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August Story Contest Age 10 & Under

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-07-28 22:09:57


Chapter 1
Meeting Everyone
Grace was impatient for her grandmother to take her to the local stable in Winterville. It was called Shining Star Stable. Grace had her own horse, a black mare named Midnight, short for A Star at Midnight. She was already friends with the next door neighbor, Hannah. Even though Hanna was 8 and Grace was 9 and a half they had still been friends right away. Hannah had her own horse, a paint mare named Brownie, which was short for Sweet Brownie. She was friends with the stable owner’s daughter Heidi. Of course she had a horse! His name was Lucky, short for Lucky Clover.
Hanna had invited Grace over to Shining Star to meet Heidi. She had said ok so she had asked her grandmother to take her on Saturday. It was Saturday and she was waiting for her grandmother to come and say it was time to go. Finally her grandmother came into the room and said it was. She was so excited to be going to Shining Star.
Hannah’s mom said that she would not be able to take Hannah to Shining Star so she went on the trail she and Heidi had. They called it The Horse Dreamers Trail. Hannah was there before Grace. “How did you get here before me Hannah? Your mom said she couldn’t bring you.”Grace stated. “I went on the trail that goes from my house to here and now I am here,” said Hannah. “Now let’s go and meet Heidi.” So they went to meet her.
“Hi you must be Grace,” said Heidi’s mom. “My name is Mrs. Abbie but you can just call me Mrs. A.” I own Shining Star Stables I assume you are trying to find Heidi. She is in the stable with Lucky. “Okay thanks Mrs. A”. “You are welcome Hannah”.
“Heidi, I have some one for you to meet.”
“Okay Hannah one sec. I’m grooming Lucky”
“I’m ready now.”
“Heidi this is Grace.”
“Grace this is Heidi.”
“Hi Heidi. I’m Grace.”
“Hi Grace. Do you have a horse?” asked Heidi.
“Yes her name is Midnight which is short for A Star at Midnight” answered Grace
“Cool! My horse’s name is Lucky which is short for Lucky Clover.”
“Why is he named Lucky Clover?”
“He is named Lucky because we thought that one of the foals inside his mother was not alive.”
“Oh. She had twins?” asked Grace.
“Yes. He got Clover from the little mark that looks like a clover on his rump” replied Heidi.
“Want to go for a ride?” asked Hannah
“Okay Hannah!” said Grace.
“Okay!” answered Heidi
“Then let’s go tack up Midnight, Lucky, and Brownie!” replied Hannah.

