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August Story Contest Age 11

Vote once a day for your favorite story.

admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-07-28 22:10:11
The Perfect One

The Stallion eyed the gray arabian mare. Her coat was pure white with a dapple on her face. She pranced around the valley as if she was floating on air. The stallion couldn't think of how beautiful she was. He nickered to her, that's when he realized that she was the perfect one.
He neighed softly to her. the stallion had never seen a mare so beautiful and graceful. He was the leader of his herd and he needed her. She would have his children and they would be beautiful. They would live happily ever after together, or so he thought. He didn't realize that he would have to fight, that she was already taken.
Just then another stalllion appeared. The stallion knew he would have to fight for her. The stallion charged, fighting for his life and for her. You never heard such a terrible sound. The stallion knew at that point he would fight anything or anyone, so this beautiful mare could be his.
Finally, the beautiful arabian mare was his.They were the leaders of their herd and had beautiful children together. Some were black like him but most of them were beautiful like her. From this point on he knew that this beautiful mare would always be his.

BriBri111 & Sugar
2012-08-01 15:22:05
Life of Spirit Part 2
By: bay speed

One day a foal was born, his name was spirit. Spirit was very frisky and beautiful as a colt. When spirit grew up he was the lead stallion of his herd. Spirit loved to stand on the huge rock that was on part of the ground that lifted up above his herd. He also loved looking at the stars at night.

Spirit was tired from running off a mountain lion that night. But when he saw a light in the woods he decided he would canter and all his pain went away as he ran to see what that bright light was. When Spirit got to the camp he saw somthing he had never seen before, humans. The humans were all asleep. One human awoke and saw Spirit and woke the others so that he could catch Spirit. Spirit ran when he saw the rope, but it was no use. He got caught.

When Spirit woke the next morning he was tied to a post. Spirit tried to get free but could not get free. Then he saw a Indian. The Indian had a nife and got Spirit and himself free. Spirit and the Indian got out of that horrible place. But Spirit wanted to go back to his herd but could not because he was in ropes again. The Indian took Spirit to his camp were other Indians' lived. Spirit was put in a corral with another horse her name was Rain. Rain and Spirit became best friends. Eventually the Indian let Spirit and Rain go back to Spirit's herd and they lived happilly ever after

bay speed & Ruby
2012-08-07 22:27:52
My Trail Riding Adventure (The Ride)(part one)
By Belhew
It was a lovely morning, birds where singing, cats meowing, horses neighing. While Roberta Morton was dreaming about her horse Shelta. Her 16 hh. Anglo-Arab mare, she was a resisted Grade A Show Jumper. She had won the title Show Jumper of the Year. Then she remembered that she was going trail riding with Rebecca and her horse Melly. Then she jumped out of her bed, got dressed and went down the stairs to breakfast. At the table her mother said ‘What are you going to do today’ she asked. Roberta replied, ‘I am going riding with Rebecca and her horse Melly. ‘That will be nice’ her mum said. ‘Well I had better go do my horse, thanks for breakfast it was nice’ Roberta said. ‘That is all right my girl’ her mum said. ‘Well see you later mum’ she said. ‘Goodbye’ her mum said. Roberta than went down to the stable. A neigh greeted her at the stable door. ‘Oh yes, I’m coming Shelta’ she said. In ten minutes she had Shelta all groomed and was in the proses of saddling when she heard hoof beats coming up the driveway. It was Rebecca and Melly coming up the driveway. ‘Hello, Rebecca’ Roberta said. I have the best news there is a horse show coming up soon and I have two entry forms, one for you and one for me. Why that is great, when do we have to have it sent in? Um, tonight! Rebecca said. We will fax it as soon as we get home said Roberta. Let’s go to the woods. ‘Okay’ Rebecca agreed. Five minutes later they were riding along the trail to the woods. ‘Hey, look a deer’ Rebecca said. Halt, Shelta, Halt I want to get a photo of that Deer. Roberta got the photo of the deer.

Part two coming soon
if you want to know how it ends vote for me please
and thanks in advance

belhew & Sandy
2012-08-10 07:11:02
The wild ponies of chincotque island

by czaroftexas

it was late july the day before pony penning day.tommorow some of chincoteages best cowboy,cowgirls and horses.then they will herd them into large pens and let them rest and everyone goes to the fair.then they sell the foals and let the ponys go back to assetque.they do it every year. THE END

czaroftexas & apple
2012-08-14 00:16:59
by Pinkey280

Pinkey280 & Finn
2012-08-16 17:20:20
Title: Tsunami Riding On The Beach
By: HorsesandPonies26
Setting: New Zealand

