in his stall. My mom said I take him in the house again I do not get Patches any more. I promised and I kept that promise.

2e42e4 & Snow White
2011-12-18 04:53:47

"Come on Mom!"said Stevie Lake as she rushed downstairs."I don't wanna be late!".

"The horses and ponies there are so beautiful",she said dreamily."Alright I'm coming,I just need to get my purse and keys",said Ms.Lake.

Stevie ran to the door and popped into there blue pickup truck."Thank you for taking me mom",said Stevie."Your welcome",said Ms.Lake.

A couple hours later Stevie and Ms.Lake arrived at a small little farm full of horses and ponies.Stevie jumped out of the car and looked around.

"There all so beautiful",said Stevie."I don't know which one to see first!"

Stevie looked at LOTS of ponies and horses.Finally she came to a scruffy little Appaloosa pony.She looked at the plaque below its paddock and read.This Appaloosa pony is sweet,calm,and friendly.She is a mare and her name is Rainbow.

"Hey there girl",said Stevie.The pony looked up from grazing and nickered softly.

She trotted over to Stevie and looked at her.Stevie put her hand out and rubbed her on the muzzle.The pony looked happy.

"You are such a calm one",said Stevie.

"Stevie!!",called Ms.Lake.

"Well I gotta go girl",said Stevie.

"Bye",whispered Stevie.She kissed the mare and ran back to her car.

The next week,Stevie was so anxious to see Rainbow. "Mom',said Stevie."I am going out for a walk".

"Alright,don't be too long",said Ms.Lake.

"I won't.Stevie grabbed her old black boots and headed out the door.

Finally after walking and walking,Stevie got to Apple Creek Farm.She ran over to the Appaloosa pony she saw last week."Hey Rainbow,I told you I'd be back.Rainbow neighed a soft whinny."Oh,I wish you were my pony",said Stevie.

After she said that,she heard,"I'd like to take that Appaloosa pony of yours and take her for salvage",said a woman.

Stevie's eyes grew big."Buy you for salvage?!",Stevie said lip-sinking.

"Deal",said a man.

"Nobody has bought that old mare for a couple years now. I just haven't got time to throw her outta here"

.Stevie's heart almost stopped.She jumped out and saw the woman and man talking about Rainbow.

"How could you buy Rainbow for salvage!",said Stevie.

"Excuse me?",said the woman. "Who's Rainbow?"

"That pony you want to buy for salvage!"exclaimed Stevie.

Stevie could feel there were tears in her eyes.

"Who are you?",said the man."My name is Stevie".

"Look,this isn't your horse,it's mine.So leave".

"No!This is a horrible mistake your making!",said Stevie.

"Look kid,just go",said the man.Stevie ran off crying.

At about 2:00 in the morning,Stevie got up,put on her jeans and boots,and walked quietly out the door.She jogged to the farm and ran to the small paddock that Rainbow was in.

"Rainbow!",said Stevie."I missed you so much!"

Stevie climbed over the white fence and hugged the mare.

"Oh Rainbow",said Stevie."I love you so much and you CAN'T be sold for salvage"

Just then Stevie got an idea.So climbed back over the fence and ran into the tack room.She grabbed a saddle and girth,a saddle pad,and a bridle.Then she ran out and tacked up Rainbow.

"Are you ready to be free?"asked Stevie.

The pony nodded.Stevie smiled.She mounted up and started to a walk then broke into a trot and soon started to canter.

"Ready girl?",said Stevie.Then,just as the sun rose up,the two sailed over the fence.Stevie un-tacked Rainbow and said"Your free!".
Rainbow galloped off into the sunlight."Good-bye!".

iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-19 21:08:38
my best friend
by Scoobie doobie doo

One day my mom came home with great news! I was going to go HORSE BACK RICEING! I was so exited! Horse back rideing was tomorrow I chose my clothes andgot in bed. The next morning I got up ate breakfeast, brushed my hair, and brushed my teeth. And just in time. WOOOOH! Mom was all ready and we hopped in the car and drove to horse back rideing. my instructor's name was Mrs.Kathy. She was really nice. I met my pony. His name is Popcorn,he was awsome. From 1st to last he was the best! And he still is and he always will be. and that is when I met my best friend.

By: Scoobie doobie doo

Scoobie doobie doo & popcorn
2011-12-20 23:23:13
Love without bounds
by mistymyhorse

In the soft glow of the morning sunlight Payton rushed out of the house there's still time she promised herself her old Quarter horse smoke full name smoke rings stood easily as she mounted him bareback grabbing his mane she didn't even have to stear smoke knew wear they were going he loped over across the road inside the thick woods tree's over shadowed them as they went deeper into it finally she stopped him at an old broken down wood gate there inside was Slaughter as she called her a Sorrel overo paint she looked at her relizing after a minute she was sliding off she balenced her self out again smokes silky brown coat touched her cheek as she leaned down to give him a pat she jumped off and tied him to a very old post she leaned over the fence like every morning as slaughter made her way over Payton backed up knowing that slaughter was a mean mistreated not safe horse she still had a scar from when the first time she came here when slaughter bit her she leaned against smoke taking in slaughters beauty she closed her eyes but knew she had to go soon her dad would wake up and well that would not be good she untied smoke crawling on his back she nudged him with her heel and he started trotting she knew she would have to pick up the speed to get home and give smoke his food along with the rest of the horses and still crawl into bed acting like she was asleep so she kicked him into a fast lope moving threw the thick amount of trees she got across the road jumping off she put him in his stall currying him quickly she fed them all she knew her dad was getting dressed right then so she figured she had to be really quiet she walked quietly in her room crawling in bed and acting like she was asleep for she knew her dad would come in and her perfect day would be ruined

by mistymyhorse

mistymyhorse & Dixes Rowdy Misty
2011-12-21 23:03:42
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