Chapter 2
Taking the Reins

“Come on let’s go on the Horse Dreamers Trail!” exclaimed Heidi.
“But Grace is not a part of Horse Dreamers yet.” answered Hannah.
“But I can be can’t I?” asked Grace.
“Yes you can as long as you are horses crazy and have a horse you can be a member!” Said Heidi
“I am horse crazy and I have a horse so now we can go on Horse Dreamers Trail!” replied Grace.
While the girls were on the trail ride Grace saw a beautiful wild appaloosa mare.
“Hannah, Heidi look over their!” whispered Grace.
“I see it” answered Hannah.
“I do too.” replied Heidi
“Do you think we should try to catch her and take her back to the barn?” asked Grace
“I don’t know maybe we should let her stay here.” answered Hannah
“I think we should catch her and take her home! ” said Heidi.
“Now that I think about it me too” chimed in Hannah.
“Ok then let’s get her to the barn!” exclaimed Grace
“But we don’t have a lead rope or halter with us except our horses” stated Hannah
“I’ll go home and get mom” said Heidi
“Okay sounds good.” answered Grace
“What did you girls find ? Is one of you hurt?” asked Mrs. Abbie when Heidi came cantering out of the woods.
“No mom. We found a wild horse that looked really thin and we decided to get it and bring it back but we didn’t have a lead rope or extra halter so I said I would come and get you and ask you to saddle up and help us get her” said Heidi in one breath.
“Ok so you found a wild horse and you want me to give you a halter and lead rope ,saddle up and help you bring her to the barn?” asked Mrs. Abbie
“Yes” answered Heidi
“Ok just let me tack up Starlight” said Mrs. Abbie
“Thanks Mom you’re the best” replied Heidi
“I’m all ways ready to help the Horse Dreamers” Mrs. A chuckles to herself while she tacks up Starlight
They go onto Horse Dreamers trail to were the wild horse is and Mrs. A approaches slowly on Starlight. When the wild horse sees them she rears and tries to get away but Starlight lets out a low whinny of greeting that seems to calm the horse down. While the horses sniff at a each other Mrs. A slips the halter on the wild appaloosa mare and leads her back to the girls
These people are strange. They try to catch me and take me to this strange place they call the barn. I like the girl with brown hair. She seems nice. I like all there ponies too. But I am still wondering if I should let them take me
“Girls I am going to pony this girl home.”
“Okay” they say in unison
“Mrs. A did you notice that she had a bridle on?” asked Hanna
“Yes Hanna and I’m glad you took the time to notice it to. A lot of people would not have noticed that. Good eye!”
“Thanks!” said Hanna
“Now that you point it out I can see it to!” exclaimed Grace
“It’s hard to see because she has such a dark face but I would think you girls would notice it before not after!” observed Mrs. Abbie
“I should have seen it” said Heidi sarcastically
“I already love her!” said Grace
“Were will she stay?” wondered Mrs. Abbie
“We’ll keep her in the barn of course” Announced Heidi
“Okay we can keep her there but you girls will have to take care or her” said Mrs. Abbie “and you will need to put up signs looking for her owner too”
“Okay mom” answered Heidi
The girls and Mrs. Abbie take the horse home and the girls make a ‘Lost’ sign


Gray appaloosa pony. She is nice but wild. If you know who she belongs to please call Shining Star Stables at 609-406-2854

Chapter 3
Taking Care of Cupcake

“Burr it sure is cold outside honey are you sure you want to go over to Heidi’s today?” asked Grace’s grandma at breakfast the next day
“Ya Grandma I’m sure” Replied Grace
“Okay but stay warm”
“I will Grandma. Do you want me to feed fluffy for you?”
“Okay honey” Answered Grandma
“Thanks Gram. I’ll see you later!” Announced grace as she walked out the door
“You’re welcome” Says Gram under her breath
“Hi Hannah!” Calls out Grace when she sees that she is already it the paddock that divided their houses
“Hi Grace” Hannah called back happily “I was wondering when you were ganna get here”
I was wondering were Grace was. I was getting hungry. I’m glad she’s out here now and by the sound of her voice I can tell that we are going on a trail ride today. Fun!

Few, Grace is finally out here. I can’t wait to get going. It’s sooo cold

Midnight nuzzles Grace “okay okay I’ll get you some food pushy!” Says grace, laughing
The Girls ride over to Heidi’s house. Heidi is outside wating for them
“Hi guys! Have you thought about what to call this beauty?”
“Maybe we should call her Beauty?” Asked Hannah
“No not for her. I was thinking maybe something like Cupcake Sprinkles, Cupcake for short” Said Grace
“Ya that sound good” Replies Heidi and then looks at Hannah “Hannah Do you like that?
“I guess” Says Hannah
I think that the girls are thinking of a name for me. I like the one that the brown haired one said she is nice.
The Horse Winnies
“Okay Cupcake it is!” Said Hannah
“Okay then let’s take care of her” says Heidi, going to get the grooming supplies
The girls laugh and giggle as they groom Cupcake, Brownie, Midnight and Lucky. Cupcake nuzzles their hair if they bend down, Midnight grooms them as they groom her, Brownie doesn’t like to have her hooves picked and Lucky is just plain silly.
“Hey, how ‘bout a barn sleepover tonight?” asked Heidi
“Okay” Say Grace and Hannah at the same time and then all the girls burst out laughing

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-08-01 17:51:19
TITLE: A Pony called Ella: A friendship story.

