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A monster in my mouth! club
It's for people with braces, an expander, headgear, retainers, spacers, or any other orthodontic device. Here you can give and get help for everything

Hi admin! I want to make another club. It would be called: There's a monster in my mouth! club. It's for people with braces, an expander, headgear, retainers, spacers, or any other orthodontic device. Here you can give and get help for everything from choking on food stuck under an expander (I did that -- trust me, I even called my friend who had an expander for HELP!!! but she wasn't home) to losing your removable device. I want the plaque to be a picture of a mouth with braces on, please, and underneath in dark purple letters it would say: HELP!!!

Here is a forum you have to fill out to join:

My current orthodontic device(s):
My past one(s):
My definite future one(s):
My non-definite future one(s):
Why I want to join:

Here's my info:

My current orthodontic device(s): An expander
My past one(s): Spacers (To make room for the expander)
My definite future one(s): Retainer (after the expander)
My non-definite future one(s): Braces, Retainer (after braces)
Why I want to join: I made the club so I HAVE to join LOL! xD

Sometimes we will have contests. This is how it works:

Carly9: I will choose 1 question for the contest. Send them in!
user_1: I get food stuck under my expander. I choke on it. HELP!!!
Carly9: I choose user_1's question.
user_2: DON'T LET THE FOOD STAY THERE. Wash it out. Otherwise, I can't really help you. You have to learn.
Carly9: user_2 won! Good job, user_2!


Please join everyone, and I hope this club will help YOU!

- Carly

PS. Oh and admin, I have the wbucks. :)

user no longer exists & ---
2014-01-08 03:26:52
Welcome to your club! For our records it is 433848
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-07-27 03:55:45
My current orthodontic device(s): None now, have a now perfect mouth
My past one(s): Spacer, Retaner, Expander and braces.
My definite future one(s): Maybe braces again
My non-definite future one(s): Braces
Why I want to join: I want to help people.

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-07-27 13:46:59
Carly, my experiance is screaming at you 'DON'T EAT THE WATERMELON!!!' It takes a while to get the seeds out. I hated my expander more then anything, but the best way to get food I found, was getting a cup full of water in my mouth and holding it in there a couple minutes, swishing it around a little several times and then spitting it out, repeat it until the food is out. It worked well for me.
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-07-27 22:18:12
Hahahahahaha!!!! Good thing the watermelon was seedless! That means more watermelon for you! That's a cool way to eat, I had never thought of that. My expander was horrible! You had to crank it every night and then, mine got stuck in my mouth when they went to take it off. I had to wear 2 retaners day and night, my mouth was SO sore. It could be worse though, I had my little routine when I was 6!
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-07-29 12:54:20
I hated that, my gag reflex was awful.
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-07-30 01:09:51
My current orthodontic device(s): Top palatal expander, braces
My past one(s): Bottom palatal expander, spacers
My definite future one(s): Retainer and more braces (when all my teeth come back in; they pulled all 12 of my remaining baby teeth out)
My non-definite future one(s): Unsure until my teeth come back in. My orthodontists have expertise in everything, haha!
Why I want to join: To help others through the perils of orthodontia! And to get advice myself :-)

huamei62480 & Chestnut
2012-07-31 05:25:04
My family is Asian-American, so we have things like bokchoy and spinach a lot, and I almost always gag on them when one of the leaves gets caught on my expander. Also, I have three cute little sisters who get hard, sticky candies from parades in my town and things, and they offer me some...sooooo tempting...
huamei62480 & Chestnut
2012-07-31 05:27:43
Ooh, that would be hard!
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-01 01:57:23
Carly, do you have the expander with the plastic things in the front of the roof of your mouth (to prevent overbite)? I HATED that thing. (But I got it removed a few months ago, yay!) The dentists gave me a syringe so I could get grains of rice out from there :-/
huamei62480 & Chestnut
2012-08-01 02:25:55
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