It was summer the time of year for all to enjoy the hot weather and flock down to the beach. One day in a summer time much like this a horse trekking group was riding over the sand past the laping, crashing waves on their way back to the barn. The trekking group consisted of some Japanese tourists and some English. They all had cameras as most tourists do and seemed to be taking photos of everything they could see including the ground, the sand, the horses/ ponies ears, the leader of the groups back and themselves. Suddenly at the front of the group a Japanese tourist screamed "Tsunami Tusinami! Run Run!" in half English and Japanese. Then all the other Japanese tourists started screaming as well. What where the screaming about? thought the guide "STOP!!! Calm down!" said the trekking guide. They all halted the horses and looked towards the big wave heading towards them. Only to see a local Maori in his waka (canoe) heading straight towards the sand on an enormous wave. The tour guide instructed all the tourists to shut their eyes which they did so. They opened them again only to see a large white horse galloping off into the sea never to be seen again.


HorsesandPonies26 & Duke
2012-08-17 20:25:29
Vocaloid IA moves to Wiggins, Part 1
by Otaku_Lady

I stared out the bus window with vacant eyes. It was storming outside, hard. I felt that I was going to burst out crying. I was being sent away to a strange country, where I barely spoke the language. I ran my fingers through my light lavender hair in an attempt to un knot it. It's usually silky and soft, but today I had been so depressed about my current situation that I could barely get out of bed, let alone brush my hair. I had, however, managed to twist a part of hair near the front of my head into it's signature braid. They were probably going to have me wear a plastic bag over my head, that's how hideous my hair looked. The bus smoothly glided to a halt and the bus driver said "Wiggins Bus Station!" I sighed and reviewed my English vocabulary in my head. "Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you! Thank you." I murmered. "Excuse me?" said the elderly lady who was sitting next to me. I didn't know the English words for "Sorry Ma'am, but I'm Japanese and I'm practing my english phrases. Sorry if I upset you!", so I just stared at her, bug eyed and probably creeping her out. She sighed and turned her head away from me and muttered "Youths these days! They don't know how to respect their elders!" I quickly picked up my luggage and hopped off the bus. The people were supposed to pick me up here and take me back to their horse stable,where I would learn to ride horses, even though I have no prior riding experiance. I looked around and saw 3 girls and an adult. The girls were holding a sign that said "Welcome to America, IA!" in neon paint and they were jumping up and down and screaming. My ear drums very nearly burst! I managed to smile; a smile is and international symbol that you're trying to be friendly, right? I walked towards them. Even though they had a sign and everything, I wanted to double check,so I asked "Is this J-Ja-ne C-Crandal's Riding School?" I asked, stuttering from nerves. My accent was so thick, I bet they couldn't understand what I was saying. If they were confused, they didn't show it, because the adult introduced me to the girls. "This is Lulu Sanders." she said, pointing to a brunette girl. "Hi IA! It's nice to finally meet you!" she exclaimed, then hugged me. Geeze, are ALL americans this huggy? Then the adult ponted to a girl with curly blonde hair and said "This is Anna Harley." The girl looked over the sketchbook she had started drawing in and said "Hello, IA. I hope that you have a good time here in America." Then the adult gestured to a friendly looking girl with coffee colored skin and raven black hair. "This is my daughter, Pam Crandal." The girl jumped up and down and shireiked "IA!! We've been wating so long for you to come!!! I'm so happy you're finally here!!!!!!!!! " The lady poointed to herself, and said "My name is Jane Crandal. As you've surely observed, we're all very happy to have you here!" she said. Then we got in a forest green pickup truck and drove to the riding center. "This is the riding school! I'll show you to your room, IA, and then your can go to sleep. I'm sure you're tired and jetlagged after traveling all day." I had noclue what "jetlagged" meant, but I wasn't going to argue that I was so exhausted that I was about to topple over. I quickly unpacked my bedding, then before my exhausted brain could process another thought, I fell asleep.

To be continued in Part 2

Otaku_Lady & Red Dragon
2012-08-22 01:35:39
Title: Forbidden Glade
By: Ratzhaverights
I knew I shouldn’t have gone down the path. Everyone in the village knew it was private property, but it had always looked so inviting, and never more so than on that late Summer evening when the heat of the day was fading as fast as the daylight.