Part one: The Filly and the puppy

It was a warm spring day when it happened. The old shetland pony, Betsy, was giving birth. Twins Mary and Stella, age nine, were watching as the little foal lifted its head. The vet smiled and said,
"It's a filly." The young horse had it's moms light coat and grey mane. It whinnied lightly.
"Mom! Dad!" The twins said.
"Yes?" Mom asked.
"Yes?" Dad asked.
"Can we name it!?!" They asked.
"Alright." The mom said. The two thought for a week than came to their mom, who was feeding the young pony.
"We know a name! We know a name!" They shouted. The pony pranced, spooked at the yelling.
"Oops. Sorry!" They whispered.
"We shose..." Maria said...
"Ella!" Selena said.
"Ella is a beautiful name." Their mom said. The two went outside, finding their black lab, Princess, barking at a chicken. They giggled. A few days later, Princess gave birth to five cute puppies, all black. They named the three boys:

Dark Chocoalate

And the two girls:


Six monthes past, and both the foal and the puppies grew, until the foal could run and the puppies could bark. Then came a sad day. The puppies were advertised for sale. All but one. They decided to keep Lily. They loved the quiet, harmless puppy. The four dogs went to loving homes. Then the REAL fun began.

Part 2: An uncommon friendship

Lily was chasing a butterfly outside the stable. "Come back!" She shouted. Then she heard a whinny. She looked all around. She had never heard such a...noise! She gasped when she saw a shetland pony and it's foal. She ran to the fence and said,
"Who are you?" The grown up creaure said,
"I am Betsy. And who are you?" She asked.
"I'm Lily!" The puppy said.
"I'm Ella." The foal finally said. "We're horses!" Ella neighed in pride. Lily tried to copy.
"I'm a dog!" She said, barking. She went under the fence and the two played and ran and skipped and pranced until the sun set. Betsy whinnied to her foal, who said her good bye and galloped to her mom. The farmer whisled, and Lily came inside. She lay down on her bed playing with a squeaky toy. She fell asleep, remembering the fun she had.

PART 3: All work, no play.

Three years past, and Lily and Ella had a better bond every day. One day a...what was it called? Halter? Was put on Ella, who had to walk around with the farmer. Every single day he worked with her. One time he added a...uh..saddle? And a...Bridle? Until one day, he brought his daughters down. Maria put a foot in the....sturrups? And swung a leg around, and began to ride. Lily barked. What was this human doing to her friend!?!? Maria giggled as they began to trot.
"Good girl!" She shouted, and Selena took a few turns, too. Lilly lay down and watched. What was happening? Well, she didn't like it.
One day, as Lily went to see her friends, she saw something attached to her eyes and mouth and stomach and neck. Lily over heard it was called a harness! He hooked Ella up to a cart, with another horse identical to her, and...They pulled! With no trouble. Lily's mother came to him.
"Mommy, what's happening?" Ella asked. Mom sighed.
"What's happening is the reason I chose to never make friends with a horse."
"What do you mean?" Lily asked.
"They start out playful and friendly, but then they become cart horses, and there's no time to play, just work, work, work!" She said.
"Ella wouldn't!" Lily argued. Would she?
But weeks past, and Ella continued to work, work, work. Sometimes at night Lily came to talk to her while she was brushed. But other than that, nothing. Was this Lily's and Ella's new lives?

PART 4: The fight

Summer came. Lily had about had it with all of Ella's work. To the man brushing her, it was violent barks. But to Ella, it was,
"IT'S TRUE! MOM'S RIGHT! YOU DO HATE ME, IT IS ALL WORK NO PLAY!" So, mad and sad, Lily ran off. Poor Ella was confused, and it was hard to give rides while sad and comfused.
"I'm sorry." She whispered as Lily ran off.

PART 5: Forgiving

Weeks past, until one day, Lily ran to the stables in the morning, finding Ella eating her hay.
"OH ELLA!" She shouted. "I MISS YOU! I'M SO SO SOOO SORRY! FORGIVE ME!" The two talked, until finally Ella said,
"Of course. But I can't control it. I have to do work in order to stay here." So, the two became friends.