The rickety gate may have been chained and padlocked but it was low enough for my fiesty mare, Opal, to clear with ease. We quickly cantered down the path and round into the wooded avenue so we were out of sight and could continue our ride. I smiled to myself, happy that we had ignored the “keep out” signs all Summer, as the glade we were heading towards was the most wonderful, magical place on earth.
As we neared the outskirts of the glade, a warm, glowing feeling filled my body, causing me to tingle with happiness. Opal had clearly sensed it too: her nostrils were quivering which was a clear sign that she was happy.
We rode onward, until we came to our desired destination, where I halted Opal and quietly dismounted. It looked the kind of place that you’d be expecting to see fairies and pixies dancing amongst the softly coloured flowers. It felt magical, not just looked it.
Opal bent her head to graze but, quick as a flash, I snatched up the reins and gently pulled her head back up. She looked at me with enquiring eyes, as if she was astonished that I wouldn’t let her graze.
“We can’t leave a trace,” I whispered, giving Opal a rub between her nostrils on her velvety white muzzle. Her eyes closed and she nickered with pleasure, enjoying the attention.
“I know you think I’m mean,” I said, understanding, “but this place looks magical, and we might get attacked by goblins or something!”
I giggled and Opal gave me a playful nudge with her nose.
“Ok, ok, peppermint. But no grass.” I reasoned, palming her the minty white ball, and scrunching the half full packet of mints back into my pocket. With grateful crunches, Opal bent to nuzzle the flowers again.
“No eating,” I reminded, stepping forward to investigate. There were small, red mushrooms, each with a sprinkling of white speckles, dotted everywhere.
But something caught my eye more than anything else: a small, royal blue velvet coated box. I was both surprised and inquisitive about it.
I leant down to pick it up. It had a thick gold clasp on it, which I lifted with some difficulty.
Inside there was a small sky blue drawstring bag. I opened it, abandoning the fist-sized box on the ground. In that was a handful, maybe less, of pink glittering dust.
I considered it being fairy dust, but even in a magical place like this it seemed too far-fetched to be true.
I heard the faint thuds of hoof beats behind me and Opal leant over my shoulder.
Then, without warning, she snatched the bag out of my hand in her muzzle, tipping the dust everywhere. “No, Opal!” I cried, trying to grab the bag back.
I grasped the reins and halted her, then pushed my thumb into the corner of her mouth so she had no choice but to release her grip on the drawstring bag.
“Look at that!” I whispered, pulling the drawstring tight again and bending to examine some of the spilt dust on the grass.
Opal, with no interest, began pulling snatches of grass into her mouth. I was too amazed by the dust on the ground to stop her. It was turning white, and beginning to rise into the air. I straightened to watch the bits of dust assemble in the air to form something amazing, something beautiful.
It was a horse, with a thick, silky tail sweeping the ground and a mane that went down to her cornets.
I was amazed and I got that warm, glowing feeling again as happiness flowed throughout every single inch of my body.
“Opal?” I said, staring at the shape. I turned to call Opal, and she trotted eagerly to me.
But as quickly as it had appeared, it had vanished, leaving both me and Opal standing stock still, both feeling equally astounded at the horse.
“Let’s go,” I decided a few minutes later. I tucked the bag into the velvet box again and pushed the clasp back down, leaving it just where I’d found it. I still felt dazzled after my encounter with that glittering misty horse.
I mounted Opal once again and urged her forward, half wanting to stay here, but half wanting to go home.
As we cantered back towards the gate that we’d jumped to get in earlier, I realised it might be easier if I kept this to myself, rather than telling friends and family.
Opal cleared the fence one again in a graceful arc, and we cantered all the way home.

So I don’t think anyone knows quite what happened, or what that horse was. But all I know was it was the best adventure of my life, and I’m positive I’ll be going back there for a visit again very soon!

ratzhaverights & Opal
2012-08-30 20:38:53
(All of this story has hppen to me I just altered it a bit)
Cupid Part 1
I woke up on week in June 2008. I had breakfast and my mom said,"Get in the car we're going somewhere. Please get dressed in your riding clothes. I realize what's happening where going to look at ponies and horses to lease!!!!! I changed in a record 30 seconds and walked downstairs and got in the car. In the 2 hours it took to get there I imagined looking at my dream horse. Before I knew it we were there. The horses looked very unhealthy and didn't like the lady but oh well. She showed us a fleabitten gray appoloosa cross. He was 13.3 hands. I liked him a lot. Then she showed us a pony that was a paint. He was strong and difficult for me to ride. We went home thinking. I kept on saying I liked the appy but my parents thought the paint was better.
The Next Day
I woke up, got changed and got into he car. We got there and rode the ponies before realizing the paint had a marking that decided his home. It was a heart shaped marking on his right side. It also decided his name...Cupid. I starting to grow on him.:) When we got home we introuduced him to his pasture mates and walked him around. As I turned him out that night at around 9:30 PM(we live 2 minutes from the barn) I sang him a lullaby. I don't remeber the words but after he nudged my head. I turned and walked back home.
Please vote if I get over 30 votes I will make a part 2. I accept all friend requests so don't be afraid to ask. :)

mskdrule & Cupid
2012-08-31 01:16:31
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