PART 6: One leaves as another one arrives.

One day, Ella had a young colt of her own. She called him Prince, after Lily's brother. Six monthes past, and the colt no longer had to drink mare's milk. So, a trailer came. The man in it hooked Ella to a pole inside it. The man went to the bathroom.
"Ella!" Lily yelled. "Please don't go!" She yelled, puppy tears streaming from her eyes.
"Lily, listen to me." Ella said. "I'll miss you. But it will be fun here for me. I'll be used for riding lessons for little kids. I will always think of you. But I feel better knowing my little colt has a great friend." The man came out of the outhouse.
"Good bye Lily."
"Good bye Ella."
And so, the man shut the trailer. The two never saw eachother again. But they looked at the same moon, and thought of eachother. Lily saw Ella in Prince. So, it was a happily ever after.


ponylover1709 & Oreo
2012-08-02 01:23:11
A new begginning
By Tiptoes1020

She read it over and over again the words swirled around in her head “you have won a pony”. Emma felt like fainting as she bounded to her parents clutching the letter. In two days she would choose her pony.

The next day and night was a blur. When 10 0 clock finally came her mum drove her to the place where she would get her pony. Emma leapt out the car and was greeted by a woman called Mia. She was very friendly and asked Emma lots of questions like do you ride? How old are you? Emma was 10 soon 11 “anyway” said Mia “let’s go and see the ponies” Emma felt she was walking on air as they entered the barn. The first horse was a cheeky dun called Peanut he was a bit small for her. The next few didn’t match with her riding abilities. The next was a willing dapple grey mare called Poppy and she seemed perfect for Emma. Another horse a 14.3 hands high brown welsh called Bailey looked a promising jumper and had a good conformation for a showing pony. The next was an adorable Chestnut gelding called Tiptoes. He was 13.3 hands high and 12 years old welsh. He had a good temperament and was a keen jumper who had won mountains of ribbons.

Emma had to pick 2 ponies she wanted to try. She chose Tiptoes and Bailey. They where already tacked up so she led Bailey into the ring, mounted and worked him through his paces. She occasionally jumped him. Next she tried Tiptoes. He had lovely graceful paces and a lovely jump.
After lots of thought she choose Tiptoes and he would be arriving in 5 days, When he arrived at her riding school the Wirral Riding Centre there where lots of people there including the press. She walked over to Mia wno was holding him then She had to gave pictures taken with him. up then Emma led him in to the stall where Tiptoes started to attack the hay net as Emma slipped the head collar of she thought “A new pony is a new beginning”

Tiptoes1020 & Tiptoes
2012-08-12 13:06:58
Cody: Part Two
BY Kyileanna
Hi! Cristia here. I'm playing tag with Eve. I thought that was a way to get her up for the day.
She's it. I'm tired. I'll just go get a drink. I'll be back later.
It'ts Linsy. I was in the trailer to the big horse show. Yes! We're here! 1 ST CLASS JUNIUR JUMPER Thet's my class. I explain how I did later.
Chestnut here. Airla is on my back. I'm i'm on the trail, kind of at a pase not a trot, or a walk, just in the middle. Woof!! That must be Cody. Ok. I'l stop. I'll be back later.
Marla. That's who I am. I just LOVE this place. The only thing I hate is going to the vet.
I'm trying to stay in my stall. NOOOOOO! The vet came here. Well, at least I was healthy.
Christa again. I'm hot, Hot, HOT!! Even water can't help he. I lean agest my stall. I'm not feeling cool. Go to go.
It's Linsy.I got 1st pace in juniuor jumper, 4th place in Walk, Trot, Canter, 6th in Equa-Equl-SOMETHING!I'l be back another time. By For now!

kyileanna & Cookie
2012-08-15 14:10:48
Island Dream
by PonyArtist for the SLWDHAP Shetland lovers who don't have a pony club)

Everyone has to love Shetlands They are Sweet, Smart, Fluffy and Lovable Loosing one is just as hard as loving one so very much, outgrowing one is harder. You might think I don't care if my feet drag on the ground, I want to keep him! Then you have a very strong bond that brings you back together.

A girl named Katherine loved her pony to pieces, Her Bay Shetland gelding called Chance. Katherine's mom and dad owned a horse farm, So she got a pony right away. Chance was perfect. Katherine loved him so much. She went into the paddock. Chance came right up the her, She kissed Chance goodnight then pulled a carrot out of her pocket and gave it to Chance. Then she went up to bed.

The next morning Katherine woke up, ate breakfast and fed Chance. Then she went to the tack room and washed her tack. Then she tacked up Chance for a ride. She went in the house and picked up her helmet and ran out of the house. Katherine put on her riding helmet and mounted Chance. She cantered down a trail in the woods to the mountain. Katherine was having fun.

An hour later Katherine saw a Mountain lion and turned Chance around and galloped home, It was chasing them!!! Katherine was scared to death as she galloped Chance. The sound of His hoof beats made Go Chance Go Chance go go go. They made it home just in time. The mountain lion was now gone and Katherine was very glad.

***Part 2 coming soon!***

Hope you enjoyed that!


PonyArtist & Acorn
2012-08-17 17:13:35
"Mom, last night I had another dream." Jenna said to her mother, thinking about her precious horse, Moonlight, caused involuntary tears to trickle down her tan cheeks. "Mom, I miss him so much." Jenna cried, now sobbing. "Oh honey, he4 is getting the most careful treatment, and we will be back home in a couple days." "But I can't stand another day without him." "Mommy, I wanna go to our home to!!!" Jenna's two year old brother, Jesse cried, copying his much-adored big sister. "How about we ask Julia and Jamie. She said, sighing slightly

linzynhana & Peanut
2012-08-17 20:19:40
The First Ride

Chapter One:Butterflies

“Mom I'm leaving”nine year old Lisa Atkinson called to her mother. ”Okay have a good time.”Mrs. Atkinson called back. ”I will.”Lisa called back.
Finally, she had arrived at Rising Star Stables. She had butterflies in her stomach. It was her first horseback riding lesson!!!

Chapter Two:The Ride
Lisa met Mrs. Molly her riding instructor. Mrs. Molly showed Lisa Shining Star, her horse. She learned how to tack up and then she mounted. Mrs. Molly led Lisa and star into the ring with six other riders and their horses. Lisa had a wonderful time.

Chapter Three:Telling Mom
“Mom mom”Lisa called. “What!”Mrs. Atkinson said in suprise. “It was wonderful”Lisa said. “I can't wait until next time!” “Well” she said “tell me all about it.” “I met my instructor Mrs. Molly and Shining Star her horse. I learned how to tack up,un tack,steer,mount,and dismount.” Said Lisa.

Chapter Four:Broccoli
“What's for dinner”Lisa called as she got home from school the next day. “Broccoli”said mom “by the way have you done your homework yet?” “No” Lisa groaned “I'll go do it.”
When Lisa went back downstairs she thought “EW something smells gross.” She went into the kitchen. “Mom can I make some Mac'n'Cheese” “No Lisa I already made spaghetti” “Okay” Lisa said in dissapointment.

Chapter Five:Daring Dreams
“Hi dad”Lisa called as Mr. Atkinson walked through the door. “Hi” he said. “Suppers ready”mom called. The three sat down. “So how was the lesson”dad asked. Lisa told dad about it. After supper they cleaned the kitchen,got ready for bed,and Went to bed.

They All Lived Happily Ever After

GeorgiaPeach & Beauty
2012-08-19 20:40:17

I love my horse more than enythig in the world. We like to ride and plae to gethr. But most of all we love eche othr and thats wat cownts.

Pinkey280 & Finn
2012-08-20 19:05:40
by GeorgiaPeach

one day lisa had a wonderful ride the end

GeorgiaPeach & Beauty
2012-08-21 17:13:29
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